Former Everton Physio Reminisces On Blues Spell

Alan Irvine offered Mick Rathbone some sagely advice when they were discussing the potential of the latter man penning his original autobiography.

“Why would anyone walk past Paul Scholes’ book or Gary Neville’s book to pick up yours?!” quipped Irvine.

Thankfully, 'Baz' - as everyone in football refers to the former Everton physiotherapist - took no notice and wrote ‘The Smell of Football’.

It was a huge success – so much so that the much-anticipated sequel has been completed and Baz sat down with to speak about it.

During the highly-entertaining podcast interview, Baz recalls many facets of his career, including his very first day at Bellefield when he encountered a Club legend.

“Duncan Ferguson came up to me, after calling me Bob the Builder because I was in double denim with a checked shirt, and said: ‘I’m big Dunc and I’ve finished the careers of a few physios!'

“I replied: 'I’ve finished the careers of a few players!' and Duncan put his face into mine and said: 'You’ll do for me!' and I was in!”

Baz also discusses his final days with Everton, his subsequent worries when the mental and financial implications of being suddenly unemployed hit home, being part of the England set-up, working at Manchester United with Sir Alex Ferguson, and a second international career with Montserrat!

As self-effacing as ever, Baz talks about each challenge that came his way and he also admits to his mistakes, such as allowing Chinese international Li Tie to do his rehabilitation back in China.

Listen to the podcast below or by clicking here.

The new book is already proving to be popular, to buy your copy, visit the website