Under-23s Keeper Tyrer Reveals Amazing Message He Received From Legend Southall

Everton Under-23s play their final game of 2020 on Friday night when the young Blues travel to Brighton & Hove Albion (7pm kick-off GMT). Ahead of the game, we caught up with Harry Tyrer, who took us through his goalkeeping journey and revealed his emotions upon receiving a Twitter message from an Everton great…

First of all Harry, why did you become a goalkeeper?

Ever since I was four or five, I just loved trying to save the ball and stop it from going into the back of the net. My mum and dad used to take shots at me at in the garden. I loved just diving around and getting my gear dirty – even though my mum wasn’t best pleased about that! 

Who was your goalkeeping hero?

Neville Southall is one. He obviously is an Everton legend – myself and my family are all big Evertonians and they told me I needed to watch videos of him. He is one of the greatest ever. I’ve watched clips of him on YouTube and thought, ‘How has he pulled those saves off’? He was an incredible goalkeeper.

Of the keepers who were playing when I was growing up, I looked up to Iker Casillas and Gianluigi Buffon. They were the best in the world and I used to watch them when I could. I used to be in awe of them.

Neville messaged you on Twitter after your impressive performance in the First Team’s friendly match against Preston in September. How did that feel?

I was amazed. The positive comments he gave me… It just felt unbelievable. He’s one of my idols.

What was the the best moment of your career?

It’s got to be from this season, that Preston game. Even though there were no fans there, to play at Goodison for the First Team was the greatest moment of my career so far. From walking out to Z-Cars and then having a decent game, making a few good saves, it was an amazing day.

What advice would you give to a young goalkeeper?

I would say it’s very important to always take on board information from your coaches. I’ve had lots of goalkeeping coaches, and they’ve played hundreds of matches. You’ve got to take every little piece of guidance you can to be the best you can be.

What’s it like training with the likes of Jordan Pickford, Jonas Lossl and Robin Olsen?

It’s great. They’ve all built up a lot of experience and you have to learn from how they go about things. When you watch them do their training drills, you can see what their set positions are and how they move across the goal. You can try to take that into your game. 

What’s your favourite 2020/21 Everton goalkeeping kit?

I’ll go for the black and gold one. I like it a lot, it’s very smart.

Finally, are all goalkeepers mad?

I don’t know why people say that! Maybe it’s because the keepers can be one of the loudest voices on the pitch, or because we’re ready to take one in the face from a shot or dive in at people’s feet to stop a goal. But that’s probably just the outfielders’ point of view!