Rainbow Toffees Praise Club's Response To Report Of Homophobic Chant

Everton's response to reports of homophobic chanting during Saturday's Premier League game against Chelsea has been praised by The Rainbow Toffees, an LGBT Everton supporters' group.
The Club and Kick It Out received reports of a homophobic chant aimed at Chelsea fans by a small section of the Goodison crowd during Saturday's 3-1 victory for the Toffees.
Everton’s ongoing investigation has been supported by The Rainbow Toffees, who have backed the Club’s stance that any form of homophobia should not be tolerated.
A spokesperson for the Rainbow Toffees said: “Words like those heard being chanted at the game against Chelsea are not ‘banter’, they are homophobic.
“There is no place for homophobia in football or society as a whole, and The Rainbow Toffees believe there should be a zero-tolerance approach to this behaviour. Football should be an inclusive, safe and welcoming space for all.
“The Rainbow Toffees fully support the Club and their clear determination to stand up to homophobia and stamp it out of the game.”
Matchgoers who have information relating to any form of discrimination should email reportit@evertonfc.com.