2021/22 Season Ticket FAQs

When can I purchase my Season Ticket for 2021/22? 
The Season Ticket renewal window will open at 9am on Tuesday 25 May. The deadline to renew your Season Ticket will be 5pm on Tuesday 13 July. 
What happens if games are played behind closed doors or in front of a reduced capacity next season?  
Should the capacity of Goodison Park be restricted for any Premier League matches in 2021/22 because of any safety measures applying to live events, ballots will again be used to ensure a fair distribution of tickets. The same refund process used for the 2020/21 season will also apply. Should any capacity restrictions on Goodison Park be imposed, further information on these processes will be communicated at the time.  
Will I need a vaccine passport to attend games next season? 
Further information on the requirements for supporters attending matches in the 2021/22 season can only be confirmed following the UK Government’s June review. Entry requirements will be communicated to all supporters ahead of the new campaign and updated when necessary during the season should Government guidance change.  
How can I renew my Season Ticket for 2021/22? 

1) You can renew your Season Ticket online by visiting the ‘Tickets’ section of the Everton website or App and clicking through to your online account. Under the ‘Season Tickets’ tab, your seat will be displayed, ready for you to add it to your checkout basket.  
2) Alternatively, you can call the Fan Centre on 0151 556 1878 and speak to a member of the team, who will be happy to answer any queries you may have prior to purchase. 
There will be no option to pay at the Club’s Goodison Park box office or the ticket desk within Everton Two at Liverpool ONE. 
Will my Season Ticket Auto-Renew for 2021/22? 
There will be no auto-renewal for 2021/22. All Season Ticket Members will need to renew using the payment methods listed below.  
How can I pay? 
Supporters can renew their Season Ticket by paying in full on a credit or debit card.  
Alternatively, you can apply to finance your Season Ticket and repay the credit on a seven or eight-month payment plan, provided by Premium Credit. A eight-month payment plan will be available from Tuesday 1 June until Wednesday 30 June 2021. The seven-month payment plan will be available from Thursday 1 July, until the renewal deadline on Tuesday 13 July 2021. 
Payments will be collected by Direct Debit on the first working day of each month (starting the month following the application deadline), with the last payment to be taken Tuesday 2 February 2022.* 
*If an application is received and processed in the last six working days of the month, the first payment will be taken within 10 working days of the following month and will then resume on the first working day of each month thereafter. 
I’ve got credit on my account. Can I use that to purchase my Season Ticket? 
Yes. Supporters who chose to add their pro-rata refunds for the 2020/21 season to their ticketing credit balance can use those funds towards their 2021/22 Season Ticket/s. Credit from your ticketing account can be used in conjunction with the above payment methods (card payment or Direct Debit payment plan) if there is still a balance owing on the overall transaction. 
Will I get a new Season Ticket Card for 2021/22? 
When renewing Season Tickets for the 2021/22 season, you will have the choice of receiving a Digital Season Ticket, which can be downloaded to your mobile phone; or you can opt for a physical Season Card. As part of the Club’s Everton for Change initiative, and in line with our commitment to continue reducing our carbon footprint and use of non-essential plastics, there will be a £5 charge for each physical Season Card.  
How does the e-Ticketing process work? 
More information on how to download a Digital Season Ticket will be provided in the weeks leading up to the start of the new season. This will be communicated via email, so please ensure the Club has the most up-to-date contact information for you. 
What is the reasoning for the Club offering the option for a Digital Season Ticket? 
Each year, prior to the season, the plastic cards produced for all Season Ticket Members, if laid end to end, would stretch from Goodison Park to Bramley-Moore Dock. Coupled with the transit between providers for printing and shipping, the carbon footprint of providing Season Cards is significant. However, whilst a number of clubs are moving to entirely Digital Season Ticket solutions, we appreciate that providing fans with a choice is important.  
Why is there a £5 charge for a physical Season Card? 
The charge covers the production and fulfilment of a Season Card. The Club is also keen to incentivise the adoption of the digital solution to support our commitment to the environment through the Everton for Change initiative.  
Are Digital Season Tickets transferable? 
Only the Season Ticket Member should be using their ticket - as is referenced in the terms and conditions of purchase. A new resale platform will be in place for 2020/21 to allow Season Ticket Members the opportunity to list their ticket if they can’t attend a fixture.  
Will fans be able to have multiple Digital Season Tickets on one device?  
Yes, one person can download multiple passes to their device and select each pass to be individually scanned at the point of entry.  
Will I need to complete a health declaration form or anything similar to attend games? 
Further information on the requirements for supporters attending matches in the 2021/22 season will be confirmed following the UK Government’s June review. Updates and entry requirements will be communicated to all supporters ahead of the new campaign.  
I'm not currently a Season Ticket Member. How can I join the Season Ticket waiting list? 
You can sign up to the Season Ticket waiting list by clicking here. More information on how the waiting list is divided into tiers - and which tier you may fall into - is available here.  
I am a current Season Ticket Member. How long will my seat be held for? 
To guarantee your seat for the 2021/22 season, existing Season Ticket Members must renew by 5pm on Tuesday 13 July 2021.  

