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Packed To The Rafters

Robert Elstone, 23rd October 2008 - 10:24

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It’s Wednesday evening before our second biggest home fixture of the season and we’ve still got good tickets on sale.

In the three seasons I’ve been here, that’s something I’ve not experienced. And that’s telling me yes, our start’s not been the best; yes, the ‘credit crunch’ is biting, and, maybe our sales and marketing effort is not what it should be? I’d like your views.

Only two weeks ago, I was saying almost the first line we ‘ink’ into our budget every season is 3,000 travelling Geordies. In the end, there were just over 1,400. Near to being the second line we ‘ink in’ would be a full house for United. That’s now in doubt. And that hits our budgets badly.

Ticket income is by far and away the biggest revenue stream we control. It represents over 50% of our total income after broadcast revenues. 1,000 missing fans over 19 games hits us hard; hits us to the tune of £0.5m. That’s money we’d be able to invest in the first team or Finch Farm. In very simple terms, that’s why we dedicate so much time to developing activities and initiatives that will fill the stadium.

  • We’re well advanced on changing the culture of the Box Office. Turning it on its head and making it proactive and sales-focused rather than just taking bookings. Hopefully, some of you will have ‘had a call’ offering match tickets. I know also some fans react badly to the Club calling but our view is we need all fans to support and we shouldn’t be shy to ask.
  • Linked to this we’re investing in technology that will allow us to make those calls on a more informed basis – e.g. to fans who came the week before, and using an up-to-date mobile phone number. Not rocket science, I know, but something not well-practiced, to date, at Everton or I suggest across football.
  • We’re looking at how and where we sell tickets. Box Office opening hours are longer than they were; more and more fans are buying from the web; and, recently, we’ve launched a text-to-buy service. We’re also looking at remote kiosks and other ways to make it easier to buy.
  • We want to ‘put back’ too and we’re making tickets accessible in the local community – rewarding well-performing children, supporting needy community groups and offering junior clubs and schools the chance to fund raise by purchasing Everton tickets.

Can we do more? Should we be offering low price trials to fans that’ve never been or haven’t been for a while? Should we be offering bigger blocks of perhaps heavily discounted tickets into schools? I’d like your ideas.

It’s not a straightforward decision. Clearly, we have to maximise revenue. ‘Nineteen shopping days a year’ is a bit of a cliché but has some truth. In the face of ever-wealthier competition, we have to get the most from every seat at Goodison, every time we open the gates and once the game’s gone, that revenue has gone for ever. Advisers have suggested all sorts of ways to maximise seat yields - selling tickets on the same basis as Easyjet sell plane seats - buy early at £20, later at £25, later still at £30 and on matchday at £35. Some have said reverse this on the basis that securing a fiver at ten to three is better than nothing. Even if we had the systems to make this work, I’m not sure this is how our fans would like to buy?

There’s no evidence that discounting does work, although one of the problems is it’s very hard to prove or measure. And it’s also worth remembering that our tickets remain amongst the cheapest in the Premier League. When we’ve reduced prices for the Carling Cup, it’s hard to know if it’s worked; hard to compare on a like-for-like basis one fixture with another; hard to know whether 30,000 paying £10 would have been 20,000 paying £20. We absolutely need to get a better understanding of price sensitivity.

The toughest thing for me is the impact it will have on our most loyal fans, our season ticket holders. Fans who’ve committed their loyalty and their cash up front, who’ve scrimped and saved to find £500 for a seat they’ve had for years, or, Mums and Dads who’ve worked hard to find the £190 to take their child in the Family Enclosure. How do they feel about hefty discounts? How do they feel about a classmate coming home with a free ticket? We don’t really know the answer fully enough and we’d welcome feedback.

Repeating myself, I do know that one of the most important things we can do as a Club is fill Goodison Park every week, not least for the simple reason that 1,000 more fans per game can add £500,000 into the business. For me it’s our ‘barometer of success’. After checking results on a Sunday morning, the next thing I look at is gates. Clubs doing well fill their stadia. Clubs doing really well fill their stadia when they’re not winning.

