Seamus Coleman Q&A: Official Members Put Questions To Everton Captain

Last month, winners of an exclusive competition for Official Members got the chance to take part in a live video Q&A with Seamus Coleman. The Everton captain was typically open and honest as he answered a wide range of questions.

The call took place before Coleman sustained a hamstring injury in the Blues' 2-2 Merseyside derby draw at Goodison Park, and manager Carlo Ancelotti is expected to provide an update on the Irishman's fitness at his pre-match press conference on Friday ahead of Saturday's meeting with Manchester United.

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Seamus, how did you feel when Carlo Ancelotti said you were one of the best captains he has ever worked with?

Coming from a manager like that, who has worked with so many top captains, it is a massive compliment.

A lot of my friends actually sent the quote to me.

And it is great to hear, because a lot of the work you do as a captain is behind the scenes.

It’s nice to see someone notices what you’re trying to do on a daily basis – and it’s especially nice coming from someone of the manager’s stature.

You’re such an inspiration on and off the pitch. How do you see your role as a captain?

I’ve been here for 12 years now and I think everyone understands this club means everything to me.

We’ve had some good times and some bad times. For me, it’s just important the people here realise what it means to be an Everton player, and what the fans expect from Everton players. It’s my job to get that across.

I’ve said this ever since I’ve been here and I’ll keep saying it – I want to win something at this football club.

For me to win a trophy at this club… It wouldn’t just be for myself and the squad, but for all the fans and the staff here who work tirelessly every day. This club means a lot to so many people.

The fans expect success and I think we have the right manager now to push us in the right direction. He’s a winner.

He knows what it takes and it’s important we all get on board with it, players and fans alike.

Would you be interested in going into coaching?

I’ve done my coaching badges. Football is all I know. My life, as I tell people all the time, is family and football.

If a role come up here at Everton, whether it be in the Academy or somewhere, it would be great, because this is my football club.

I always said when I stopped playing football, I’d go back to Ireland, and I think that is still a possibility, because I’ve been away for so long.

But coaching is something that, looking forward, I’d like to dip my toe into.

You suffered a very serious injury a few years ago, breaking your leg when you were away on international duty. How did you deal with that mentally?

Everything was going so well for me at the time [when I got my injury]. We were playing Wales in such a big game for Ireland when it happened.

Then, that’s it. You’re out for 10 months.

For me, it was either feel sorry for yourself – which is going to do no good to me, the Club or my family – or thinking, ‘listen, what got you this far was your attitude and your resilience’.

Dealing with the injury was just how I approach everything – get your head down and get on with it.

I had some great people at the Club to help me with the rehab. I just wanted to get back as fit and as strong as ever.

I do have that resilience, that mentality, to give everything I can, 100 per cent.

If that’s not enough, so be it, but nine times out of 10, if you approach things with the right attitude, you’ll get the rewards.

You’ve been in very good form this season. How happy have you been with your performances?

When I’ve played, I’ve felt really good.

It’s been great this season, we’ve had three in midfield, and I’ve been able to bomb forward like I used to.

I’ve been playing behind James, who you can just give the ball to and let him do what he wants with it! The confidence is high.

I’ve enjoyed playing in this team and I’m looking forward to what the rest of the campaign can bring.

I think it can be a positive season for us.

For us as fans, we love to see you out there because we always know you’ll give everything and fight for every ball. It’s been amazing to watch you perform like you have done…

Thank you very much. It’s always great to hear things like that.

The fans are so important to what we’re about.

For me, Everton is so special and, when the fans are behind us, this Football Club is a massive force.

We need to all become one and that’s what is happening – the manager is uniting everyone.

The fans want to see good football and good players, and he’s bringing that to the Football Club. Long may it continue.

How impressed have you been with Dominic Calvert-Lewin this season? It was brilliant to see him get that England call and score on his debut….

It’s great for the Club, for himself, his family to be getting that international recognition.

I heard him say in an interview that he wasn’t an overnight success, and he’s right, because the work you have to do in the background to get to that level is incredible.

That’s one thing I could never question about Dominic. Once he gets on that training pitch or the gym, he gives 100 per cent and he always wants to get better.

As fans, we’re just gutted we can’t be at Goodison to watch you and the team play…

That’s the toughest bit for the players, too. You want the fans there and to be able to feel that atmosphere at Goodison Park.

The fans can really get you over the line at times when you’re pushing for a goal.

We just need to make sure we keep getting good results so when the fans do come back, the atmosphere will be electric.