In 2014 Everton in the Community announced a ground-breaking partnership with Chester Zoo which saw the two charities work closely together to develop the Zoo’s conservation campaign, Act for Wildlife.

Staff from the Club’s official charity were present at the Zoo where they sold ‘Balls to Extinction’ scratchcards to raise vital funds for Act for Wildlife, a conservation campaign led by Chester Zoo helping to save endangered species around the world from extinction and educating communities all over the globe in how to protect and restore their local habitats.

Monies raised from the sale of the exclusive scratchcards was directed towards Act for Wildlife’s  Gashaka Biodiversity Project in Nigeria which is fighting to save the Gashaka Gumti National Park and its wildlife from threats such as encroachment and poaching.

Working closely with Chester Zoo, Everton in the Community have hosted a series of football tournaments in Gashaka in 2015 with the aim of engaging key communities as well as developing and implementing various health and conservation initiatives to protect the local community.

The average life expectancy of those living in Gashaka is around 40 years old, infant mortality is high and education is low. The work carried out in Nigeria by Chester Zoo and Everton in the Community will help to provide development aid to these communities and in doing so reinforce conservation messages and engage communities further in the conservation

The Gashaka Project also provides employment and training for the local communities and works closely with the National Park Service assisting in contributing to the infrastructure, resources and skills required to effectively project this important area.