Supporters’ Club Committee Members

The Supporters’ Club Committees is one of the initiatives designed to help bring Supporters’ Clubs closer to Everton.

The evolving Supporters’ Club Committees now sees four groups covering specific geographical areas – UK, EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa),The Americas and Asia-Pacific.

Supporters’ Club leads from as close as Aintree Blues in north Liverpool and as far away as Perth, Australia, Cairo, Egypt and San Diego in the United States of America will come together on a quarterly basis with other fans, in their geographically-based groupings, to have structured dialogue with the Club on matters relevant to their members and their locality.

The purpose of Supporters’ Club Committees are:

1. The Committee will support the planning of Supporters’ Club events and matchday activities.

2. The Committee will work with the Club to review the affiliation processes for Supporters’ Clubs to ensure the network continues to grow.

3. The Committee will raise issues and concerns in the Supporters’ Club network to ensure their members’ views are heard

See below the list of Supporters’ Clubs representing a committee near you!

Asia Pacific

Chairperson: Tim Ohlson, Perth Toffees

Singapore Everton Supporters' Club

Everton Supporters' Club of Malaysia

Everton Supporters' Club Australia

China Official Supporters' Club

Everton Supporters' Club Perth

European, Middle East & Africa

Chairperson: Helge Grunnevaag, Everton Supporters’ Club Norway Branch

Everton Balkan

Everton Supporters' Club Norwegian Branch

Barcelona Toffees

The Irish Toffees

Greek Toffees

Everton Italia

Everton Malta

Israeli Toffees

Russian Toffees

Everton Fan's in Egypt

French Evertonians

Czech and Slovakia

Everton Supporters' Club Maurtitius

Ukrainian Toffees

Dubai Everton Supporters' Club

Everton Supporters' Club the Netherlands

The Americas

Chairperson: John Duchak, DC Toffees

Toronto Toffees

San Diego Toffees

NYC Evertonians

Dragons Blue 507

EFC Rhode Island

Gateway Toffees

Alabama Evertonians

Baltimore Toffees

New Jersey Toffees

Everton Delaware

DC Toffees

Vice City Evertonians

Carolina Toffees

Atlanta Evertonians

Chicago Evertonians

Everton FC Brasil


Chairperson: Phil O’Rourke, Taxi Club Blues

Denbigh Blues

Shropshire Blues

Everton Supporters' Club Jersey Branch

Mid Wales Everton Supporters' Club

Croston Blues

Everton Supporters' Club Isle of Man Branch

Westcountry Blues

Taxi Club Blues

Aintree Blues

Han's Tours

North East Branch of Everton Supporters

Everton Supporters' Club Midlands Area

Conwy County Everton Supporters' Club

Everton Supporters' Club East Midlands

Wrexham Branch

Toffees in London

South Manchester Blues

Mid Cheshire Supporters' Club

Barrow In Furness Supporters' Club

The Everton Ruleteros Society

Greasby Supporters' Club


Everton Supporters' Club Crewe and Nantwich Branch

Tri-Service Toffees


ESSCA (South Coast)

South Wales


East Anglian Toffees

County Road Bobblers

West Sussex