In partnership with the Liverpool Inclusive Sports Project, ‘Active Me’ is a three-year initiative – commencing November 2013 – rolled out by Everton in the Community which aims to enable disabled people to participate in inclusive sport and physical activity opportunities.

The National Lottery funded programme - which is being supported financially by Liverpool Mutual Homes and Your Housing - is attempting to raise the statistic that only 22.6 per cent of people – around 3,200 – living in Liverpool with a limiting disability are involved in physical activity once a week.

The programme will target this sector of individuals to become interested in a sport that they can take part in for several years, including from athletics, dance, badminton and swimming.  

A group of ‘Activators’ will provide one-on-one support to disabled people who are interested in accessing sport, as well as building confidence and being on hand to give participants advice to achieve their sporting potential.