Everton Fan Advisory Board

Established in 2021 in response to the failed proposals for a European Super League and the findings of the Government’s subsequent fan-led review of football, Everton's Fan Advisory Board (FAB) is an independent body for in-depth consultation with the Club’s hierarchy, including members of the Club’s Board.

Discussions focus on short, medium, and long-term strategic issues and give supporters a voice in, and an understanding of, some of the decision-making that directly impacts Evertonians.

The FAB are consulted on:

  • Everton’s strategic vision and objectives
  • Any proposals relating to Everton heritage
  • Everton’s plan for broader supporter engagement
  • Escalation, as agreed, of issues from organisations that have separate structured dialogue with Everton
  • Stadium relocation and the Goodison legacy project
  • Finance and revenue generation; and
  • Governance, regulation, and compliance

The FAB comprises 11 members who represent the diversity of the Everton fanbase in either 'reserved' or 'unreserved' positions.

Members serve one or three-year terms and a recruitment process and independently verified vote will take place each season to elect new members. Details of the recruitment process are published on evertonfc.com and FAB channels.