Shareholders' Association

The Everton Shareholders' Association was founded in 1938 under the auspices of Mr RE Searle who was later to become a director of the Club.

It is interesting to note that the original intention of the association was that it should act in the interests of the Club - it was to become a form of 'watchdog' over important matters concerning the Club and was responsible for supervision of transactions and sales of shares.

This description still carries weight today.

The association gets involved in Club affairs when it feels it necessary - the last major issue being the state of the Football Club under the auspices of its previous owner, Mr Peter Johnson.

The association acted in what it felt to be the best interests of the Club and helped towards the stable position of today.

Over the years, like Mr Searle, several members of the association went on to become Directors of Everton and the organisation maintains close ties with the Board and administration of the Football Club.

We have more than 200 members who represent the minor shareholders of Everton, who presently encompass 900 stockholders.

The association has an executive committee consisting of a chairman, vice-chairman, secretary and treasurer, together with a further 10 members.

The executive committee is elected annually at our annual general meeting in June.

This committee meets six to eight times per annum and holds open forums every quarter, which are open to all our members.

The Board of Everton Football Club has attended several of our August forum meetings and has allowed members to ask questions to seek information in a less formal atmosphere than the club's annual general meeting.

Any shareholders interested in joining our association please click on this link to enter the Shareholders' website.

The Club provides a range of online shareholder services through our Shareholder Portal.

Through the Portal you will be able to:

  • Access your shareholding - view your holding in the company and receive an indication valuation
  • Change your address
  • Register your email address to receive company information electronically
  • Download shareholder forms or access frequently asked questions