Last year, we filled Goodison – every last seat (including the bad ones) – six or seven times. Our challenge is to make that nine or ten, then fourteen or fifteen, then every game. That’s the challenge for our Box Office, Marketing and Communications teams.

And we welcome your feedback, your views on discounting, your views on how easy it is to buy a ticket, your views on us getting the message out that tickets are available, your views, as a season ticket holder about the Club offering deals to non-season ticket holders.

If you have a view on anything raised in this week's blog then please leave a comment using the form below, rather than emailing the Club directly. The Club will be reading all comments made and will respond where possible in this forum in due course.

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tony williamsWe have tens of thousands of fans every one differs in their views and opinions we can’t all be right and in the same breath we cant all be wrong imagine asking every fan to decide on the colour of a room (no blue) the room would be visual chaos. Take a look at other blogs all differ in some way. Are strengths are in our fans in our fans we have the butcher the baker the candlestick maker a full on variety of skills, abilities professions and companies. Currently costs are high work is scare who fixes are seats who maintains are lighting who services are alarms who supplies are goods who TAKES are money who gives it back??? Cost is everyone’s concern the clubs and fans “I can’t go the match I can’t afford the ticket” (the fans) “we need to get more spending”(The club) both have a common bond what if lets just say we all work together WANT and NEED !! Let’s say I can give you what you want because you have something that I need. We all are familiar with co-ops and I don’t just mean the shop I own a company and before I can tender for work I have to complete a pre-quality questionnaire. EFC tenders should have a similar system only a major question should be “ARE YOU A FAN” sometimes this is not always going to be viable but on the whole its got to be a major benefit this way the club is more aware if giving out money its more likely to come back. I constantly come across the saying The Peoples Club what a way to prove it

Saturday 25th October 19:11 Report Comment

Martin GreenBe honest with the fans,dont come out on national television building up the hopes of fans for it to come to nothing,release or spend some money before the last week of the window,forget kirkby,and start looking for some serious investment,its clearly out there.youve had my money since the end of last season for my season ticket now theres mention of reducing prices for fans that stay away,thats pathetic,do i get some money back then?we will fill the stadium if were are succesful,and we cant be with the current owenership at the club,nor can we with the jjb deal and the complete lack of club marketing around the city especially,we want answers as fans,what happened to wyness?weres the mcfadden/ johnson money?why didnt we spend big money in the summer?why did we onlt sign players the last week of the window?why did it take moyes months to sign?were is the investment?why are you puching for kirkby so much,it so short sighted its unbelievable?give us answers and give moyes the money hes needs at the right times and help us build on his 6 years in charge,otherwise were going to end up were we were in the early 90`s

Saturday 25th October 02:09 Report Comment

bobby rooneySimple cut the costs, the fans will come back or if you dont do that, splash the cash and buy great new players and the fans will come back Give loyal fans discount or free travel to aways, i know people who havent missed a game in 8 years, they have recieved nothign of everton apart from £90 off there next season ticket cause they took their seataway! Fans who sign up for autocup scheme, give them 10-20% off the ticket, the credit ctrunch is effecting everyone, even you, so please make a difference.

Friday 24th October 20:38 Report Comment

Franny DysonTry Charging Local Scouse people less to go the match .Working class families from Liverpool simply cant afford to go all the time. If your willing to travel 250 miles to watch a HOME game you can obviously afford it .We are supposed to be the "Peoples"club after all so start acting like it show loyalty to local fans

Friday 24th October 19:19 Report Comment

martin barwiseweve been here before jus av faith n get behind da team n we can beat united

Friday 24th October 12:50 Report Comment

seamus murphyPhil Davies - Who are you to tell people to stop moaning about the performance? This is what we are being asked to pay to watch so why should we not expess our opinions? You certainly have expressed yours enough.

