Everton Football Club Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice will tell you how Everton Football Club uses personal data about its fans, including on the Everton website. A summary of the key and routine activities is included with further details below.

1. Who Are We?
Everton Football Club Company Limited (“Everton”) is a football club that competes in the Premier League of English Football and is based at Goodison Park.

2. Why do we collect your information?
Everton collects your personal information to run supporter services including ticketing, retail, stadium services, media and marketing.

3. What information do we collect and record?
Information is collected when you register with us. We will collect your name, age and contact details. If you make any purchase we will also collect your payment information.

For information on cookies and marketing preferences, please see the detail section below.

4. Children’s Information
Other than in setting up and administering an account, Everton will not use the personal data of anyone 12 or under. Parts of the website may be restricted from this age group.

Children aged 13 and over have access to the full Everton services but may be restricted from age appropriate services and advertising.

5. Where do we receive information about you from?
The information recorded by Everton is collected directly from you or an individual registering on your behalf, such as your family members.

6. What if you do not provide information to us?
If you do not provide your information, you would be unable to register an account or purchase from the Club using an account. You would not be able to receive offers or enter competitions.

7. Who do we share information with?
Your information is only shared with your consent, if permitted by law or if a third party is working on behalf of Everton, for example the Everton shop is managed under a contract by Fanatics (International) Ltd.

8. International Transfers
Your information is secured under European data protection laws at all times and not transferred to organisations beyond this area without your consent.

9. How long do we keep your information?
Account information is retained for 6 years after the last activity.

10. What rights do you have?
Your exact rights will depend on the nature of information being processed, however your rights may include access, correcting your information or deletion.

If we have collected your consent, you can withdraw this at any time

Please see the detail section below for a full explanation of your rights.

11. Is there any automated processing of your information?
Your information may be automatically processed and profiled to assess your interests and likes to personalise your experience with Everton.

12. Further Enquires and Complaints?
Complaints about the use of your information should be addressed to:

Data Protection Officer
Everton Football Club
Goodison Park
L4 4EL


Detailed Notice

1. Who Are We?
Formed in 1878 and a founder of the football league, Everton Football Club have competed in the top tier of English football more often than any other club and unbroken since 1954. Everton play their homes at Goodison Park, Liverpool, L4 4EL.

Everton is affectionately known as the People’s Club and the Toffees.

Everton has a long and vibrant history; being the first for many achievements including:

  • First club to go on an overseas football tour
  • First club to construct a purpose-built football stadium and first club to have a four-sided stadium with two tier stands
  • First club to issue a regular match programme for home fixtures
  • First club to play 100 seasons in the top-flight
  • First club to break the £100,000 transfer threshold when Alan Ball moved from Blackpool for £110,000 in 1966.
  • First club to have its own online social networking site.
  • First club to sell tickets via text message.


Everton Football Club Company Limited is a company registered in England with company number 36624, VAT registration number GB163667345 and whose registered office is at Goodison Park, Goodison Road, Liverpool, L4 4EL.

Everton is registered to process personal data, registration number Z5476849.

To safeguard your information and protect your information rights, Everton has appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO) as your single point of contact. The DPO can be contacted on:

Data Protection Officer
Everton Football Club
Goodison Park
L4 4EL


07966 158951

2. Why do we collect your information?
Everton routinely collect your information for the following purposes:

  • Ticketing – for the performance of that sale contract
  • Transactions and purchases including VIP membership, hospitality and merchandise – for the performance of a contract
  • Maintaining membership – with your consent
  • Marketing – for legitimate interests and with your opt-in consent for marketing preferences
  • Crime prevention and detection, including the use of CCTV – for the legitimate interests

Any additional and non-routine uses will be notified to you as appropriate.

Everton are required to demonstrate that information processed for legitimate interests is appropriate, reasonably expected and respective of individual’s privacy.

