Keane On Sporting Heroes, Scouse Phrases And Everton's Best Haircut!

Everton defender Michael Keane was given 90 seconds to tackle a mixed bag of random questions for our On The Spot challenge! Check out his answers below!

1. World’s best centre-back? Sergio Ramos.

2. Favourite Scouse phrase? Yes lad.

3. Funniest in the Everton squad? Jonjoe Kenny.

4. Childhood hero? Andy Cole.

5. Favourite place? Barbados.

6. Best haircut at Everton? Pickers! [Jordan Pickford].

7. Favourite musician? Travis Scott.

8. Best dressed: Tom or Dom? Tom.

9. Favourite sporting event? World Cup final.

10. Favourite pasta shape? Penne.

11. Favourite sportsperson? Tiger Woods.

12. Any pets? A dog.

13. Favourite film? Man On Fire.

14. Favourite food? Chinese.

15. Tiger or Lion? Lion.

16. Go-to pre-match meal? Chicken and pasta.

17. Superpower: Invisibility or able to fly? Flying.

18. Celebrity you’d most like to meet? It would be Tiger Woods again!

19. Favourite match played? Beating Liverpool at Anfield.