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The Decisions We Made

Robert Elstone, 14th April 2009 - 10:05

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Looking forward to Wembley

Reflecting on another great battle with Aston Villa, it seems unjust we have only one point to show for five goals and two great performances. In my view, our league game at Goodison, despite the defeat, kick-started our season. We haven’t looked back since and Sunday’s game highlighted the great team spirit and great football which will stand us in good stead for next Sunday, in particular.

Would we swap a league victory against Villa for our FA Cup win over them and ultimately our semi-final at Wembley? Despite the importance of Premier League points and the demands created by the Wembley trip, I think not.

I was chatting to Villa’s Chief Operating Officer at the game and he asked me what the semi-final meant to us. Of course it brings huge excitement and expectation, but, it undoubtedly adds an extra challenge, at an already very busy time, to a lean administrative team. Since the win over Boro, the Club, off the field, has done very little else apart from sell semi-final tickets, hospitality and make all the arrangements for the team and fans to travel to Wembley. It’s been a big job, an exciting job and it’s a game which will generate much-needed funds. It’s certainly a task we’re relishing repeating starting next Monday morning.

Allocating and selling tickets

Our ‘formula’ for allocating tickets has been widely publicised, debated, criticised and praised. In short, we’ve tried to ensure fans who come to Goodison, reasonably frequently, can buy semi-final tickets. The more you come, the earlier the better choice of seats. Under plenty of pressure, we’ve stuck to this and I commend our Fan Centre team who’ve felt the brunt of fans’ frustrations. 

We do empathise with the challenges you’ve faced even when you are entitled to buy a ticket. We were frustrated at ourselves when we’ve seen three-hour queues and we take no pleasure in knowing our phone system can’t cope when required to take a massive influx of inbound calls. We’ve not been able to sell online and, as a consequence, for most fans, it’s meant time off work and that can’t be right. We need to look at a better way to sell big games.

Managing queues

Given the restrictions of our phone system and the fact that that we were selling FA tickets (not ours), it was important we managed the queues for tickets as efficiently as we could. The starting point was an analysis of our Season Ticket holders’ purchase history from this season’s games to calculate how many additional games each had purchased.

Using this information, we were able to do two things; reward those buying additional tickets by giving them priority, and, manage the queues. On any given day we knew how many Season Ticket holders could purchase a ticket and when there were big numbers eligible, we were able to allocate extra day’s sale to further spread the queues.

Prior to the completion of the Season Ticket holders’ sales period, we did a similar analysis on match purchasers and worked out that there would be sufficient remaining tickets for any supporters who had purchased four or more any home games to apply for a ticket. After meeting demand from the group of fans with ‘four’, we knew that there was insufficient remaining to allow the ‘three home games’ group to queue on a first come first served basis. There would have been thousands of disappointed fans at Goodison, and we made the decision to operate a ballot for the over-subscribed, remaining tickets.

Sales channels

As noted above, we do have restrictions on how we can sell the FA’s tickets. 

Fans could call our 0871 663 1878 number to purchase directly over the phone by providing their customer number and payment details. Supporters could also come in person and purchase tickets from the Park End Box Office or apply in writing. Unfortunately, postal applications could not be guaranteed to be processed with the same priority due to any delays in inbound post and our resources being obligated to give priority to those who visited or phoned.

Could we have done better? Of course, we can always do better, but, we have a relatively small team of hard-working staff operating in cramped and restrictive facilities. Throughout the sales period we have utilised all of the facilities available to us and all staff are trained on our systems, procedures and customer service. Unfortunately, it is not practical to recruit additional resource, let alone accommodate them, and then to train them to the required standard in such short timescales.  

It’s a similar position on our phone system. The number of lines we operate is more than adequate for probably 350+ days per year and it makes no economic sense to retain a facility in-house to cope with days like those experienced in the past week or so. As you may know, we already use a third party call centre, Ticketzone, to assist on the rare occasion we need an ‘overflow’ service on home matches.