Marketing is a legitimate interest activity of Everton and includes maintaining a database of all customers and their marketing preferences. Without keeping a database, Everton would be unable to provide offers and promotions to interested individuals. You can opt-in or out of marketing and manage your contact preferences at any time; your information is not shared with partners or sponsors without your consent and there is minimal risk to your privacy.

Crime prevention and detection is a legitimate interest of Everton in order to protect its property from theft, damage and vandalism. It also protects the safety of staff, other fans and members of the public. The use of CCTV supports this interest. It is also a safety requirement for the operation of the stadium.
There is signage in and around all sites which operate CCTV and you have a right to request information; this helps to protect your privacy and information rights. CCTV imaging is only accessed by authorised Everton employees and within a secure viewing area. CCTV may be shared with the Police and other third party for crime prevention and detection purposes. It may also be shared to assist in exercising civil rights, such as in the event of a car accident or personal injury.

3. What information do we collect and record?
When you register with Everton you are required to provide your name, address, age and contact details. This ensures that we can create a unique record for you and you are given a customer reference number. Your activity with the club is recorded against your reference number; this includes all tickets, membership, merchandise and hospitality. By collecting this information, we are able to understand our fans, their likes and ensure that our offers and promotions are suitable.

Additional information, such as disabilities or special requirements, may be recorded if you provide this to us to help ensure your safety and improve your experience.

Everton may, from time to time, survey fans for equality and diversity. This includes asking for information such as your ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender. Completion of equality surveys is entirely voluntary and can be completed anonymously. Everton will not record equality information on your account without your consent.

Whenever you purchase from the club, we will collect your payment information. Everton maintain accreditation under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard to keep your financial information secure.

Everton may record telephone calls; this is to help keep an accurate record of conversations, staff training and conduct. If telephone calls are not recorded, a written record of the conversation may be kept instead.

With your consent we will send you the latest Everton information and news, including ticket updates, transfers, promotions and offers from our Sponsors and Partners - plus all the key news from the training ground and Goodison.

The Everton website – www.evertonfc.com – uses cookies; these are small pieces of information that are stored by the user’s device and record how people use the website. Some cookies are essential for site maintenance, such as remembering items in your basket for purchases and remembering that you are logged in. Other cookies track your choices to help us personalise the content you receive.

For our full cookie policy, please see the Website and Cookies Notice.

4. Children’s Information
Under data protection regulations, children are given additional protections, in particular with online services such as social media and forums. Everton do not intend for anyone 12 and under to use forums on the website. These are restricted based on the user’s age.

Anyone aged 13 and over can access the full website – with age appropriate restrictions on marketing and offers. Everton encourage anyone aged 13-15 to inform their parents or guardians that they have signed up to help understand the risks of using social media and forums.

You should also consider your rights including the right to erase data, especially as you turn 16. More information please see section 10 What rights do you have?

5. Where do we receive information about you from?
On occasions we attempt to enrich the data that we have collected through our own activities with information from other sources to help us hold more complete records and to better understand our fans. The types of data we receive from other sources would only match the types of data we would collect directly from you.

6. What if you do not provide information to us?
An account cannot be set up without you providing your personal information. Some services may be available without your personal information if payment is made by cash; subject to Everton’s terms and conditions.

We try to give you as much choice as possible on what personal information you provide to us without this affecting your experience. You can change your preferences in your online account at any time.

7. Who do we share information with?
Everton will only share information without your consent if:

  • A third party is working on behalf of Everton; for example, Fanatics (International) Ltd who provide our retail services or with a data storage provider. These companies are permitted to only work under the instruction of Everton and cannot use or access your information for their own purposes.
  • The disclosure is required by law; for example, under a Court Order
  • In the Public interest or in connection with a legal claim and the request is reasonable; for example, a request from the Police for crime prevention and detection

We will ask permission to share your information with our official partners and third parties. You can choose to share information in your mailing preferences.

