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Graeme Sharp, 3rd October 2007 - 10:51

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Graeme Sharp

Graeme Sharp

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Blues legend Graeme Sharp is Everton's leading post-war goalscorer and won two league championships, an FA Cup and the Cup Winners' Cup.

He is now the Club's Fan Ambassador and chairs the Fans Forum.

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The Premier League was certainly the place to be over the weekend if you wanted to see goals.

Who would have thought that a Premier League fixture at Portsmouth would have produced 11 goals followed by Monday's thrilling encounter at White Hart Lane which produced another eight?

The debate goes on: "Is the Premier League the best league in the world?" and certainly those who advocate that it is, would have had a field day following the weekend fixtures.

Personally speaking I think it is a close call but I'm afraid I would still have to favour Spain's La Liga. Why?! Some of you may be asking. Well, in my humble opinion, I think the players in Spain are technically better and the pace of the game allows them to flourish.

I know there are those of you out there who love the "blood and guts" of the Premier League and I must admit I do at times, but technically I still think we are light years behind La Liga.

The Premiership was launched in 1992 with all the hype you would expect from a big media company, but for me the appeal is beginning to wane.

I, for one, used to watch every televised Premiership fixture but over the years the thought of Bolton v Middlesbrough on a Monday evening has reduced me to joining a gym, to pass the time. I think the fact that the "pay per view" option has now ceased, shows that the appeal of the Premier League is waning and the "fare" on offer is average to say the least.

I'm looking forward to next week's fixtures and a seat in front of the TV on Saturday and Sunday watching the best league in the world.


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paul mcinerneyAgree with you Sharpy - and with you Daniel. Premiership is surely the most exciting league in Europe - if not the world! As Graham says - 19 GOALS IN 2 GAMES!!! WOW! Certaintly class - class attacking for sure....... but, as Dan says, what about defending? What about tactics (intelligence!)- technics - which also aplys for defences? Yes - to match 'european/world' standards our game lacks a little patience, intelligence. This is way I think, like Sharpy, La Liga plays the best football!

Tuesday 16th October 15:10 Report Comment

Paul GreenI like the Prem; However I think it would be really interesting if they could bring in a rule where each team had to have at least 2-3 home grown local players in the starting 11. It brings back the tradition. Lucky for us that we have quite loyal players. Local & foreign. This is right, Isn't it?

Saturday 6th October 17:07 Report Comment

Michael CromptonAbsolute nonsense, the premier league is bar far the best league for two reasons. One, it has the majority of the best players in the world in it. Two, players have to be so fit and quick thinking which shows up these so called foreign superstars like shevchenko and is the reason why a lot of foreign players when they come here are not up to the task.

Wednesday 3rd October 15:19 Report Comment

Malcolm PaiceWe refer to our national team as the Three Lions, not the Three Dancers. When we go to a game we go to watch a skillful contest between teams with heart and determination. The European competitions are often a contest between lions and dancers. I love the flicks, turns and twists, but I would hate to be called the best league in the world if it meant seeing a player stop running because the ball is too far ahead of him. The real skill of our teams in European competitions lie in our ability to stop the dancers and roar to their goal.

Wednesday 3rd October 14:37 Report Comment

Robin HallI have to agree that La Liga may be the best league but when it comes to the most interesting league it has to be Premier League. Both La Liga and Serie A is infected with the "Hollywood syndrome". If a player feels any kind of contact they go down with the same flair as a hollywood star. Premier League is the only league where players actually try not to go down. (Except for players like Cristiano Ronaldo). So keep up the good work Premier League!!

Wednesday 3rd October 12:30 Report Comment

Daniel PeplowI've thought of the two leagues as being completely different in terms of style, pressure and glamour. I enjoy both, as they offer a great amount of excitement in their own individual way. La Liga is by far more technical, but I think the pace of our league and the direct approach many of the teams in the Premier League games offer, can throw up some fantastic atmospheres and thrilling entertainment. Unfortunately the nature of our game in England, I believe, is having an adverse effect on the national side. International football is played at a more 'continental' pace, which we struggle to adapt to and inevitably fail to produce a trophy on the big stage. If the Premier league where played at a slower pace, we may eventually see a growth in technical ability. I for one, cannot see this happening in my lifetime.

Wednesday 3rd October 12:29 Report Comment

Justin BryantI think the Premier League Is still very exciting and would love to think that Everton could win the UEFA Cup.

Wednesday 3rd October 11:46 Report Comment


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