Former Players' Foundation


The Everton Former Players' Foundation is a charitable organisation that raises funds through public awareness and special events.

For example, the Foundation holds periodic evenings with the players where fans can come and meet their heroes as well as other similar events.

We also offer auction items for sale which are a great way for fans to get their hands on Everton memorabilia and for the Foundation to raise precious funds for the club's former players.

EFPF also benefits from events held by Everton Football Club and supporters associations, e.g. the annual dinners.

The monies raised by the Foundation go towards the medical assistance and other requirements of former Everton players who did not have the luxury of today's inflated wages. Many players of the past still work today despite being due well-earned retirement.

Some players bear the physical scars of giving their all in the Royal Blue jersey, and the Foundation contributes where it can towards medical assistance that improves the lives of these heroes of days gone by.