Unfortunately, to use them for the semi-final, would have meant us giving them a physical allocation of tickets, to sell on our behalf, using the exact same procedures and ‘rules’ as with tickets sold at Goodison. Splitting the allocation and ensuring tickets are allocated to the correct groups of fans presents challenges for us and potentially, confusion for our supporters.  By having all the tickets at Goodison we believe we offer a better service, and importantly, ensure tickets will be here when fans come to the stadium to purchase them.

eTicketing is of course a very effective sales channel and one which is growing in popularity on a game by game basis. However, the semi-final is effectively an away game and that presents problems for us. Our online ticketing system is set up for Goodison; it cannot manage away games. We received the tickets from the FA pre-printed, which means that supporters could not select seats as they do for games at Goodison on an online system. Ultimately, tickets would need to be processed manually and details recorded the same way as if the sale was made over the phone or face to face. In short, we believe we’d be less efficient and fans would have to wait even longer to get their tickets.

We did consider ‘postal applications only’ – i.e. no queues and no phones, but ‘let us know if you want to buy a ticket and we’ll process in due course’. This may have been less traumatic for fans anxious to get through to us or get to a window, however, such a method is less transparent and supporters undoubtedly lose the perceived ‘control’ over the process. 

It’s also the case that the benefit of success on the phone or at the window means you have the chance to purchase the ticket you want rather than take the ticket you get. All in all, we think the route we have gone down provides a better all round service to you, the supporter. However, having said that, it may be the way we allocate final tickets.

Season tickets

As I said earlier, the semi-final has meant many areas of the Club have quite understandably taken their eyes off the ‘day job’ for the past three weeks to focus on Wembley. Ticket sales for Wigan Athletic missed budget and our hospitality sales team has been unable to spend sufficient time on the remaining three home games, although fortunately, pre-sales for these fixtures have been strong. Of greatest concern is our Season Ticket campaign and the imminent closing of the Early Bird window. 

Sunday is a big day for us, not least as a further step towards a major trophy, but also, it will be the day we’ll get a very clear steer on our likely season ticket tally for 2009/10. So far sales have been strong and that’s very pleasing because Season Ticket revenue is critical to us. That's exactly why we’ve worked hard to ensure you, the fan, knows how much you mean to us as a Season Ticket holder. 

Alongside securing a great seat, to watch great football, in arguably the world’s greatest sporting competition, we’ve added some fantastic additional benefits and some cost-effective ways to pay. You don’t need me to remind you about all of these but all benefits are available to existing and new season ticket holders.


Of course, the best deal is available to a ‘Dad and lad’ or ‘parent and child’ – a combined price of less than £29 per game, and don’t pay for it for six months if you use your Everton credit card!

I hope you’ve got your ticket for Wembley. I hope we see you next year at Goodison.

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Paul DuffyWhen do we find out about this infamous ballot!

Wednesday 15th April 14:00 Report Comment

Of course, the best deal is available to a ‘Dad and lad’ or ‘parent and child’ – a combined price of less than £29 per game, and don’t pay for it for six months if you use your Everton credit card! WERE HAS THIS COMMENT COME FROM DAD AND LAD NEVER HEARD OF IT.

Wednesday 15th April 13:06 Report Comment

Andrew KellyAll the fans I know who are season ticket holders and who go to as many games, home & away, as possible, have a ticket. Those fans without 1 should have thought about it when we were playing Blackburn, Macclesfield, Wigan away, etc. and stayed at home. We got 31,000 tickets, the same as Utd. We have 22,000 season ticket holders - they have 70,000. Stop moaning, buy a season ticket so when we have more success under Moyes u can be a part of it.

Wednesday 15th April 12:11 Report Comment

kevin daviesjust spoken to the fan centre (11;45) , was told that they havnt finished allocating the remaining bolloted tickets , so , there is still a small hope ! ! ! ! !

Wednesday 15th April 11:45 Report Comment

Paul KearneyHave read the many comments with interest and it reminds me very much of similar situations in the past when we have made it to Wembley. The bottom line is that there will never be enough tickets to satisfy the demand and the only way at present to guarantee a ticket is to hold a season ticket. I understand that this is not an option for everyone but this has always been the case. The communication from the club could certainly be better and any misinformation is an opportunity to add to the moans but we are still learning about what it means to be successful again and you can guarantee that the more success we enjoy the more difficult it will be to allocate tickets 'fairly' in the future. Give Robert Elstone and his team a break I'm sur they are all doing their best in dificult circumstances. Finally it is a good idea to have a Big Screen at Goodison and a gesture by the club may go some way towards helping the deserving fans who have been unable to get a ticket for the match itself. COYB let's hope we take the opportunity for another Wembley date in May!!!

