Under-23s Star Iversen Talks Coldplay, Superpowers...And Pineapple On Pizza!

Everton Under-23s return to Premier League action on Friday afternoon when they take on Tottenham Hotspur (midday kick-off). Ahead of the game, we put a mixed bag of Evertonians' questions to midfielder Einar Iversen. Learn more about the Norwegian Under-21 international below...
Favourite city?

Bergen. It’s where I was born in Norway and is just a ferry trip from where my family lives now. it’s got the city life but also mountains and is just such a nice place.

Favourite band?

I’ve always liked Coldplay. I’d love to go to one of their concerts one day. Fix You is my favourite tune. If I ever have to do an initiation song, that’s the one I do. You have to hit quite a high note so it’s not the best when I do it, but I just try to get through it!

Favourite present received?
I got this electric car when I was younger, which you could drive through a course. I was only about six but I enjoyed that, so that was probably the best one!

Best moment of your career?

There are two that stand out. When I made my Under-21s debut for Norway and signing a first professional contract for Everton. They both made me very proud.

Loudest in the changing room?

There’s a couple of lively ones! Joe Anderson always tries to be funny. Rhys Hughes is quite loud, he’s not really funny but he speaks a lot!!

Last show you watched?

It was actually a Norwegian show. It’s set on this farm in Norway – they send people in and they have to live there for a few weeks. It’s quite good. I only watch Norwegian TV, actually. I don’t really watch English telly.

Favourite food?

It would have to be pizza. Pepperoni is one of my favourites and I also like pineapple on pizza!

Football hero?

Lionel Messi. He is simply the best.

Best player you’ve faced?

Mason Greenwood. I played against him just a few weeks before he made his first-team debut. You could tell he was a very good player. He’s so two-footed. He can go both ways, so that makes him hard to play against.

What annoys you?

I know Ryan Astley said in this interview that I’m always arguing with people! So, what annoys me is if I’m in an argument with someone and they think they’re right, and I know I’m right!

Chosen superpower?

To be able to read people’s minds!

Favourite thing about being at Everton?

There are a lot of things. The coaching staff are really good and my teammates are such talented players. The level is very high. The facilities are amazing, too. And the fact the Club does everything to not just help you succeed in football, but develop you as a person, too.