Join EitC For 10-Day Fitness And Wellbeing Programme

There’s never been a more important time to look after your mental and physical wellbeing than now, so make 2021 the year your health is a priority and join Everton in the Community in its 10-day mental and physical wellbeing challenge.

‘New Year, New Goals’ is a 10-day challenge which provides a daily mental wellbeing tip and a progressive physical journey designed to help you with your overall wellbeing.

Download Everton in the Community’s ten-day challenge here.

Each physical activity encourages participants to take a walk or jog, whichever you're most comfortable with - with each day gradually increasing the pace or time of your journey.

There’s also 10 mental wellbeing tips designed to stimulate your mind, feel more comfortable with your surroundings and keep you present in the moment.

The programme has been designed by our health and wellbeing team, and ensures by the end of day 10, you’re feeling better within yourself, setting you up for 2021, ready to tackle the next challenge.  

You can either follow us on Twitter @EitC for your daily challenge, or you can download the 10-day challenge here. 

If you'd like to get involved in this ten day activity whilst raising funds for Everton in the Community, you can make contact with our fundraising team at who'll be able to set you on your way to achieving your fitness and fundraising goals. 

If you live with a health condition, please consult medical advice before taking part in this challenge . Please follow and adhere to the the latest Government guidelines whilst taking part.