Your Messages

Everton can help celebrate your special occasion on a matchday with either a message in the programme or over our Goodison speakers.

1) Programme announcement

You can send a message and a photograph to appear in a specified matchday programme. We can never guarantee this but we always try our best to facilitate the request. This service is free of charge. If the programme is full, your request may be transferred over to another programme. Click here to submit a programme request.

2) Goodison stadium announcement

You can request an announcement to be read out via our speaker systems. Whilst we can never guarantee this service, we always try our best to read the announcements out at half time. This service is free of charge. Please email your message directly to stating the match which you would like the message to be read out. Please note that these messages are taken on a first come, first served basis. Supporters are advised to contact the Club in plenty of time ahead of the relevant game. Requests received on the day of the game cannot be processed.

3) Big Screen message

We are able to show limited numbers of big screen messages with a photo for birthdays, celebrations or In Memoriam messages. Please complete the form below to apply, taking care to fill out the fields correctly. Please note that submitting a form is not a guarantee that the message will be shown.