We would also like to contact you with news and how you can get involved with Everton in the Community, Everton’s Official Charity. You can opt-in through your mailing preferences on your online account.

8. International Transfers
Data protection and privacy laws vary across the world; the laws in Europe, including the UK, are deemed to be the strongest for upholding an individual’s rights. Everton will not routinely transfer your information to other organisations outside of the European Economic Area. If a need arises you will be informed of the international transfer and how your information is being secured.

The international transfer of your personal information by Everton does not affect your rights within Europe.

9. How long do we keep your information?
Information is retained in accordance with the Everton Information Retention Policy, as update from time to time.

Fan data will be held for 6 full seasons after the last login, purchase or other activity on an account. This is to ensure that a transaction history is maintained for our fans, balanced against our obligation not to keep information longer than necessary.

Fans can request that their data is kept for longer, or erased earlier by contacting the Data Protection Officer – see section 10 What rights do you have? for further information.

10. What rights do you have?
You have a number of rights under the General Data Protection Regulation.

Your rights are:

  • Right to be informed
  • Right of access
  • Right to rectification
  • Right to erasure
  • Right to object
  • Right to restrict processing
  • Right to data portability

Please note that not all rights apply in all circumstances.

All rights must be resolved by Everton within one month, unless an extension of up to two additional months is applied, or a different timeframe is stated below.

Right to be informed
You have a right to be informed about uses of your information with an emphasis on transparency. This notice, in support of other privacy notices published by Everton ensures that your right to be informed is achieved.

Right of access
You have a right to receive:

  • Confirmation of what information is recorded about you
  • Confirmation of how your information is used 
  • Access to your information

You will be required to provide proof of identification and may be asked to specify exactly what information you require.

To request information please contact the Data Protection Officer.

Right to rectification
Rectification refers to correcting factual inaccuracies or incomplete data which is held by Everton.

To rectify your information please contact the Data Protection Officer.

Right to erasure
In some circumstances you can request that your information is deleted.

This right will apply if you have consented to your information being used and have later withdrawn consent, or the information has been processed as part of the legitimate interests of Everton – see section 2 Why do we collect your information? for details.

There may be consequences of erasing your data, such as being unable to make further purchases or access member only content on the website. Please carefully consider why you want to erase data and what the impact will be. There would be no way to retrieve your data once it is deleted.

To erase your personal information, or discuss this right further, please contact the Data Protection Officer.

There are exceptions to this right which would be explained to you, including information required to exercise or defend a legal claim and information which is exempt as freedom of expression.

Right to object
You can object to your information being used for:

  • Marketing
  • Scientific or historical research
  • Statistical purposes

You can object to marketing and opt-out at any time in your account preferences. Marketing will stop immediately.

To object to research or statistical processing, which Everton would only undertake in aggregate so that no one is individually identified, or if you want to object to marketing in writing, please contact the Data Protection Officer.

Right to restrict processing
The right to restrict processing means that if you have disputed the accuracy of information, objected to its use or want Everton to retain your information, you can request is it stored but no other uses are permitted.

To request restriction to processing, please contact the Data Protection Officer.

Right to data portability
The right to data portability allows you to obtain your personal data from an organisation and reuse this for your own interests with other, similar organisations. It is intended to allow consumers to understand their usage of services and get the best deal.

The right to data portability is unlikely to apply to information held by Everton, however you will be informed when the right does apply.

11. Is there any automated processing of your information?
In order to provide you with a personalised experience, Everton will analyse your account information, including your:

  • Address
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Transaction history, such as ticket purchases

Everton do not profile against data that is defined as sensitive under GDPR, such as ethnicity, sexual orientation and health or disability, other than to identify fan groups for satisfaction surveys and consultations. We will then only contact you if we have permission to do so and completion of satisfaction surveys is entirely optional. There is no significant impact caused by this profiling or automated decision making.

You can ensure the information held by Everton is correct by updating your personal information in your account setting at any time. You can also opt-out of marketing activities which use profiling.

