You Signed With Everton... Next Steps!

We are currently looking for a number of host families to house a coach during the week of Soccer School. A highlight of the week for our staff is staying with families in the local community. We are currently offering a Soccer School credit to participating families - click here for more information.

Nil Satis Nisi Optimum

‘Nil Satis Nisi Optimum’ is a phrase you will hear your Soccer School Coach repeat throughout your time with us this summer. This is Everton's motto, which translates to ‘Nothing but the Best is Good Enough’.

Getting the best out of YOU and encouraging you to get the best out of YOURSELF is our top priority - but it starts right here!

This page outlines some key information as you begin to prepare for your Everton FC Soccer School - so read carefully……

What Do Players Need to Bring to Soccer School?  

  • Soccer ball
  • Plenty of water so players can stay hydrated 
  • A light and healthy snack for break time (players are not permitted to share foods)
  • If players are scheduled to participate in the FULL DAY event, we ask them to bring a fully packed lunch
  • Sunscreen (must be applied by either the player or parent/guardian)
  • Every player must be always wearing shin guards
  • Every player must be wearing appropriate soccer/athletic attire and footwear


Our Day 1 Arrival Process 

  • On Monday, plan to arrive 15 minutes prior for player check-in.  
  • Check in will take place on the field side. 
  • We will arrange a welcome and introduction at the start of the Soccer School, which we encourage parents/guardians to attend. This opening address will include staff introductions and some important information for the week ahead.


Other Daily Procedures   

  • Parents are welcome to spectate throughout the week, but we ask you to observe from a safe distance. 
  • At the start of each day, we will arrange a daily opening address. Here we will commence our daily check-in with coach, player and each parent/guardian.  
  • At the end of each day, we will arrange a daily debrief, which will start 10 minutes from the end. Here staff will address the whole Soccer School, announce players of the day and reminders. We encourage parents/guardians to attend this. After our daily debrief we will commence our daily player check-out with the coach, players and each parent/guardian.  
  • On the last day of Soccer School, we will organize a World Cup Tournament and Presentation event. Coach will issue you with further details later in the week. We hope parents and family members can attend so you can see what your child learned at Soccer School!


Inclement Weather   

  • Extreme Heat - we shall give players extra water breaks in the shaded areas.  
  • Rain - we will continue. Heavy Rain- we will shelter. 
  • Thunder and lightning - if it does not pass then we will email parents to come and collect their child. This email will contain specific pick-up instructions.
  • If we have to cancel at any time during a day, we will do our best to make it up throughout the week.


Other Soccer School Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an aftercare programme?
No. We ask you please drop off and pick up your child at specified times.

Are scholarships available?
We offer scholarships to families who host our coaches for the week.

What is your refund policy if I am not able to attend?
In the event that you wish to cancel this registration more than seven days before the start date of the program, a 25% cancellation fee will be charged up to a maximum of $50.

No refunds will be given for cancellations within one week of the start date of the program.

No partial refunds will be paid if campers miss any sessions for any reason.

Other Health And Safety Considerations 

  • If a player is feeling unwell, we advise that they stay home. Likewise, if a player starts to feel unwell at Soccer School, we will call parents/guardians to come and collect. 
  • If a player is injured on a Soccer School, we have first aid qualified coaches and will assess the injury. If minor, then we shall address and let the player continue if able and will fill out an incident report form to hand to the parent/guardian. In the unfortunate event of a serious injury the coaches will follow the appropriate protocols based on the situation.