Wednesday 15th April 11:12 Report Comment

andy brownI don't live in liverpool but used to go to everton home and away. I have only been to one game this year due to family commitments and i did not qualify for a ticket which is fair enough but i agree how can the club suddenly find tickets to give away.Id love to go to this big game how do you get your hands on one the other 30,000 tickets and who has them?

Wednesday 15th April 10:49 Report Comment

kevin davies"peoples club " , what a laugh ! ! mis-informing and leading fans up the garden path , ticket fiascos on a regular basis , . where have the club found the tickets to give away in competitions , does this mean that people that have not even set foot in goodison have the chance to get there hands on tickets the same as loyal supporterts ! what a farce ! ! !

Wednesday 15th April 09:38 Report Comment

Michael Westonim afraid its all about corporate nowadays, keith prowse where selling tickets fo the match & hotel (man utd end though) you could buy them if you lived in south africa, club wembley where selling them if you paid an extra £50 each to join, when Luton get 40,000 tickets and we get under 32,000 what does that tell you COTB

Wednesday 15th April 09:28 Report Comment

gavin mckindleyi entered the ballot for a semi final ticket and got no response back at all no yes, no - nothing - that is just plain rude!!!!

Wednesday 15th April 07:11 Report Comment

Anthony Murphy we cant get tickets is there plans for a big screen

Wednesday 15th April 07:01 Report Comment

mark evendenWell Robert, it is now Wednesday. Everton published on its website on Monday 6th April at 1730 hours that those with 3 credits could purchase semi tickets. That posting disappeared a few hours later, no explanation, but an inviation to enter a ballot, fair enough, it said either a phone call Tuesday to take payment or an email with bad news by the end of the working day. So we sit by the phone all day, we make sure the mobile is charged - nothing! Not to get a ticket is tough, but it is what it is, however Robert your communication needs a tweek. Come on you blues, Sunday has to be our day. Good luck lads.

Wednesday 15th April 00:12 Report Comment

peter kearneyi went to four home games with my partner that is eight tickets bought this season did i get a ticket for wembley. was i contacted by e mail no will i go to any more games no.

Wednesday 15th April 00:03 Report Comment

Christine McGraeFor those of you who buy online... all you have to do is add whoever else you buy for in your friends/family. They buy all of the tickets at the same time. When you get to the checkout there will be a pull down menu on each ticket. Just make sure that you have each person listed on each ticket and this will make sure that they get the credit. It is very easy.

Tuesday 14th April 22:53 Report Comment

Tom RobertsIm split on this situation, Im from Liverpool but have lived all round the country and now live in Scotland so as you can imagine its nearly a 500 mile round trip every time I go to match, not to mention the cost of travel, tickets and hotels etc. But on the other hand people who pay the cost of a season ticket deserve to get 1st pick and then work the way down to other fans who go to away games etc but should have a Lottery for people in my situation and other people who have moved away from the Merseyside and North West area and cant always afford the cost of the whole weekend as 5 trips or so would equal to a season ticket! COYB

Tuesday 14th April 22:47 Report Comment

Martin KnowlesMost of the blame must lie with the FA, however their are still unanswered questions that must be addressed by EFC. Why such a small allocation to each team. Were did the 15,000+ tickets go to. It is not a final for Londoners. A fairer allocation would have eased the pressure on EFC. However, i was in the ballot. Was anyone successful, how many tickets were there left, why was the ballot still open after the closing day, was this to gain more marketing info, why the confusing messages on the last few days of sale. If EFC do get to the final i think obviously season ticket holders take priority but people who were in the ballot that were not successful should be given preference again. Still we pray and hope!!!

Tuesday 14th April 22:32 Report Comment

Mark RobertsI've just counted up the number of games and tickets bought this season, total of 24 tickets covering 11 matches, this adds up to 3 credits !! Granted there are probably a lot more deserving cases than my son and me but a bit more clarity on how the system would work when needed would of saved us a lot of heartache, obviously I can now see the error of my ways and will not make the mistakes again. The Peoples club ! Don't make me laugh.