If you apply for a season ticket or other purchase which requires a direct debit and credit check, the credit check will involve an automated decision making by a credit agency appointed by Everton. Credit checks will only be undertaken with your consent when entering into a contract and you have the right to request an individual review of the outcome with the credit agency.

12. Further Enquires and Complaints?
General enquiries about how your information is used, or for further privacy notices, please contact the Data Protection Officer:

Data Protection Officer
Everton Football Club
Goodison Park
L4 4EL


The Information Commissioner’s Office is the UK's independent body set up to uphold information rights and regulate the General Data Protection Regulation.

If you have a complaint which has not been resolved to your satisfaction by Everton you are able to complain directly to the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Further information about their work and the legislation they cover is available from www.ico.org.uk or by contacting them on the helpdesk number 0303 123 1113.

13. Definition of Terms
In order to help you understand how your personal information is processed, we have developed a series of Privacy Notices.

The notices are currently in 2 tiers, based on the intended audience and level of detail.

  • Tier 1 - A single, detailed notice of information rights and Everton’s general data protection activities
  • Tier 2 - Activity specific notices with precise information on what personal data is and is not processed.

This document is the Tier 1 Notice. Please refer this to this for definition of terms and general uses of information.

Data Controller
The organisation which determines the processing of Personal Data.
The Data Controller is the legally responsible organisation.
Data Processor An organisation which the Data Controller appoints to provide a service on its behalf. The Data Processor must follow the legal instruction of the Controller.
Data Subject The individual who personal data is about.
The individual must be identifiable from the data.
Data Protection Officer The person appointed by the Data Controller as the single point of contact for data protection enquiries.
The Data Protection Officer acts independently and monitors compliance with data protection obligations
Data Processing

The activities which relate to Personal Data.
Data Processing includes:

  • Obtaining, recording or holding the information
  • Organisation, adaption or alteration
  • Retrieval, consultation or use
  • Disclosure by transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available
  • Alignment, combination, blocking, erasure or destruction of the information or data;
Information Commissioner’s Office The regulator of information rights in the United Kingdom. The ICO website is - https://ico.org.uk/
Personal Data  Data which relates to an individual and enables them to be identified



Rewards4Football is our fantastic rewards and loyalty programme which is free for all supporters to use. As an Everton fan you will be entitled to earn Rewards4Football points when you purchase your Season Tickets, match tickets, and membership. For more details, please click here.

New Members – following ticket purchases with us (online or over the phone), you will be given the opportunity to join the Rewards4Football programme, either via Rewards4Football ‘Claim My Points’ banners on your purchase confirmation page or email, or via a Rewards4Football ‘Claim My Points’ email that we will send you shortly after your purchase. Rewards4Football will allocate a set amount of points to your account upon joining the programme, when clicking through from these Claim My Points opportunities. Rewards4Football will not process or store your information where you have not given them permission to.

Existing Members – for Everton customers who are existing Rewards4Football members, following a ticket or membership purchase with us (online or by phone) the information relating to your transaction (including the products purchased, the total price paid and any Rewards4Football points redeemed as part of your transaction) will be processed by Rewards4Football for the purposes of applying points to, or removing points from, your Rewards4Football account.

How Rewards4Football will use your information:

To provide member benefits - if you are a customer who is a member of the Rewards4Football programme, we will share with Rewards4Football the information concerning your transactions with us. The information we share will be used by Rewards4Football to provide you with member benefits and to operate the Rewards4Football programme. For more information on how Rewards4Football will use your information please see its privacy notice, which can be viewed here. Where we share your information in this way, we are not responsible for Rewards4Football or how it uses your information as a member of the Rewards4Football programme.

For further details about the Rewards4Football programme and/or to view Rewards4Football’s full terms and conditions, please click here.

Should you wish to opt-out of the Rewards4Football programme, you may do so at any time by contacting Rewards4Football by email at hello@rewards4football.com.

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