Welcome Home, Speedo Mick!

Evertonian fundraiser Speedo Mick crossed the waterfront finish line to mark the end of his ‘Giving Back Tour’ with a warm welcome from Everton Ambassador Ian Snodin.

Hundreds of well-wishers came out to meet an emotional Mick as he walked from Alder Hey Children’s Hospital to Goodison Park and then into the city centre as well as Liverpool’s waterfront on the final day of a gruelling five-month 2,500 mile trek across the UK and Ireland.

Museum of Liverpool, in the shadows of Everton’s Royal Liver Building HQ, provided the backdrop for the finish line as Mick returned home to be reunited with his wife and to declare his fundraising target of £150,000 has officially been “smashed”.


He said: “I’m just really happy to have finished the walk because I honestly don’t think I could have carried on much longer because my body is just saying go and have a lie down. All the encouragement and support I’ve received along the way has carried me along.

“I just want to say a massive, big thank you to everyone who has donated in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales because my Go Fund Me page has just shot up to £164,000. Thank you for all the support – and from all the fans – second to none, up the Toffees!”

The lifelong Evertonian, whose real name is Michael Cullen, began his ambitious challenge on 31 May 2021, setting off from Stornoway in the Outer Hebrides. He zig-zagged across Scotland to Edinburgh and Glasgow before heading across the Irish Sea to Belfast and then into the Republic.

His tour of Ireland ended with very sore feet in Dublin, where he was welcomed by the Emerald Everton Supporters Club before taking the ferry to North Wales and making his way south to Cardiff.

After crossing the Severn Mick took in towns and cities on his way to the nation’s capital and even added an additional 400 miles to the journey to re-visit Cornwall, the end point of his previous cross-country challenge from John O’Groats. Mick also admitted to adding the odd mile due to getting lost!

In just five months the Speedo Mick Foundation has given out more than £200,000 to 83 small charities along the way from money donated from previous challenges, such as swimming the English Channel and walking from Liverpool to Lyon.

At the beginning of the trek Mick said: “The reason I’m doing the tour is to give back to the people and the communities who have supported me in the past.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has placed a huge strain on the finances of so many worthy charities and shone a light on how difficult life can be for a lot of young people in this country, whether because of a lack of food, money or opportunities. So, I’ll do anything I can to help.

“Homelessness, mental health and disadvantaged young people are issues very close to my own heart as I’ve been through those struggles, and I know how hard it is to come out the other side.

Everton Ambassador Graham Stuart and first team midfielder, Anthony Gordon have already wished Mick well on his final trek home, while Blues hero Ian Snodin was the first to congratulate Mick on the finish line with a personalised Everton shirt and an invitation to Goodison Park for the Club’s next fixture against Newcastle United.

Ian Snodin, Everton Ambassador said: “He’s a credit to our football club, and a credit to this city. Mick deserves every accolade he can get, every clap. Everybody has turned out for him, and he deserves it because that has been one long walk. He’s a top blue.”

Arriving home with his walking boots in tatters, Mick fondly remembers the kindness of strangers throughout his journey with their money and time, some of the looks he received from those who didn’t know what he was doing as well as how he swapped his swimming cap for a deerstalker hat with a member of the public and almost ended up in the sea with a statue of Eric Morecambe due to the gales experienced in the North West. Mick remained true to his iconic royal blue ‘knickers’ and hasn’t covered up once, despite major storms Arwen and Barra battering the UK, and experiencing temperatures as low as -6 in Scotland.

“I pushed myself so hard this time. Last time I went on a walk I spent Christmas, New Years and my birthday walking in the snow and rain. This year I’ve pushed myself really hard so I could get in for Christmas. I’m just going to spend some time with my family now – and I’ll be sitting down for a long time.”

Wearing trunks emblazoned with the Club name and sporting an Everton scarf throughout has drawn support from Toffees across the UK and Ireland as Blues were keen to meet and make a donation to Mick’s worthy fundraising exploits.

The Speedo Mick foundation are still receiving donations, which can now be made online. CLICK HERE to donate now.