Safeguarding Children, Young People And Adults At Risk

Creating and maintaining a safer culture for children, young people and adults at risk.


Everton Football Club is committed to providing a positive, inclusive experience for all individuals who engage with the Everton Family.

We expect everybody who works with children, young people and adults at risk to share our commitment to safeguarding, demonstrating a ‘NIL SATIS’ approach in everything we do.

If you have a concern about your own safety or the safety or welfare of a child, young person or adult at risk who engages in Club activities, you can contact us at 

Alternatively, you can contact:

Catherine Wright
Director of Governance
07527 419923

Paul Cuthbert
Head of Safeguarding
07583 089728

Julie Lloyd
Safeguarding Manager, Everton in the Community
07583 025768

Gary Featherstone
Safeguarding and Player Care Manager, Women's Football and RTC
07929 374910

Hayley Yates
Academy Safeguarding Officer
07977 617815