Can I change the name of the person on my Season Ticket? 
If you are an existing Season Ticket Member wishing to keep your seat but to change the name assigned to that seat, please contact us either via servicedesk@evertonfc.com or by post: Goodison Road Box Office, Goodison Park, Goodison Road, Liverpool, L4 4EL. Please include the full information relating to the requested name change and also the details (name, address and contact) of the person who will be taking over the Season Ticket, if applicable. 
Do I qualify for a concessionary Season Ticket? 
To qualify for a concessionary Season Ticket, the applicant must meet the following age criteria: 
A Kid is defined as a person aged 10 years or younger on 1 September 2021 
A Junior is defined as a person aged 11 to 17 years on 1 September 2021 
A Young Adult 18-21 is defined as a person aged 18 to 21 on 1 September 2021  
A Young Adult 22-24 is defined as a person aged 22 to 24 on 1 September 2021  
An Adult is defined as a person aged 25 to 64 on 1 September 2021 
A Senior is defined as a person aged 65 or over on 1 September 2021 
Please note that a copy of a birth certificate or passport must be provided when purchasing a Kid, Junior, Young Adult or Senior Season Ticket.  
Are there any additional charges over and above Season Ticket prices? 
If you are applying for credit and repaying your Season Ticket over seven, eight or nine monthly payments, there is a £30 transaction fee per transaction (i.e. one payment of £30, regardless of the number of Season Tickets you are purchasing as part of that transaction. So, for example, if you are buying Season Tickets for a family of four in the same transaction, you will only make one £30 payment for the transaction fee).  
Will I be able to transfer my seat? 
No, there will be no seat transfers in advance of the 2021/22 season.  
Will there be an AutoCup scheme?  
No, there will be no AutoCup scheme in effect for the 2021/22 season due to the possibility of reduced capacity at fixtures.  
What happens if my Season Card gets lost, stolen or damaged?  
You should notify the Everton Fan Centre immediately. The old Season Ticket (Digital or Card) will be automatically cancelled and will not permit access to the stadium. There is a £5 administration fee for any replacement Season Ticket as a result of the original being lost, stolen or damaged. The design of any replacement Season Ticket will be issued at the Club’s sole discretion. 
The duplicate Season Ticket will only be issued when proof of identification has been shown. Only one duplicate Season Ticket will be issued to you per season, and you will be required to sign a document confirming that the original Season Ticket is damaged, lost, stolen or destroyed and indemnifying the Club against any direct or indirect consequences of such matter having been falsely represented or stated to the Club.  
What happens if I forget my Season Card or I am unable to use my Digital Season Ticket?  
A reprint can be provided at the box office. Ticket reprints because of forgotten Season Tickets on a matchday may incur a fee. ID must be provided at the box office ticket window. Failure to provide ID will mean no ticket replacement can be issued.