Tuesday 14th April 22:25 Report Comment

james steersas i work away from liverpool i can t go 2 every match but i am with my 2 boys are members of the evertonia scheme which i was llead 2 believe we would get priority before tickets go on genral sale i have not once heard the mention of the evertonia scheme once so i wont be wasting my 40 pound next season thanks everton 4 nothing

Tuesday 14th April 22:19 Report Comment

margaret andertonmy two sons were deeply dissapointed when we never recieved any info back reguarding the final ballot we entered i think they should let people know where when they say they will cheshire

Tuesday 14th April 20:20 Report Comment

kevin daviesjon leat , dont stay overnight , with the savings from hotel costs , you could attend twice the games !!!!

Tuesday 14th April 19:57 Report Comment

Martin TurnerAt the begining of this season (and last season) people were made aware of the credits for attending matches to be assigned to customer numbers; so if people have bought extra tickets, or got friends to buy them, and not had them assigned to their customer number, then that is just unfortunate for the people for not taking any notice of the criteria laid down. What is annoying is being in the first 50 people on the first day of ticket sales and being informed that there are no £34 tickets behind the goal, even though the people in front have not purchased these tickets, because these tickets have miraculously been sold to touts/companies offering "package deals". The other is "fans" who are not season ticket holders, or who haven't been regular to watch the team, who happen to know somebody in the club, who then get them more tickets than they are allowed normally. I know of a players relative who gave 3 - yes 3 tickets to somebody I know, yet although I have an adult and a child season ticket, and have been able to purchase extra tickets for my family in all the previous rounds; when it comes to the glamour ties, I am only allowed to purchase 1 per season ticket. What Everton need to do is to state at the beginning of the season the criteria for tickets in the event of reaching finals/small ticket allocation rounds, etc and ensure no favours are passed out - at all. In the event of reaching the final I dread the allocation, as I believe there is a reduced allocation, due to final tickets going to all clubs in the leagues. I would make a guess on there being only about 24 - 26000 tickets being made available for the finals, which should ensure most season ticket holders having a ticket. I would like to congratulate Everton on the prices for season tickets for next season, as in the early bird window I have saved money compared to last season. COYB and make the final - i will be there on Sunday.

Tuesday 14th April 19:21 Report Comment

Anthony MurphyDue to not getting a ticket is there any plans to have the game shown on big screens at goodison park....

Tuesday 14th April 19:03 Report Comment

Noel HathornTicket allocation was always going to raise some questions as to what qualifies you as a loyal fan. I completely agree that season ticket holders should have priority over other fans, they are the people who inspire the players to (hopefully) victory week in, week out. I do however think that it would have been more generous of the club to open the final ballot up to all Evertonians, many (myself included) simply cannot get to Goodison on a regular basis, but it does not diminish our love for the club. Ballot is fair approach and being the peoples club I would hope that the people would have the opportunity to support the boys at Wembley.

Tuesday 14th April 18:54 Report Comment

ANTHONY CORNSDid you queue up for a ticket in the early hours for the FA Cup Final in 1995? I did. Did I get a ticket? NO. I learnt my lesson and have bought a season ticket every season since 1996. So as far as I am concerned, Everton are doing the right thing by rewarding supporters who go the most games first. Season ticket holders put their money up front before the current season has even finished. We do not pick and choose games depending on how we are playing or what the weather is like. Support the blues and buy yourself a season ticket for next season and hopefully you will have the chance to go Wembley more often then I have in the last 12 years... COYB Blue Army

Tuesday 14th April 18:44 Report Comment

Breda LumsdenMy Family are life long evertoians we live in ireland and we feel like they dont give us a second taught with regards flights or tickets we have had to change flights over the years because of matches been changed this is understandable to an extent. with regards to the semi tickets been issued we got 2 tickets on our season tickets but on our A Blue tickets we didn't even get an e-mail to say if we are successful or not my thinking is we are not there for myself and my daughter wont be going in order to let the boy's go...... well good luck to moyes and the boy's on Sunday

Tuesday 14th April 18:30 Report Comment

Michael Wynnei had the same problem as people before numerous tickets on one account number. no one says anything when buying 3 tickets at once happy to take your money each game. have to pick the games we go to because of work but go when we can. 3 into 1 wont go how do you tell a kid you can go to normal games but not to wembley. c.o.y.b.

