Joe's Story

20-year-old Joe* joined Everton in the Community’s 41 Goodison programme in 2016. Joe was referred for support after concerns around his involvement in gangs and difficulties at home.

The charity’s 41 Goodison programmes offers males and females aged 8-19 the opportunity to make significant and lasting life changes whilst working to develop confidence and raise aspirations whilst providing pathways into education, training and employment.

During his time on the programme, Joe worked hard to get his life back on track and secured a job. The 41 Goodison team have kept in regular contact with Joe since he exited the programme as well as providing support to his mum and younger brother.

Joe’s mum and brother have also both received regular support through the Blue Family targeted support strand and made staff aware that Joe was now living on his own with his girlfriend and may also need assistance.

After speaking with Joe he explained that he currently has a job working for the NHS and has his own flat with his girlfriend but he is the sole earner in the household, after this girlfriend lost her job at the beginning of lockdown, and was struggling financially. The Covid-19 situation put a real strain on Joe which left him regularly worrying about money. Due to his limited finances, Joe explained how he is struggling to afford a few essential items and that any support with food and utilities would be a massive help and ease some of his money worries.

The 41 Goodison team discussed a referral with Joe and put together a proposal for ongoing support including food essentials along with assistance with utilities. The staff were also able to provide Joe and his girlfriend with a new mattress and bedding as their existing one was full of holes, and a washer dryer after their last one broke.

The Blue Family targeted support the charity has been able to provide Joe with has allowed him a bit of breathing space and flexibility with his finances whilst the new mattress and clean bedding will improve his wellbeing and help reduce tiredness. Joe and his partner were also able to benefit from the charity’s recent Holiday Hunger initiative in conjunction with Sodexo and Meals&More with deliveries of pre-prepared meals.

Further conversations with Joe resulted in him wanting to get involved with the 41 Goodison programme and use his own experiences and knowledge to help young people turn their lives around and not follow the wrong path. Moving forwards, the charity will look to support him with some volunteering and peer mentor opportunities to allow him to build up his experience and CV.

“I really appreciate all the support; it’s going to help us loads. I can’t thank you enough.”

*The participants name has been changed to maintain confidentiality.