Everton's Media Channels

Everton Football Club offers its supporters a broad and interactive range of communication, information and entertainment options across a portfolio of award-winning online and offline platforms.

We continue to embrace evolving digital media technologies to ensure our service is best of breed and market leading, while we remain resolutely proud of our official matchday programme.

The Club strives to deliver the ‘go to’ platforms for Everton supporters across the globe, providing the latest news, exclusive videos and an enhanced matchday experience that comes directly from USM Finch Farm or Goodison Park.

These platforms include:

The official website: www.evertonfc.com

Everton in the Community: www. evertoninthecommunity.org

The People’s Place website: www.peoplesplace.net

Evertontv: www.evertonfc.com/evertontv

The official matchday programme: www.evertonfc.com/matchday/programme

The official Everton YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/Everton

The official Everton mobile app (search 'Everton' in your IOS app store)

The official Everton iPad app (search 'Everton' in your app store)

The official Everton Twitter feed: www.Twitter.com/Everton

The official Everton Twitter feed for the USA and North America: www.Twitter.com/EvertonInUSA

The official Everton Twitter account in Spanish: www.twitter.com/EvertonESP

The official Everton Twitter account in Portuguese: www. twitter.com/Everton_PT

The official Everton Women Twitter feed: twitter.com/EvertonWomen

The official Everton Academy Twitter feed: www.Twitter.com/EvertonAcademy

The official Everton in the Community Twitter feed: www.Twitter.com/EitC

The customer services Twitter feed: www.Twitter.com/efc_fanservices

The hospitality Twitter feed: www.Twitter.com/EFCHospitality

The Neighbourhood Team Twitter feed: www.Twitter.com/efc_bluemile

The official Everton Facebook page: www.Facebook.com/Everton

The official Everton Women Facebook page: www.facebook.com/EvertonWomen

The official Everton In The Community Facebook page: www.Facebook.com/evertoninthecommunity

The official Everton Instagram feed: www.Instagram.com/everton

The official Everton Women Instagram feed: www.instagram.com/evertonwomen

The official Everton Instagram feed for the USA: www.Instagram.com/EvertonInUSA

The official Everton hospitality Instagram feed: www.instagram.com/everton_hospitality/

The official Everton TikTok feed: www.tiktok.com/@everton

The official Everton Weibo account: www.weibo.com/evertonfccn

The official Everton Douyin account: www.douyin.com/user/MS4wLjABAAAAAuR1xPlPA85NapdGG5656ISKguUZEoiM6z3tx3RUcgw

The official Everton LinkedIn company page: www.linkedin.com/company/everton-football-club

The official Everton Spotify channel: www.open.spotify.com/user/everton

The official Everton Soundcloud channel: www.soundcloud.com/officialeverton

The official Everton Giphy database: www.giphy.com/evertonfc

The official Everton Podcasts on iTunes (search for ‘The Official Everton Podcast)

The interactive evertonfc.com match centre 

Official Everton stadium screen displays for fan social posts

Across our digital media platforms, we aim to provide a trusted and all-encompassing service that offers the most up-to-date and reliable Everton content directly to the homes and devices of our supporters across the UK and beyond. What’s more, changes in technology and the way people interact with the Club mean it is now easier to listen to the mood and views of fans than ever before.

The official website, evertonfc.com, remains the Club’s most prominent communications and marketing tool. Attracting an average of more than 500,000 unique visitors each month, it is at the heart of our commitment to engage with supporters and make them feel closer to the Club and other Evertonians wherever they are in the world. But beyond the website, the official app delivers bespoke, native app functionality that makes it easier than ever to receive live news updates and engage directly with the Club.

An improved level of interaction on social media, in particular on Facebook and Twitter, has also proved key in improving the ease with which Evertonians can share their views with the Club on topics and issues that are important to them, in turn allowing the Club to enhance two-way dialogue with its supporters and respond more effectively. 

Everton’s official Twitter and Facebook pages, supplemented by additional social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, are updated throughout the day, seven days a week, broadening the reach of our output via evertonfc.com.

The evertontv and YouTube video services are delivered free of charge, offering supporters a wealth of exclusive content at their fingertips. Match highlights, player interviews, behind-the-scenes footage and live audio commentary are readily available for all fans. Beyond the free content, the Club also offers a wealth of premium video content for Official Members and Season Ticket Members. This includes exclusive extended interviews and access to exclusive live streams of selected Under-21, Under-18 and Women’s fixtures. The enhanced digital offering available to Members puts fans even closer to the action and provides an added layer of engaging and dynamic content that is available only to them.

The Everton matchday programme provides exclusive pre-match thoughts from the manager and Club captain, as well as exclusive interviews with former players and junior-friendly feature content. Our modern-day take on the popular collector’s souvenir has regularly been voted among the best in the Premier League. This publication is also available digitally, meaning supporters can pick them up any time via their mobile phone or tablet devices. Simply download the app in your IOS app store.