Friday 24th October 11:03 Report Comment

seamus murphyIts quite simply the quality of football for me. I travelled from Ireland for 12 home games last season and was planning to do the same this season but after watching 2 of our opening 3 homes games this season i just simply cant justify the expense to watch the same players hoof the ball up to Yak. Seriously, how difficult is it to play on the deck? If the hoofball was working there may be some justification for it but its not - it really pains me to say it but we have become one of the most appalling teams to watch in the prem. We also look like we have no organization and no confidence. As soon as the opposition score we always looked rattled. Can our manager not rally the troops anymore? Also need a lot more presence in Liverpool City centre. This jjb partnership is a joke. My local JJB store has a huge array of LFC merchandise and not even an everton jersey - how has this been allowed to happen?

Friday 24th October 11:01 Report Comment

Phil DaviesFollowing my earlier commets and now having read all the comments on here i have some points,1. Stop moaning about our performance we have been here before and no doubt will be again but thats what sets us Everton fans apart we still keep coming back and dont change allegiance. 2. Staying at Goodison will shortly cost more to maintain than than the club make and the impact will be reduced transfer budgets fewer quality players = worse perfomances. 3. It seems the consensus of opinion is the cost of tcikets and food which i totally agree with. As a family of four my daughters are always wanting to go but unfortunately it cost nearly £100 a game and in these time the majority of people can ill afford that. £60 for a family of four with free drink for the kids sounds more reasonable to me. Programmes - i stopped buying these as it is a choice of cup of tea or programme. Those who moan about the kirby project need to understand goodison is getting older and costing more to maintain if it was a car costing more to run than its worth you trade it in - simple. I also agree with some comments about away tickets, i know arsenal have and chelsea have an away supporters club where they get preferrential ticket allocation for games outside the capital and in particular a geographical area. My cousing supports chelsea and he always gets tickets for games against man utd , wigan bolton us liverpool as a member of the away supporters club he paid a nominal fee to join. what about everton saying after the purhcase of three tickets you get 5% discount on the next three and then 10% on the follwoing three. After 6 games you are emntitled to a free child ticket or 50 discount on two adult tickets regardless of the opposition. The club and Mr Elstone are asking for our views in this blog, so lets be constructive not just critical.

Friday 24th October 08:48 Report Comment

Phil DaviesIm sick of people moaning about how bad we are playing and saying im not coming any more. Do you Support the Blues or Not, through thick n thin. I live 70 miles away and usually only miss 4/5 homes games a season, unfortuntely i cannot stump up a season ticket but that does not deter me. People moan about moving grounds but they need to look at the big picture in terms of investment, more players of a better quality. With the economy the way it is gimmciks and offers are only a one off, the cost to attend then parking and then a tea/coffee and something to eat make it very difficult for the average person take into account the petrol. for father and son or daughter such as me its well over £85 per game. I admit when results are poor its a long journey home but i still do it!! I would like to see a family season ticket is two adults and children at reduced rate or even 1 adult and child reduced to try and get more families in. I visited the States this year for the first time ever, four of us went to a baseball game, over 2 hours of entertainment, four tickets, car park and drinks, popcorn and food and the whole thing cost $58 thats approx £31! the same as an adult ticket. We want to encourage the families and children back that where we should be looking, the kids are the future supporters !!! lets get them on the straight and narrow before they start supporting the top 4 !!! Id be more than willing to help everton in my spare time to attract more people into Goodison for the love of the Club...

Friday 24th October 08:23 Report Comment

frank devineif you think that this is bad it will be far worse if we go to kirkby and play bad i for one will not renew my season ticket if we go ther even if we play good keioc

Friday 24th October 02:12 Report Comment

ALAN BACONthe only realistic ways / iniatives /activities likely to produce a regular sell out onmatch days, is without question, a successful team performance. Many fans have already hit it on the head, what may be percieved as late and desperate transfer activity, being dumped out of especially the uefa cup (ok...we got dealt a bad hand!)....unispired performances in the league to early league cup exit.............the cureent world economic crisis.............there are obviously many factors...............none of which are easily resolved..............the idea voiced of discounted tickets for friends of season ticket holders, is one that maybe looked at more closely...........presently I live in Spain, the example of

Friday 24th October 01:08 Report Comment

Gary WrightEverton fc do not exist in town, we need two shops. not a JJB our own shop right next to them. and one in Liverpool 1. that we sell tickets from ... also advertisements everywhere, radio, TV, schools, newspapers, wall to wall everton all over our city. obstructed views should be minimal price. tickets at buy one pay half for another etc. if the club is prevalent everywhere people will go.

