Circa Waves: Lockdown Sessions Q&A

On Friday 22 May at 8pm, Everton Football Club brings you an evening of live music in support of our Blue Family campaign, which is helping those in need during the coronavirus pandemic.

Eleven acts featuring Everton fans have recorded exclusive sessions in isolation and ahead of the big show, we’re profiling them to find out more.

Next up, it’s Circa Waves...

Who is in the band and where are you from?…

Kieran from Liverpool, Joe from Redditch, Sam from Wigan and Colin from Essex.

Why are you supporting the Blue Family campaign?

The campaign to ensure isolated people get the help they need is vital. People are vulnerable at the best of times and this virus will be hitting people extremely hard. Reaching out in any way we can is really important and I’d love to see the Blue Family campaign continue on once the virus has settled down.

What should you have been doing in May 2020?

Honestly, I was meant to be away for my son’s first little holiday. Fortunately, he hasn’t got a clue what’s going on and just watches Hey Dugee! 

Also, the band had festivals towards the end of the month. We’re gutted we can’t do them - festivals are what Circa Waves do best and it won’t feel like summer without them.

How has the pandemic and lockdown affected you as a band?

It’s obviously completely taken away the live side, which is a huge part of what we do. The silver lining being that I’m home in my studio every day writing and recording more music than ever. 

Band highlight so far?

Hard to pick. Playing in a baseball stadium in Japan supporting Foo Fighters and then drinking whiskey with Dave Grohl has to be up there!

Favourite current Everton player?

DCL has been getting better and better. He feels like a proper Blue.

Rate your football ability out of 10...

10. I honestly think I could play in the Premier League.

Best Everton memory?

Everton 7 Sunderland 1. Amazing game to go to. Went straight out from the game with my brother. A boss day!

Favourite city to play a gig… after Liverpool, of course!

Glasgow. They have a similar feeling to Scousers, the Glaswegians. Always up for it.

For those yet to hear your music, who would you say it is for fans of?

Arctic Monkeys, The Vaccines, Two Door Cinema Club… I don’t know. It’s music you want to blast in your car with the windows down. At least that’s what I do!

What does the next year hold for you?

Hopefully some gigs!

What song have you chosen to perform in isolation for the Blue Family Lockdown Sessions?

Our new single Sad Happy. It felt apt at a time like this.

Where can we follow you?

We’re @circawaves on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Circa Waves​ have released a new five-track EP ​‘Sadder Happier’, ​out now via Prolifica Inc /[PIAS]. Listen to tracks on the official Everton Spotify playlist:’s Blue Family Lockdown Sessions will be broadcast in full at 8pm on Friday 22 May. Tune in to either the Club’s Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Twitch channels to watch.

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