Chanting Investigation Update

Everton has concluded its investigation into complaints of homophobic chanting during the Premier League fixture against Chelsea.

The Club has a duty to investigate complaints of any kind and takes incredibly seriously any accusation of abusive or anti-social behaviour, with a specific focus on the nine protected characteristics referenced in the UK’s Equality Act.

Despite the volume of complaints received, there have been no specific individuals cited or identified.

Nevertheless, it is clear from the scale of communication received that a section of the home crowd did sing a homophobic song. The Club has liaised closely with Kick It Out and key fan groups, including the Rainbow Toffees LGBT supporters’ group, and will always stand up against homophobia or any form of discrimination.

Everton strongly condemns the use of language which underpins and supports homophobic discrimination. Homophobia has no place within our stadium, our Club, our community or our game and the Club has clear policies and procedures to deal with such instances.