Launched in September 2019, Hanging Up Our Boots Together (HUOBT), is a programme that supports males and females aged 60+ who are retired or nearing retirement.

The Premier League funded programme directly engages with workplaces and individuals to help support them navigate this transition from employment into retirement by offering a comprehensive social interaction programme to keep them socially connected and positively engaged in community activities.

Research studies have shown that individuals who are socially isolated are at an increased risk of poor physical health and poor mental health with individuals who are socially isolated having a 30 per cent increased risk of heart disease.

Futhermore, social isolation can reduce mental wellbeing and increase the risk of suicide. Across Cheshire and Merseyside there are approximately 250 suicides each year with 24% carried out by individuals who are retired.

The physical and mental health consequences of social isolation are significant but by preventing social isolation from occurring in the first instance this intervention can prevent the associated health challenges and avoidable suicides.

Reducing social isolation is a priority for social care and public health, as reflected in shared indicators across both the Public Health Outcomes Framework and the Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework. Ultimately, social isolation increases the risk of mortality and can be as damaging to a person’s health as smoking tobacco.

The HUOBT programme aims to improve individuals overall quality of life and sense of wellbeing whilst preventing social isolation. The programme aims to do this by providing a comprehensive range of activities for participants to get involved with at Everton in the Community or with other support agencies from across the City. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in;

- Weekly physical activity sessions
- Social trips to places of cultural significance
- Volunteering opportunities
- Digital technology sessions
- Intergenerational social action projects
- Learning new skills
- Evidence-based reminiscent activities and brain stimulation workshops.

For more information on ‘Hanging Up Our Boots Together’ or how to get involved please contact Lee Johnson via email at or call 0151 319 4040.