Fans' Forum Candidates


Kevin Williams 

My name is Kev, I am 31 years old and I hold a 
Season Ticket in the Upper Gwladys with my 5-year-old boy. I am married with two kids; both are young Blues. I applied to be part of the Fans Forum simply because it allows me to create a link between the fans and the Club.I want to make sure the Forum is accessible to everybody who supports the Club and will do everything I can to make this possible!  

Remember Blues we are born not manufactured - we should have a voice!  

Nil Satis Nisi Optimum - COYB - Carlo Fantastico!  

Ian Ball 

I have been on Fans’ Forum for three years and I have played an integral part in many projects we have overseen so far. I was lucky enough and honoured to be voted as Vice Chairperson of the Forum in my second year of my tenure. I would love to be part of the Forum for another three years as I feel I have a lot more to offer. I would like the opportunity to continue the work I have done with the Stadium Atmosphere project group and keep improving the project so that when we move to Bramley-Moore Dock it will be everything we have dreamed of.  

Steve Syder

I’m from an Everton family spanning five generations. I went to Prescot Boys' Grammar and Liverpool 
University. My first game was in 1959 and I’ve had season tickets in all sides of the ground ever since, currently in Lower Gwladys.I believe the main role of the Fans’ Forum is to ensure EFC understands fans’ perspectives and the fans are kept informed about why Everton proposes certain things. I would play my part in this by communicating with fans in Facebook groups (as I do now) and a dedicated Twitter account. 

I’d be very grateful for one of your four votes. 

Joe O’Reilly  

I'm 54 years old and live in Dublin, Ireland and have been travelling over to see the Blues since my dad took me to my first game in 1978. I'm the current 
Chairman of The Irish Toffees Supporters Club and a Season Ticket holder in the Lower Gwladys. I'd love the opportunity to come onto the Forum as I'm a firm believer that every Evertonian should have a say. Everton are fast becoming a global club and including those who live outside the local area in decision making is I think vital to our future as a club. Hopefully I can contribute to this if elected onto the forum.  

Dawn Kehoe  

Everton is at the heart of my life; I go home and away and want our club to be the best in the world; this only happens if the club and supporters work together. 

We have lots to improve on and things like the stadium move to consider and I want to help your voice be heard; positives and frustrations. Everton was a constant through my cancer treatment and now I’m recovered I want to pay that back, plus life’s too short to not be involved in what you love. Vote for me and together we can make a difference! 

Phil Spencer  

I am very proud to call myself an Evertonian, a Season Ticket Holder for nearly 30 years there’s no better feeling than match day. 

We have a fantastic club that really cares about its fan base and I hope that I’m elected to the Everton fans forum because I want to be a voice for the thousands of diverse and loyal Evertonian’s. 

I am passionate that as fans we have the opportunity to voice our concerns, provide honest and candid feedback directly to the club and ensure fan engagement on all Club issues and supporters match day experience. 

Andy Mitchell 

I’m looking to be elected to the Fan’s Forum, because that’s exactly what I am. A fan.

I’ve been going the game since 1981, and like many of you, I commit a lot of time, money and emotion, into following Everton. 

I’d like to think that I share many of your concerns when it comes to all things Everton. Drawing on my experience as a Shop Steward, and my work as a Primary School teacher, I’ll be looking to represent our whole fan base, promoting equality and diversity at every opportunity. I’ll be challenging, genuine, and honest when providing feedback. 

David Wycherley  

My name is David Wycherley. 

As a lifelong Blue and a Season Ticket in the Paddock I part of the County Road Bobblers group. I had the idea for the Moise Kean banner (#NoAlRazzismo campaign) which I worked tirelessly on. I plan to open-up communication with the fans with a modern approach to strengthen the connection utilising podcasts/vlogs. 

I am an idea man who is passionate in his delivery and those who know me will vouch I have a strong but positive personality. I will continue to work alongside other fan groups in order to unite not divide. 

Tony Sampson

Scouser in Chicago.

Everton is a diverse family including over 50+ International supporters groups; exiled Scousers and those who’ve chosen to be Toffees. 

These devoted Evertonians deserve an official platform to share their issues, concerns and ideas. 

EFC is in a massive period of transition; new management, new executive team, historic stadium move imminent. 

Now is the time to fully engage our passionate global fanbase. 

I’ll be accessible, collaborative, have clear priorities and will want to regularly communicate with international fans to get their views and keep them informed of progress. 

I’d be honoured to be elected and you’ll get my full commitment.