Affiliate Programme

As the flagship of the International Academy, our affiliate programme provides clubs at all tiers of the game with access to the finest coaching knowledge from Everton’s renowned Academy to support the growth of each club – a level of support that sets it apart from more traditional models and looks to build on the Club’s outstanding record at the forefront of developing young footballing talent.

The primary focus of the programme is coach education and player development, using a tailored approach and the same curriculum that is adopted within the Everton Academy at Finch Farm, alongside a comprehensive and high-quality coach education model.

The initiative includes visits from Everton Academy coaches to clubs in their home markets, as well as the opportunity for players and coaches to travel to Finch Farm each year for a first-hand Academy experience.

Our network contains a select group of football clubs from across the globe, who are supported with year-round technical and operational support directly from Everton.

In addition to the support from technical staff, guidance on both sporting and business best practices is offered to improve sustainability, add quality, and aid future growth of our affiliate partners on the boys’, girls’, men’s and women’s sides of the game.

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