My Everton #5: A Goodison Poem

A series of first-hand accounts describing moments that made us fall in love with Everton, 'My Everton' is a new weekly offering here on, bringing you the most-treasured memories of fans, players, and staff both past and present.

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An everlasting memory
One shared across our land
Those tiny little fingers
Held close by a big, strong hand.

If I close my eyes
I can almost feel it once more
Guided by the man 
A hero, I adore. 

Taking me on a big day out
One never to forget
History in the making
The most memorable one yet.

Excitement, it was building
New sights, smells and sound
Friendly hustle and bustle
Wide-mouthed at the hallowed ground.

Towering like a fortress
Yet, welcoming like home
Drawing like a magnet
Down 'The Street End' we did roam.

The clicking of the turnstile
Reeling me inside
Onto the lower concourse
My mouth was open wide.

The sight and smell of hot dogs
Mingled with that of pies
I climbed the old stone steps
And drank in with both my eyes.

The sea of blue that greeted me
Was a wonder to behold 
The criss-cross on the great, big stands
Held such history to be told.

Dad found his way on the terrace
Behind the barrier he knew so well
I felt such emotion
My heart began to swell.

The pitch was enormous
And such a lovely green
The number of people together
Was the most I'd ever seen.

The Toffee Lady then passed by
Throwing Everton Mints to the crowd.
A real buzz was in the air 
The noise growing increasingly loud.

Dad told me to meet him by the church, if ever separated
Such an iconic landmark that's ever been created. 

Then that music started playing, the beautiful melody
Z Cars
It began to chime
The rest is history...

By Maria Sawley for my dad, Michael Hanlon, and the rest of my Evertonian family