Friday 24th October 00:00 Report Comment

Graham RileyWhat is really "not rocket science" is better football sells tickets, you could fire your entire Marketing and Communications team if we played decent football. I am the marketing manager for a billion dollar company in Texas and can promise you that sales gimmicks mean nothing if your product is poor. You should also offer free flights for all fans in Texas.

Thursday 23rd October 23:24 Report Comment

JOHN ROBERTSMaybe if you the board had put your money upfront and built on last season success you wouldnt be asking why tickets are on still on sale!! We the fans were asked to put our money upfront with still 3 homes to go last season!!?? Fans have no trust in the board plus asking for an extra £4 on a ticket hows that encourage people!!!???? out of touch!!!

Thursday 23rd October 22:47 Report Comment

Rebecca MartinLee Spencer makes a good point. There are many Everton fans spread across the country who would like to get to games. I live 230 miles from Goodison but have a season ticket - something only made possible by the excellent Westcountry Blues Regional Supporters Club getting to and from games. Perhaps one measure Everton could take is to help promote the existing regional supporters clubs and find ways to encourage more regional clubs or car sharing networks to help with the practicalities and costs of getting to matches for far flung supporters. I am not sure i would be too impressed by the club offering large discounts on tickets as this would seem unfair to those that loyally stump up in advance each season but guess i could stomach it if it was only a couple of times a season on the less desirable games!

Thursday 23rd October 21:18 Report Comment

frank mileyI now find it too expensive to watch live prem football at goodison, i now have sky its cheaper and i can watch us live or on football first every week. yes i could stretch my budget to attend goodison each home game, but im not paying good money anymore to watch the team play as they are and get beat.Results determines attendances.we need a new owner with billions or we will struggle to make the top 8 every season from now on .

Thursday 23rd October 21:18 Report Comment

Mark HamillThe dominance of the top four and the disparity in clubs finances is killing the premier league as a contest.

Thursday 23rd October 21:09 Report Comment

lee cooperThe trouble i had getting my brothers season ticket was a disgrace this year. I was an existing season ticket holder and he was not. I could pay for mine early but i could only pay for his three months later. I was not happy that the club would not guarantee him a seat next to me or even a seat at all! I expressed to the club i was not happy paying for a seat that i had not seen (i sat in the upper gwladys last season around season ticket holders likely to renew).I was on the phone trying to give the club the best part of a grand and they would not take it! Is this a business? .What was this waiting list?! Can we not fit everyone in Mr Elstone? Should the club not be over joyed that another young blue was ready to pledge allegiance! It should be a the fundamental strategic aim of the people running the club,do they not know this? My dad took me ,i took my brother ,i will take my kids he will take his and on and on and on. Have the club forgot this? IF YOU KNOW YOUR HISTORY eh? It is not the fans who have forgot

Thursday 23rd October 20:10 Report Comment

michael CarneyI would say the early kick off has had an effect on sales as a lot of match goers will be working half-day. The main reason in my opinion is the false dawns and denials,speculation about players arriving and not,being linked to players who we fell for several years ago but doesnt work now. The performances on the pitch dictate the attendances along with second rate signings while our major opposition to the top six have spent heavily. Everton are being left behind because theres no investment so why should people invest in something that consistently doesnt deliver. As for discounts,I have had 2 season tickets in the Lower Bullens for several years and if you were to offer discounts to sell tickets then I wold expect the same treatment extended to us or I think the season ticket sales will dip sharply

