Staff Testimonials

Our staff represent a diverse range of people working across a wide array of different types of role. Here, we discover more about the varying positions which are part of Everton Football Club and Everton in the Community - and the people who work in them...

Joe Rowe – NCS Programme Manager, Everton in the Community
Each day is different at Everton and that mix is what makes working for Everton fantastic. My job can vary so much from day to day which means I have had some amazing experiences that have shaped the way I work today. I started as a volunteer at Everton and have worked my way up to manage my own area.

Katie West – People Service Administrator, Everton Football Club 
As a young person trying to start my career, Everton in the Community and Everton Football Club have given me the opportunity to develop and explore my career in ways I would have never imagined, starting as an apprentice to then becoming a full-time People Services Administrator within the HR People Department.  I feel fortunate to be part of the Everton Family.

Tom Kearney – Phase Lead U9-U11, Everton Academy 
I joined Everton as a player at eight years old and progressed through the Academy until I was 19. After fulfilling my playing career at lower league clubs, I returned to the Club in a part-time coaching position and have now progressed to a full-time coaching role at the age of 35.  Everton is my home, something I’m so proud to be part of.

Amanda Chatterton - Community Business Development Manager
It has been amazing from day one. Family is the most important thing to Everton, it has been my family from both working life and personal. People are friendly and supportive, and I have built some great relationships.

The fact that we are in The Sunday Times Top 100 companies to work for says it all. It really is a pleasure to come into work every day. 

Carena Duffy - Fundraising Manager, Everton in the Community
Everton really is an amazing place to work, I would advise anyone interested in coming to work here to go for it, you will never look back. I started here as a casual worker in 2004. However, throughout that period I displayed enthusiasm, passion and commitment which was no doubt recognised. We also have great opportunities for people who are wanting to get involved from voluntary aspect. The opportunities are endless. 

Sarah Atherton - Neighbourhood Manager, Everton in the Community
No two days at Everton are the same. My job is extremely rewarding and one that I feel extremely fortunate to have. Changing and saving lives within the Community and beyond is something that our organisation does 365 days of the year. My role provides me with endless opportunities that have shaped my role and career today.  I feel really lucky to be a part of the Everton Family.

Lara King - Safe Hands and Breathing Space Project Manager, 
Everton in the Community
You would never believe a role like mine existed at Everton but it does, and there are lots of opportunities within the family for people to explore.

Make sure you read into the Everton family and see all the different avenues that we work with, follow us on social media. The volunteering opportunities are amazing and a lot of workforce has come from volunteering.

You don’t have to play football or be sporty, there are a wider variety of areas you can get involved in the opportunities are endless.

Tanya Devine - PA to Head of Stadium Operations and Security, Everton Football Club
I would definitely say the opportunities I have been given at my time at Everton have helped me to develop and grow my confidence.

Feeling that my hard work is recognised and rewarded is brilliant, and has given me the confidence that made me believe you can achieve anything that you put your mind to.

Sue Gregory - Director of Youth Engagement, Employability and Sports Development, Everton in the Community
Every day is different! I have developed so much in understanding the business side of the Club as we have full support from other departments. When I speak and present to other clubs or businesses, I realise how great we are by their reactions to what we do as a “whole family approach”.