Tuesday 14th April 18:06 Report Comment

John Bradyat least the club are putting there hands up and explaining that they did in fact make mistakes i know you have stated mr elstone that you didnt have enough staff to deal with the ques but i dont agree with this statment the season ticket holders got a full day for every credit they had which was 2 full weeks and there was hardly a que for the full 2 weeks surely this could have been shortened to one week and then you could have added the other week for supporters that had more stubs for home and away fixtures i myself have been to every home game inc cup games and friendlys and 4 away games but i had to take a day off work like everyone else who had been to just 4 games,in the end im happy i got my ticket but frustrated myself and countless others lost a full days pay for the privilege. i hope there is a better system in place for the final fingers crossed we get there!!!coyb

Tuesday 14th April 17:58 Report Comment

JON LEAT I am a lifelong evertoian living in Barry S.Wales tried to get a ticket for semi, but costs myself over £200 pounds when i travel up to see them staying in Liverpool overnight tickets x 2 petrol etc Can only attend three to four home games and have no chance of getting any chance of a ticket ,but when i attend Goodison there are a few seats not filled could there be any way that loyal supporters can have a glimpse of opportuninty of gaining a ticket wish Moyes boys all the luck in the world on Sunday whatever happens the club has done us proud coyb Jon

Tuesday 14th April 17:17 Report Comment

Colin CaplesCant please all the people all the time but done the best with what they have. Season ticket holders are priority and hopefully more will take up the opportunity for next season. There are better options for payment which was a previous moan. Stop the moaning and get behind the club.

Tuesday 14th April 17:17 Report Comment

shelly parkinsi also agree with nigel i buy for my husband on my number and i always write his number on the other ticket when buying online yet those tickets did not go on his purchase history so he wasnt even entitled even though he goes to every game i do

Tuesday 14th April 15:56 Report Comment

robert,edward murrayno matter what the club done people will always ave a go wen they carnt get tickets. season ticket holders have to be priority because they put money in to the club months in advance and should be looked after. Dad and lad ticket £29 thts y the £19 dosent exsist kev lol

Tuesday 14th April 15:10 Report Comment

Eugene Cahilli have been to goodison quite a lot this season, it costs a lot as i travel from cork in the republic of ireland, with flights, accomodation etc. i also am an evertonia member. we got no priority what so ever. we may not even get a ticket for wembley.

Tuesday 14th April 15:03 Report Comment

Sean MorrisseyCan I ask why Everton have not even thought about the many fans that travel all around the country to watch the blues?

Tuesday 14th April 14:31 Report Comment

Anna SpencerThe most important people were season ticket holders, and making sure they got theres (and just be grateful you got one be it £24 or £50 odd) and as far as im aware they did, after that its hard to say who should get them, fans attending most home games would be the next choice for me and i think it went that way? Theres a harsh Lesson for those who got tickets throughout the season but not under their name.... I got mine on the day i was eligible and over the phone (after 2 previous 20min and 10 min attempts) so im happy and they arrived 3 days later! happy days! IMO the telephone system could be done better, ie if the line is busy and you have to try again later, best to tell you at the beginning of the call rather than 10 mins in!! other than that i was happy, well done blues!! In terms of no choice in seat, the only none choice was block, but you got a choice of what price (whilst all priced tickets where available of course, once there not then obviously you wont get a choice!

Tuesday 14th April 14:31 Report Comment

nigel rickmanI agree totally with one of the previous comments, not everyone has access to a computer.There are 5 of us who go to the matches, one of them being my 13 year old son.Out of the 5 of us, two of them volunteered to get the tickets on behalf of all of us.We cant make it to all the games, but like the previous comment, we have only one ticket between us. Surely the club dont think that one person is buying all 5 tickets so he can sprawl out on 5 seats? To say my son is disappointed is an understatement. Again, what happenned to the allocation of 3 matches or more? And yet the still send two letters and cards telling us that our 'club needs us' Never seems to work out when we need the club does it?

Tuesday 14th April 13:55 Report Comment

Kevin WorthingtonI fully sympathise with the club over the clamour to get semi final tickets. I believe that the 'season ticket' and credit systems were 100% the correct way to go. I think fans should ease up on the criticism of the telephone system. I repeatedly rang for a period of 1hour and 15mins before getting through, and was on my way to joint the queue at Goodison when I finally did. But that is a small price to pay for supporting a club with such a fantastic and loyal following. The enthusiasm of EFC fans will mean that whatever system is in place, it will not be EASY, but is is worth the wait. I only hope that I can get a Final ticket as well!!!!! Do not change the system adopted, it works fine!

