Meeting Held To Look At Supporter Representation At Everton

Club officials have met with representatives from the Everton Stakeholder Steering Group (ESSG) to discuss how meaningful fan representation on strategic matters at Everton can develop moving forward.

The ESSG, a coalition of independent supporters' groups which represents more than 3,000 Blues, has presented to the Club their proposals as to how fans' voices can be represented at the highest levels of Everton.

After taking into account the views and recommendations put forward by the ESSG, as well as the responses of more than 10,000 Evertonians who took part in the Club’s survey on the future of football earlier this season, the Club is committed to working with the ESSG to create an independent Fan Advisory Board, as well as developing a process for fan representation at Board meetings.

A clear recommendation by the ESSG, the Fan Advisory Board concept was also supported by 91% of the Blues responding to the Club’s survey in August, who thought the creation of a supporter committee or custodian group - comprised of representatives from fan groups – was needed to help advise the Board on key fan-related matters. 

The ESSG was formed earlier this year by fans to help shape the future of fan representation at Everton. The independent steering group [ESSG] is made up of representatives from various Everton fan and stakeholder associations including Everton Disabled Supporters’ Association, Everton Fans’ Forum, EFC Shareholders’ Association, EFC Supporters’ Club Committee, Everton Heritage Society, international fan groups from Asia-pacific, North America, and European regions as well as Football Supporters Association members.

The Club will continue discussions with the ESSG and is committed to increasing the involvement and understanding of fans in the strategic decision-making process.

The ESSG will continue to develop the terms of reference and work alongside the Club; with the aim of forming the Fan Advisory Board in 2022. A further update on how the Fan Advisory Board will be constituted will be provided in the coming weeks.