Incredible Nasa Drone Image Shows New Everton Stadium Site

This incredible drone image offers a fascinating bird’s-eye view of the progress that has been made on the site of Everton’s new stadium.

The hi-res image, courtesy of NASA, clearly shows Bramley-Moore Dock completely devoid of water and infilled with sand, as the enabling stages of the 52,888-seater stadium near completion.

The scale of the compaction process at Bramley-Moore Dock can also be seen in the image, in which the River Mersey lies to the left, with rows of circles in the sand representing the areas where the upper six metres of the infilled sand are being compressed to help provide firm foundations.

Elsewhere, the historic Hydraulic Tower can be spotted in the upper right-hand corner, where it will form an integral part of the fan plaza that forms a welcoming gateway to the new stadium.

The overall scale of the site is laid bare, where the finished stadium will run from north to south in the centre of the image.

See the full-size image below.