Sidibe Q&A On Hammers Test, Ancelotti And Understanding Scouse

Djibril, you’ve been at Everton for six months now – how much are you enjoying your time at the Club?

I am very, very happy. It’s a great team to play for, the fans are absolutely excellent. They are top fans.

I’m enjoying my football and I feel like I have got the confidence of my teammates.

Results-wise, we’re getting there, we had a difficult period, but things are improving.

How would you sum up Carlo Ancelotti’s impact?

I think he’s brought a calmness to the place.

Obviously, he comes with a huge amount of experience, and I think that he’s managed to implement a couple of different tactical ideas and different ways we can set up tactically.

We’ve been playing 3-5-2 or a 4-4-2 and everybody is happy. He’s applying these tactics well.

He’s very, very experienced and that accounts for a lot.

How has he got his ideas across?

Mainly out on the training field. It’s backed up by tactical explanations and we look at videos, but mainly it’s out on the field.

We’ve worked on the kind of ideas he wants to bring.

I think the fact that he’s won a lot as a manager, we’re picking up on that winning mentality he brings to the party, too.

What sort of test do you expect from West Ham on Saturday?

We know it’s always hard to play against a side that’s recently had a change of manager, and we knew even before his arrival they’ve got a strong squad, a good team.

But we’ll prepare well, we’ll go there with a positive mentality to try get three points. We’ll got there with confidence.

What are Everton’s goals for the remainder of the campaign?

We want to climb the league table. If you look at the Premier League, sixth place is not so far away.

We are only four points behind that, so the gap is close. I think we’ve got the team, we’ve got the manager and we’ve got the experience to close that gap and achieve what we want to do.

We need to just go step by step.

Finally, how is your English coming along and can you understand Scouse yet?

My English is progressing, but I still struggle to speak it. But my understanding of the language is good.

With understanding Scouse, little by little, slowly but surely, I’m getting there!

But it is tough, they mash all the words together in a sentence!

You can draw similarities with people in the north-east of France, from places like Lille and Nantes.