Tuesday 14th April 13:02 Report Comment

Lee RushtonIm in the same boat as Simon, im making a weekend of it and travel down to London on Friday so hope the ticket comes before then!!! I rang up on Thursday last week wondering where my ticket was as ive paid extra just to be told we can only send out 800 or so a day recorded as it takes time to write out the addresses. If it doesnt come by Thursday will be unsure what i can do apart from drive upto Everton and get it if a duplicate can be arranged!!!! If not im not going to be happy with the amount spent on train,hotel etc!!!!

Tuesday 14th April 12:59 Report Comment

Peter RyanWhy was attendance at Away games not taken into account, as I no longer live in Liverpool I travel away as often as I visit Goodison but I received no credit for these games.I have attended 15 games this season but only 3 at Goodison.

Tuesday 14th April 12:59 Report Comment

Lee RushtonI completely agree that season ticket holders get first chance of wembley tickets as its them in a way they keep the club going. When i saw that after season ticket holders it went straight to 3-4 home games i would be very gutted,as ive been to 10 games but cant get to many more than that for money and work.Thankfully i did get a ticket. I was on the phone from 8am - 11am then got cut off!! Then a further 2 hours later phone battery went dead (my fault but just didnt expect the wait i had),rang at 3pm and got through in 25 minutes thankfully. Surely there has to be a better way for allocating tickets. I understand that you have to train more staff just for that period, plus with the season ticket holders offer finishing. Just got to be a different way. Just glad that i got my ticket in the end just dreading my phone bill!!!

Tuesday 14th April 12:55 Report Comment

Simon GoodredThe question I asked of Everton and am yet to have a response on is why the phone systems can not have a 'you are queue position' facility. I was on for 2 hours the first day tickets went on general sale and had to hang up - not knowing if the call would have been answered within 10 minutes. I was not offered a choice of seat at all - just told I would get one (clearly the most important thing) I have also paid £5 for recorded delivery but have no ticket yet and do not know when it is going to come - I travel to London on Friday so hope it comes before then! Obviously phone and in person demand would have been great- but the giving of clear information does help assist all the fans desperate to get a ticket.

Tuesday 14th April 12:42 Report Comment

Ian Phillipswhat percentage of people who entered the ballot are receiving a ticket?

Tuesday 14th April 12:39 Report Comment

david thompsonI think the club have lost the plot over the semi tickets, this season thru sponsorship and hospitality I have spent over £15,000 with the club and still could not get a ticket!!!!!!!!

Tuesday 14th April 12:38 Report Comment

harry rowemy brotherinlaw and son who is ten and season ticket holders were told when they went for there tickets thyat there was only 24 ones left he was disgusted, but had to take them, and it does make y irrate when y talk to people who are going to wembley when they havent been inside goodison park all season, how do they get these tickets

Tuesday 14th April 12:28 Report Comment

kevin daviesthis last paragraph is just NOT TRUE , i have just spent the best part of half hour trying to get this mythical "dad and lad" deal at a combined price of less than £19 per game , i was told by a very freindly lady that it does not exist ! ! ! ! !

Tuesday 14th April 11:27 Report Comment

Jonathan SamuelI agree with the distribution to season ticket holders primarily, but it all started to go wrong after that, and I would appreciate it if the club would actually admit that it made a mistake at that point. Like many, my fellow match attending blues who cant make every game because of working shifts, take turns to piece in purchasing our groups tickets, so each of us has 3 or less games on our credits, even though we have actually purchased many more. We even treated ourselves to the corporate side of things, spending a lot more money, when we should have all just gone in the street end if we were aware that this is how it would work. Yes I know we don't get to wembley very often, and there was bound to be a massive supply/demand issue, but this system of match credits has to be looked into as there are 9 extremely good Evertonians, all who have had season tickets in the past and seen Everton victories at wembley back to 1966, going to either miss out on this one, or pay a tout well over the odds. Everton published on its website on Monday 6th April at 1730 hours that those with 3 credits could purchase semi tickets. That posting disappeared a few hours later, and no apology was ever issued. Sorry, but the club made a mistake here, and an acknowledgement from Mr Elstone, would at least make this particular Wembley bound ticketless blue feel a bit better.

Tuesday 14th April 10:40 Report Comment


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