How Our New Stadium Progressed In 2021

It has certainly been an exciting year for us in the stadium team as we have watched the transformation of the site at Bramley-Moore Dock.
Of course, there is still a long way to go and many significant milestones to come.
However, we were ecstatic to see the first elements of the stadium appear above ground level in the past few days. It is a symbol of the progress we have made to date and is very much a statement of intent for the future.

Less than six months ago we had just started on-site and only three months ago we commenced the infilling of the dock, and now that process is all but complete.
Next week, I will be posting a blog on outlining where the stadium project is up to. As part of that blog, we will include a video charting the progress made this year and I would like to share that video with you today. I have done so below. 
We are now looking forward to 2022, when we will continue putting in place the foundations for our new home, while also continuing to erect the stadium structure on the northern side of the site and, eventually, on the southern side as well.
I would like to wish all our shareholders a fantastic Christmas and send you the very best wishes for 2022.
Colin Chong
Stadium Development Director