Thursday 23rd October 20:02 Report Comment

Andy Spencetell you what,if you want to make more money on matchdays,heres a suggestion. STOP RIPPING US OFF ON THE PRICES OF A PINT!!! i refuse to pay £3.60 for a pint of warm beer when i can go to the top house and get a nice,chilled pint of draught lager for £2.20 the food prices are disgusting as well.i would gladly stay in the ground and pay everton for a few drinks an a bite to eat for me and my lad but i simply cant afford must get chang at a very reasonable price off our sponsers,so why charge the appaling price you do?.same goes for soft drinks and food prices too

Thursday 23rd October 19:48 Report Comment

lee spenceri understand that a lot of people cant afford going to the matches, but what about the supporters that live to far like myself, everton fc, should make a contract with virgin trains or however for making it cheaper to get to the games, as a lot of people have commitments and cant afford to pay the extorniate prices for travelling by public transport, also what about allocating more tickets for the away fans, the ones that dont have the stubbs for away matches, there is loads of us EVERTON FANS all around the country that sit in the home teams, instead of sitting with there beloved EVERTON FC, so doing that more revenue will go to the club aswell,

Thursday 23rd October 19:37 Report Comment

as aseason ticket holder with my 2 lads in the family enclosure,I have 9 kids all blues all that want to go to the games I have to buy another 2 tickets per game for 2 of my other kids I dont get no discount and it costs me an arm and a leg but Its our life so we do it even though its getting harder and harder id love to take them all but cant I just wish there was a better way considerig all the empty seats at home games better to fill the ground on cheaper tickets

Thursday 23rd October 19:29 Report Comment

Gerard Beattiehow about an away season ticket for all london games? many evertonians live in the capital and it does not make sense to buy a season ticket but if a package was put together that guaranteed a ticket for all london games i.e. chelsea, arsenal, fulham, west ham, tottenham then i am sure many would be interested and perhaps pay a premium for the convenience?

Thursday 23rd October 19:26 Report Comment


Thursday 23rd October 18:25 Report Comment

steve hurleyyou want more fans go back to all standing and keep goodison park COYB

Thursday 23rd October 18:19 Report Comment

craig gillhami dont agree with people who say the prices are too high, for us to compete with the top we need the income when we dont have an Abramovich or who ever. i think charging full price for restricted views is totally wrong. also a possibility season tickets where you can pay by direct debit??? discount for members of the Forces and students also. the fact that the mood in the stands is sour is also wrong if we get Goodison bouncing even through hard times to lift the team and also raise the spirt in the ground more people will go because it will be a good day out! The main thing is marketing its all wrong using the odd radio advertisement or a small piece in the echo is wrong you look around the city and all you can see is the red side they have massive boards in the city centre beaming down to everyone. get everton in the minds of the people and they will come end of. EFC is not in the mind of the neutral/tourist because like it or not these tourists buy a lot of merchandise!!!! shirt supplier: adidas/nike are massive brands much bigger global market than umbro we need a good supplier who gives us different home shirts every season rather than a pice of yellow added or removed on the neck!!!! and also deliver the kits on time. i spend my money at Goodison as much as most fans but i am getting fed up of listening to people moan constantly and slag the team off we are supposed to be supporters of our glorious team through good times and bad lets get behind them and not jeer them!!!! COYB

Thursday 23rd October 18:11 Report Comment

Andy GreenEverton should have outlets for match tickets in nearby city and town centres. The shop Everton in Chester city centre, which is now an LFC shop, was a wasted opportunity. It would have been so easy to sell match tickets from there and would have also offered the club a different catchment area to what they have now. Also, if it is difficult filling Goodison now, imagine how difficult (impossible) it will be fill Kirkby. I am a season ticket holder, and along with many other season ticket holders, I have kept my seat for years as I like where I sit and know the people around me. There would be no incentive for me to buy a season ticket at Kirkby as there would be plenty of seats available every week, and as it would be a modern stadium, there would be no bad seats.

