Introducing Our Partner... Sokin

Who is Sokin?

Sokin is a global currency account provider focused on creating an open and transparent payments platform.

Accessed through its mobile app, available to download for free on iOS and Android, you can receive, convert, and hold unlimited money transfers and spend cost-effective currency exchange in 38 currencies to over 200 countries and territories for one fixed monthly fee, without any hidden charges. 

Sokin provides a greater level of transparency, and you are aware of what you are paying from day one. They are like Spotify or Netflix for money transfers!

The Sokin debit card can be used for all your day-to-day and holiday expenses.

There are no additional costs or hidden fees with Sokin, just straightforward currency exchange and money transfers - ideal for anyone who wants a safe, convenient, and easy way to send and spend money abroad.

Why we partnered with Sokin

Sokin is the Official Global Payments Partner of Everton Football Club.

We partnered with Sokin as they are a truly innovative, forward-thinking company that puts its customer and customer experience at the centre of its operation. Sokin exists to make global payments simple and offer a trouble-free service that everyone can trust.

Greater access, inclusivity and non-discrimination sits at the heart of Sokin and mirrors our own core values as a business focused on having a positive impact on the lives of those around us. Sokin is a fantastic addition to our partnership portfolio as an organisation which puts people first.

Why you should choose Sokin?

The Sokin Global Currency Account is for those who want a low-cost alternative to the current system known for being over-complicated and over-priced.

In fact, Sokin is 51-per-cent cheaper on global money transfers*. It’s Sokin’s mission to give you more control of your money and save money.

Sokin has a large global footprint in terms of available currencies and countries compared to all its competitors. Sokin allows you to make payments and transfers in 38 different currencies to over 200 countries - the only transfer site to provide such an extensive global reach.

Sokin’s benefits do not only apply to those transferring money, but also to those who wish to spend money abroad. Sokin Premium members are granted unlimited payments at no extra cost, allowing you to spend freely on holiday.

*Comparison based on the average digital remittance cost when sending USD200 using the free Sokin basic account. Data sourced from the World Bank: Remittance prices worldwide, Q1 2021, quarterly report

How it started

Sokin was born from humble roots with a need to build better financial services for economic migrants with families to support across the world.  Sokin CEO, Vroon Modgill, is a first-generation immigrant and watched first-hand his father struggle sending money back home. The process was stressful, expensive, and time-consuming. It was clear this old-fashioned system needed a reboot and so, Sokin was born! In fact, they are the only payments provider in the world to adopt the subscription model.

Is your money safe with Sokin?

Absolutely, safety is of the utmost importance to Sokin. They only work with established and regulated banking entities globally to ensure all money transfers are safe, secure, and speedy.

How much will it cost me?

The Sokin app is free to download and is available on iOS and Android and also online. They offer two different types of accounts: Premium and Basic. 

The Premium account offers members a subscription-based package for a fixed month fee of €9.99 / £9.99 per month, which gives you unlimited global money transfers and currency exchange. The Basic account allows members to transfer money for a small fee per transaction.

Sokin wants you to enjoy your travels and has removed the ‘after holiday bank statement fear’ caused by unplanned hidden fees. Top up your debit card via the Sokin app, and you can convert your money to the local currency Sokin Wallet every time you use your card abroad. This means you’re ready to spend worldwide, with no additional fees on foreign spending and no added foreign transaction charges, unlike your generic high-street bank. This also means you can ditch carrying cash and enjoy commission-free foreign currency via the tap of your card.

What is "Sokin - Money Goals"?

"Sokin - Money Goals" is a new exciting online club for Sokin members where you can access exclusive content, experiences and rewards from Everton and their other partners, as well as save money!

Download the app and sign-up to Sokin to keep in the know, and you can be in the running to win tickets, signed merch, training ground tours, meet & greets with club legends, and more!

Now that’s Money Goals!

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy! Simply

  • Download the Sokin app, available on iOS and Android
  • Register for your Sokin account and complete the identity verification process
  • Order your Sokin debit card to use in stores - locally and abroad


If you get stuck, Sokin has a number of tutorials on YouTube to help get you up and running.

Don’t forget to follow Sokin on social media @SokinGlobal to keep up to date on all the latest news and developments.