McCaldon's Everton Family Connection

Speaking to Ian McCaldon, you would have thought he originated deep in the heart of Scotland with his thick accent and height of a man from the highlands.

However, over a conversation or two you begin to hear his story and learn of his roots which began in the city of Liverpool.

The Everton Women goalkeeping coach was born a stone's throw away from Goodison Park as he cast his mind back to his life as a kid.

“I like to think of myself as Scottish, but I was born in Liverpool,” he told evertonfc.com.

“I was literally born next to Gwladys Street. It used to be called Claudia Street but it’s been knocked down now.

“I actually went to Gwladys Street primary school up until I was around five years old.

“So, I grew up kicking a football around Goodison Park.

It only took a brief moment for the 'Scot' to close his eyes, clear his mind and transport him back to the streets of Liverpool.

“As a kid, I remember the smell of the hot dogs, the crowd, the police with the horses and the manure on the street," he recalled.

“Back then in the 70s, I remember at half time they would open the gates and you used to always come in and watch the game.

“I was just a young boy and I would be walking back with my mum from the shops and we would try head in and see the game.

“It’s almost if I’ve done a full circle with my life.

“Even though I was born in Liverpool, I would consider myself Scottish.

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04:06 Wed 25 Aug 2021


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“It’s like if a dog was born in a stable, would you call it a horse?”

Everton runs deep in the McCaldon clan - and the stories from his father are as fresh in his mind as the first day he was told them.

“My dad is an Evertonian and he would tell me stories about the team before the war,” he added.

“Heading up to the church roof to watch the games.

“My dad’s grandmother washed the kit before the war.

“He used to tell me the kit would be hanging up to dry in the back entry of the ground.

“My grandmother – my dad’s mum – she washed the kit as well at Goodison Park and worked at the Winslow for over 40 years.

Ian McCaldon
There is a real connection there with me and Everton.

“It’s funny, I’ve got two boys who are eight and six. I drove them around Goodison Park around a month ago, showed them the church and tell them ‘that’s where granddad used to climb on the roof when he was your age and watched the game.’

“They would look up and think ‘how did granddad get up there?!’

“It was quite a poignant moment for me to take my kids back there.

“I have a real connection with Everton.”

Ian McCaldon will return to Goodison Park on Saturday 4 September as Everton face off against Manchester City in the opening match of the Barclays FA Women’s Super League campaign.