Gordon Talks Tunnel Vision and Everton Dream

Despite the ongoing challenges with COVID, the feeling around the training ground has been really positive.

The training sessions at USM Finch Farm have been really good, with a really high tempo and they've been enjoyable.

We have to keep up and that intensity.

I'm not focused too far into the future - and the past, the bad performances, have gone.

As a team, we're just focusing on what we can do going forward. 

The current situation around COVID and games getting postponed haven't affected us too much as players - there are always going to be different obstacles to overcome but it's about having tunnel vision towards the next game and doing everything properly.

The draw against Chelsea last time out almost felt like a win, purely because of everything we were up against with the number of players missing and the calibre of the opposition. 

The odds were stacked against us but we stuck together as a team and pulled through it with a point and it's given us a big boost.

It was a performance and a result that we needed, because we knew we'd been under-performing in the games leading up to that.

We had let down ourselves, the fans, the club - so an away performance like that was massive. You could see at the end how much the fans appreciated it and it gives us all such a lift to see that.

From a personal point of view, I was pleased with my performance against Chelsea, too. I was over the moon to get an assist, even more so as it was something we had been working on beforehand. I felt confident providing a delivery as soon as we were given the free-kick and I was really happy for Jarrad to score as well.

I've said it before but that is my aim - to provide as many goals and assists as possible. I want to be making key impacts on games and I need to keep it going now.

I touched on the fans' reaction earlier but, honestly, the support is incredible when you're out there on the pitch. It's normal for us to sell out every away end but it's never taken for granted. To hear them singing my name so loudly after the game was what I have dreamed of for years as a kid.

I said after the game it made me feel like a superstar because that usually only happens to the main players in the team. It was a dream come true for me... I don’t even have the words to explain it.

I feel like it's night and day when you compare the player that I am now to the one I was 12 months ago. I have matured a lot. I have a lot more experience now in and around different dressing rooms and going out on loan. Maturing as a person has definitely helped me on the pitch, too. 

The manager has played a big role in that. He is very demanding. He would never let me relax or get too far ahead of myself - he is constantly on me to improve and I’m thankful for that because I share that mentality and it's great to have that pressure.

It's well-known that the pace of the Premier League is like no other. That's the biggest adjustment to make for any player starting out in the league - either young players, or those coming from abroad. It's constantly fast, pretty much every mistake is punished and there is barely time to take any sort of rest during a match.

It's really tough on the body and that's something I've been working on as well - I've had to bulk out a bit and I'm still on that programme. I'm giving that everything and I'm seeing improvements as a result.

We've had a really tough patch of fixtures against a lot of the top teams. Now we have a couple of games against sides who are lower down in the table at the moment but it's definitely true that there are no easy games.

It's up to us to step up, go out there and get the points.

I'm optimistic and I'm ambitious. I think Everton should be competing in Europe and I don't think that's off the cards this season. We have the quality in the squad and the staff so it's up to us as players to go out there and perform.

The manager's record speaks for itself and he's come here to win more. I’d love to be part of a winning team here. 

It's been too long since this Club won silverware and it'd be incredible to be part of the next team to do that. 

That has to be the aim.