My Hometown... With Jean-Philippe Gbamin

In a new series for the Everton matchday programme, Toffees players give us an insight into the places they grew up and what makes them special.

In this instalment of My Hometown, Jean-Philippe Gbamin discusses the culture and cuisine of San Pedro, Ivory Coast… 

How would you describe San Pedro? 
It is amazing. It is near to the sea and you have some good activities to do there.  
What do you love about it? 
I love so much about it…the people, the environment. It is beautiful. 
Traditional dish? 
There is a lot of food with rice, meat and fish. My favourite dish is called fufu. It is like a mash and you eat it like a soup. 
Favourite restaurant?
I don’t have a favourite one. I enjoy eating at home, especially whenever we have had a big event or parties. Everyone gets involved in the cooking. 

Pictured: Gbamin in action for the Ivory Coast national team.

Sporting memories there? 
I lived there for the first eight years of my life and I did not do much sports there. It was only when I moved to Europe that I started. I know now they have a football team, though. 
Nearest big city? 
The closest one to San Pedro is actually the biggest city in Ivory Coast, Abidjan. By flight, it takes about 30 minutes from San Pedro. By car, it can take hours, the roads are not so good! I go there every time I go home.  
What do you do in Abidjan? 
Everything! I spent my last holiday time there. It is one of the best cities in west Africa.