Fans' Forum

The Everton Fans’ Forum has been in operation for more than a decade and is a valued sounding board for the football club.

The Forum comprises UK and international-based Evertonians and meets with Club representatives monthly.

The purpose of the Fans’ Forum is:

  • To provide a platform for open, honest, transparent, and independent dialogue between the Club and its supporters on all Club initiatives and campaigns, and the matchday experience.
  • To engage in conversation with staff at operational level to offer candid feedback and inform future Club decisions.
  • To collaborate with the Club on establishing and developing initiatives in areas including the matchday experience, supporter conduct, retail and sustainability, and to generate, develop and activate ideas for specific supporter-led projects.
  • To drive an open agenda between its members, the wider fanbase and the Club that reflects key issues and priorities.

The Fans' Forum recruit new members on an annual basis. Details of the recruitment process are published on and Fans' Forum channels. The application process is organised, administered and conducted by the existing Everton Fans’ Forum members.

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