My Everton #7: 'I Live By NSNO' - Meatball Molly McCann

A series of first-hand accounts describing moments that made us fall in love with Everton, 'My Everton' is a weekly offering here on, bringing you the most-treasured memories of fans, players, and staff both past and present.

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We’re made a bit different, us Evertonians.

Everton, for me, is identity, it’s passion, it’s bigger than any one person, it’s community, it’s looking out for each other and it brings so many different people together. It also means heartbreak and hangovers, sometimes!

It’s special.

Being an Evertonian is who I am. Football was my first love - even before fighting - and football means Everton.

The values of this Club and what it stands for mean so much to me. I try to embody those values, whether it’s helping out in the community, giving everyone a chance or giving 100% to everything that I put my hand to.

Since I was an amateur, I’ve always put my Everton flag in my changing room and then I’d walk out with it draped around me. I did it to remind myself who I am and where I’m from.

Our motto couldn’t be more applicable to Mixed Martial Arts. Nil Satis Nisi Optimum - nothing but the best is good enough. That’s what it’s going to take when you go in there with someone who is ready to take you out.

After taking my Everton flag everywhere with me for my first five UFC fights… For my past two fights I haven’t been able to put it up in the changing rooms due to venue and broadcasting rules.

But, of course, I still had it with me.

I won and it’s a UFC tradition to have a post-fight photo. I said I need to have my flag for it and they allowed it.

The photographer told me to put it behind my back and hold it up in the air. But I told him, ‘No, I want to put it over my shoulder and show this motto. I want the world to see Nil Satis Nisi Optimum’.

It means the world to me to be able to represent Everton on a global stage, a very different one. I want to get our name out there and I want to represent us well.

I want to put the Club and this city on the map as much as I possibly can.

Everton have been extremely supportive of my career, before I was anyone. I’d had three professional fights and I got invited to USM Finch Farm, I got signed to the UFC partly thanks to the backing of the Club. I got to sign at Goodison Park, where I was presented with a shirt.

These are massive moments of my life.

It’s incredible to think about how many of the best days of my life seem to be entwined with Everton.

And I hope there are many more to come.

By 'Meatball' Molly McCann, UFC Flyweight contender