Davies And Kenny On What Makes Merseyside Special

As part of a new feature for our 2021/22 matchday programme, Everton stars have been giving us an insight into the places where they grew up.

In this instalment, Tom Davies and Jonjoe Kenny explain what makes their home city of Liverpool special, and reveal some of their favourite spots on Merseyside...

How would you describe the city?

Tom: It’s my home. I think the city is very intense, but in the best way it can be. There are a lot of things to do, and you get to meet a lot of brilliant people. I think the people make the city great. They’re helpful, funny and caring. I feel so lucky to have been brought up here and it’s made me into the person I am. I’m very grateful for how the city has treated me.

Jonjoe: It’s a very bubbly place. The people are loving and have big character. I love how much people get on and have each other’s backs in difficult moments. We come together when times are tough. 

Sight you have to see?

Tom: I’d say the cathedrals…but I don’t think that’s the main part of the city. I think you’ve got to be properly inside Liverpool and get to know the people.

Jonjoe: You’ve got to get down to the docks. It’s lovely there. And there are a lot of cathedrals that would be very interesting to see.

Traditional dish?

Tom: It would have to be Scouse! I have it without the meat, as I’m vegetarian. But yes, I love it! My mum makes a great one. I’d have it with bread and maybe some brown sauce, it depends how I’m feeling.

Jonjoe: It’s got to be Scouse! If you’re in Liverpool, you’ve got to try some Scouse with a cob.

Favourite restaurant?

Tom: There’s a place on Bold Street called Maray. It’s got lots of really nice dishes and there’s good variety.

Jonjoe: There are a few Italian restaurants I like. Il Forno is very nice and I always enjoy going there. Sorrento is great, too. And Gino’s – there are good vibes there.


Tom: I’d go somewhere quiet. There’s a great cinema called Fact that plays great movies and has some interesting stuff inside. I’d probably go out for food and then head there.

Jonjoe: It depends what vibe you’re into. If you want to head out and have a good dance, there’s a place called Liberty not far from the docks that is very good. For a bite to eat and to chill out with your mates, I’d go to Castle Street. There’s plenty of nice places around there.

Event or festival you’d attend?

Tom: I’d go to Mathew Street, if I wasn’t in training! There’d be bands on, and the streets would be chokka. Everyone would come out, have a great time and a good party.

Jonjoe: I used to go to Mathew Street when I was a kid and it’d be carnage! Everyone would just go into town with their mates. They would have bands on, and it would be packed. It was great. 

Where would you go to exercise?

Tom: Formby Beach would be a great place. You could go for a run on the sand, take in the fresh air, and just feel good about yourself.

Jonjoe: I’d just for a run around the city. I also used to go to this CrossFit gym called Peak Performance, which I really enjoyed.

If you could introduce a visitor to one person?

Tom: I would have said Jonjoe but whenever he leaves the training ground, he goes ghost on me sometimes! I’m going to say Leighton Baines. I see him now and again around Liverpool when we can meet up. Dom [Calvert-Lewin] would be another good one. He’s Everton’s number nine and he’s a great guy to meet.

Jonjoe: I’d introduce them to my dad. He’s a taxi driver and knows Liverpool like the back of his hand. He’d tell you the best places to go, and he’s not a cherry picker – he won’t have you off on the price!