Spirit Of The Blues Writer Boosted By Hit's Resurgence

The songwriter responsible for resurgent Everton tune Spirit of the Blues says the track’s renaissance is giving him a new lease of life.

Kenny Parry [pictured above in his music-playing heyday] co-wrote the song in one sitting 35 years ago and admits he was staggered to see it surge past Miley Cyrus to number one in the iTunes chart this week.

Evertonians are aiming to propel Spirit of the Blues into the Official Singles Chart Top 40 on Friday after the birth of an ongoing social media craze for dubbing the number over various videos.

Parry, who created the unexpected hit with fellow musician Billy Kinsley, lost his wife, Janice, seven years ago and admitted the song's renewed success was a welcome boost.

“I was sat at home on Sunday not feeling great, then I got a call from Billy asking if I wanted some good news,” Parry told evertonfc.com.

“He told me we were number one. I didn’t believe him. I am floating now.

“It is surreal and difficult to take in.

“It has been good news for the family.

"I lost my wife seven years ago, we were together since the days of The Cavern Club and were soulmates.

“It is a little lift from the sorrow for all of us.

“It has been lovely.

“Janice would be made up with what’s happening.

“I am loving it, it is a reason to live.

“It might not last long but while it does I am riding it.”

Spirit of the Blues was recorded by a choir at Kirkby’s Amazon Studios.

The process from Parry putting pen to paper to the tune being recorded was complete in two days.

Parry – who’s a particular fan of the video which has his song playing over a scene from 1994 film The Shawshank Redemption – insists there is an element of good fortune in producing a memorable piece of music.

And he laughed off the notion of a rush of royalties heading for his bank account.

“People have said Billy and I should be shopping around for a small island in the Caribbean but it doesn’t work that way,” said Parry.

“I have been a songwriter all my life and ideas are always in my head.

“This just flowed off the pen, it wrote itself.


Parry, top-left.

“It is a matter of luck, something pops in your head.

“It was a catchy tune and along the lines of Status Quo, who I have always loved.

“Maybe it sounds dated by today’s standards but it doesn’t matter, it has the singalong factor.

“It has slept for a long time but all of a sudden everyone is on it.

“It is lovely.”