How Blue Family Campaign Has Helped Isolated West Derby Resident Dorothy

Today we bring you the first in a new series of case studies that will highlight the impact of Blue Family, the outreach and engagement campaign launched by Everton and Everton in the Community in March in response to the coronavirus outbreak. This is Dorothy's story.

Everton in the Community has been supporting West Derby resident Dorothy since July after she was first introduced to the charity via Liverpool City Council and the online Blue Family referral form.

Dorothy, 42, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in January 2020 and had found that her condition had deteriorated significantly during the national lockdown. This resulted in her standard of living dramatically falling as a combination of her illness and Government restrictions meant she became increasingly isolated.

Upon receiving the Blue Family referral, Everton in the Community contacted Dorothy to talk through her requirements and organised the delivery of a food-box, as well as pre-prepared Relish meals, to help ease the financial pressures that Dorothy was experiencing. Upon delivering the items, it became clear to staff that Dorothy's living conditions were below adequate and that she required additional support, not just from the charity but from specialist organisations.

Dorothy’s MS means that she is not as mobile as she was before and it has prevented her from being able to look after and clean her house as she would like and so the charity arranged for a local cleaning firm to carry out a deep clean of her home, immediately improving her standard of living and wellbeing.

With the support of Everton in the Community, Dorothy was encouraged to continue with her PIP assessment to ensure that she is receiving all of the help she needs and is entitled to, which has led to her being signed up for the Richmond Trust befriending service, as well as being awarded a £100 hardship grant from LCVS to enable her to purchase garden equipment and a bench to allow her to relax outside with her dogs and get some fresh air.

Everton in the Community has continued to provide Dorothy with a weekly delivery of pre-prepared meals from Relish to ensure that she also has food to enjoy and, moving forwards, Liverpool City Council will be providing Dorothy with a personal shopper to help her with her shopping requirements. 

She will also receive a weekly visit from a cleaner, while Everton in the Community staff will keep in regular contact with Dorothy to ensure that her health and wellbeing is being suitably cared for, and offer additional support as and when required.

“The help and support I have received from Everton in the Community has been life-saving," said Dorothy. "It has gotten me through tough times and given me hope.”

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