Thursday 23rd October 18:11 Report Comment

Colin FitzpatrickWithout doubt, external and internal forces have unkindly combined and conspired against Everton this season; the credit crunch, inadequate pre-season activity in the transfer market leading to a poor start to the season, unacceptable individual player performances, the early elimination from two cup competitions and the uncertainty of the future direction of the club, both financially and geographically, are just some of the contributory factors to the malaise and apathy currently being exhibited by Evertonians at Goodison and perhaps more importantly those Evertonians not at Goodison. The problem faced by Everton’s commercial department must be urgently addressed for the benefit of the club and the solution should have ownership amongst all the interested parties, the club, the players and the fans. Easier said than done, the answer would appear to be a conundrum wrapped in a riddle. Fans are constantly reminded that Everton Football Club is just like any other business, but it isn’t; what restaurant serves second-rate food and expects diners to return week after week? What business produces substandard goods and expects to sell them to their customers? Just like every other football club Everton do; the product on display so far this season has been unacceptable so why should fans return and hand over their hard earned cash? Yet Everton need the money, they need the support; they need to create an atmosphere within the stadium that people enjoy, which encourages our team and strikes fear into the opposition. Basically they need to offer their customers the best product at the best price. Simply discounting all ticket prices may not be the answer. In recent years Everton’s marketing department has exploited a phrase uttered by David Moyes on his arrival at Goodison – The People’s Club. Whether off the cuff or contrived there would appear to be some historic and objective credence to support this contention. For most of its 130-year history the club has been the city’s team of choice, they have pioneered community involvement and they’ve championed the need to provide care for their former players, the club’s increasingly unique shareholder profile embraces fans that wish to own a small piece of their club and, over a century ago, its philanthropic principles even fed thousands of starving jobless local people in times of crisis. In working class cities football clubs are more than a business; they’re a social amenity, to many they’re a distraction to life’s problems; they’re a source of local pride. With this “People’s Club” ethic in mind, and mindful of the fact that there is a clear correlation between cost and capacity, would it not be possible to offer inducements to get the fans through the turnstiles when they’re needed to encourage the team? Could the ticketing price policy reflect the team’s performance? If following a defeat at home could, or indeed would, the following individual or combined benefits encourage fans through the turnstiles at the next home game? Season ticket holders being able to purchase heavily discounted (50%) additional tickets for the next game for registered friends and family. (could be registered online against the season ticket holder) Season ticket holders given a free or discounted matchday programme. Reduced price adult and child ticket prices for Evertonia members and general sale. All ticket purchasers entered into a 100, 500 or 1,000 tickets at £10 draw (could use obstructed view) Season ticket holders being automatically entered into a draw for lounge tickets and merchandise Of course if the team aren’t defeated there would be no need to implement the inducements, the prospect of watching a winning team is a big enough inducement for most people who actually attend matches. The only additional suggestion is to implement a policy for Season ticket holders to obtain one or two additional tickets at £10 for one game per season irrespective of how the team are performing in a bid to get non-matchgoing Evertonians through the turnstiles. Regards Colin Fitzpatrick

Thursday 23rd October 17:45 Report Comment

eric mcnamara30 quid is far too much for a gwladys lower ticket for starters. I was in Germany and got chatting to frankfurt fans on a train, they couldnt believe the prices for tickets at an Everton game. Our football is not good either, poor yakubu is getting isolated we missed out big time on that little mouthino lad. We all love the blues but times are a though...

Thursday 23rd October 17:41 Report Comment

Chris BirkettFirst off ALL obstructed views should be a fiver. Disgrace asking for more to look at a post. Plus the alienated fans on low incomes, students pensioners etc would get a chance to go at a reasonable cost. Would put 4000 on the gate. Secondly you MUST get kids involved with free tickets for lower gate games eg fulham, wigan, sky games. It is going thegame that gets them hooked not watching on the box. Throw in a free flag/scarf/hat even unsold kit from previous season and you gain supporters. Better than gates of 30000 and below which is going t happen this season

Thursday 23rd October 17:27 Report Comment

Eamonn ByrneAs more kids are in full time education doing A Levels and at University I would like to see the club ammend its current pricing policy so that there is a proper concession rate for every match for students. I end up forking out full fare, that has reduced the number of games we go to now and we missed the cup games. At the moment all there is a season ticket concession rate.

