Supporters’ Club Committee Members

Everton's Supporters’ Club Committees ensure regular, structured dialogue with affiliated Supporters' Clubs in the UK and across the world.  

Created to bring Evertonians closer to the Club, there are now four committees covering designated geographical areas – the UK, EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), the Americas and Asia-Pacific.

This allows for the focus of each committee's engagement with the Club to be tailored to their locality and the specific needs of their members.

Meetings between the Club and each committee take place quarterly. 

The purpose of our Supporters’ Club Committees is:

  1. To support the planning of Supporters’ Club events and matchday activities.
  2. To work with the Club to review the affiliation processes for Supporters’ Clubs to ensure the network continues to grow.
  3. To raise issues and concerns from within the Supporters’ Club network so that members’ views are heard.

Every affiliated Everton Supporters' Club is allocated one place on the relevant committee each season. Attendance at meetings is voluntary for members and they can attend as frequently as they deem appropriate for their Supporters’ Club.

Asia Pacific
Chairperson: Tim Ohlson, Perth Toffees

European, Middle East & Africa
Chairperson: Helge Grunnevaag, Everton Supporters’ Club Norway Branch

The Americas
Chairperson: Tony Sampson – Chicago Evertonians

Chairperson: Ken Sweeney – Mid Cheshire Supporters’ Club