Luggage And Bag Policy

The management of Everton Football Club devotes thought and effort to the safety and welfare of all persons attending Goodison Park.

Bringing bags to the stadium is actively discouraged. However, fans arriving at the stadium with a small personal bag (i.e. handbag/medical bag/small holdall) capable of being stowed under a seat is permitted. 

You should expect this to be searched before entry. 

Bringing a bag may delay your entry and, in some cases, may lead to non-entry to the stadium.

Please do not bring large bags or luggage such as rucksacks, briefcases, suitcases or suit bags to Goodison Park as they cannot be allowed into the stadium. 

Please note that there is nowhere to store such items within club premises, however there are a number of left luggage facilities in Liverpool City Centre. These can be found here.