Thursday 23rd October 16:45 Report Comment

David Irelandi think all this rubbish about performance have cheaper tickets liverpool is the poorest city in britain were do most everton fans come from liverpool working class areas of liverpool £17 pounds for an adult for big games £14 for smaller games £5 for small games £7 for big the stadium will be packed £30 pounds for gwaldys street lower is too expensive

Thursday 23rd October 16:23 Report Comment

Miles MorganTo get more people in, the team should be positive and attack minded. Time and time again we just hoof the ball towards the strikers to chase, even though we are one of the smallest teams (stature wise) in the league! We also need to believe we can win games. I saw us play Arsenal and after they equalised we just gave up. I think we should play 4-4-2 against everyone we play, as 4-5-1 just invites teams to have a go, and with our defensive problems, that aint good. However beatin the mancs would certainly get us back on track on and off the pitch! COYBB!!

Thursday 23rd October 16:03 Report Comment

sharon waiteThe marketing is all wrong, we are missing out on so much. Things are improving but we still have a way to go, unrealistic pricing for the hospitality, compared to other premier league clubs we are over priced and offer little in the way of value. £110 for a tent in the car park. Maybe also offer away match packages a meal at goodison before you travel. The box office is getting better but there is room for improvement.

Thursday 23rd October 15:58 Report Comment

Maria ClarkeI Enjoy coming to watch Everton. Couldnt afford a full season ticket, but am planning on buying a half one at xmas. The only thing stopping me coming each week at the moment is money. Yes the team are playing poor - and it is very dishearting as we know they can do better. But theyre still my blue boys and i support them all the way!!! I really think our whole marketing needs a shake up, but i understand it isnt as simple as that. Our supporters are a select few, special chosen ones in my mind, and with that comes not a lot of demand on merchandise! I really do not know what the answer is? Maybe another good season, to show that we are a team that can be up there with the best, gain a bit of recognition from our doubters. As for ticket sales, i really do believe the credit crunch has effected people more so than our bad start to the season. Our supporters have been there through worse times than this. Some special deals on tickets would be great. Maybe start a student discount on adult ticket prices. Or discounts on family of 4 on a match day. GOOD LUCK TO OUR BLUE BOYS! COYB!!!

Thursday 23rd October 15:51 Report Comment

john okeefeforget about kirkby not interested in moving away followed everton 44 years watch itnow on tv and pubs wont pay a penny till kirkbys scrapped !!!

Thursday 23rd October 15:50 Report Comment

David HughesA few things spring to mind, firstly lets bring more schoolkids to the game, going the match was always about being with your mates and thats gone, yes it may cost us in the shortterm but these kids will come back and pay money into the club, what are the clubs age demographics? I look round and dont see as many kids! Secondly dont mistake marketing for sales and lets plan our marketing more in advance. Thirdly lets make our box office a proper sales team, when I go there they have little or no understanding on where the seats are and more than often point out to the fans the location, perhaps a better plan of where the seats are with more description on location with the team being trained in positive sales messages. Finally, If we want goodison full ( as most proper fans do) decide on what revenue strategy we are going to take and stick with it, the high to low strategy for me does not work and the travel industry strategy of low to high does. This should satisfy the fans with season tickets and also ensure that the cherry picked games you have some opportunity to grow sales. On another note why are we not selling tickets until the end of season with them only sent out 14 days prior? Finally, as said previously keep the fans informed as we are the lifeblood of the club! COYB

Thursday 23rd October 15:48 Report Comment

John PhillipsOh and may I also add our style of football is a disgrace (Hoofball).

Thursday 23rd October 15:06 Report Comment

Martin StewartIf you are really looking at ways to make ticket selling arrangements easier for the fans, why not sell tickets for forthcoming games INSIDE the ground instead of us having to queue up before or after the current game to get hold of them ? We all have time to kill before the match kicks off, so why not encourage us to get in early to go and buy tickets for upcoming matches instead of having to wait outside in the elements and then running around to the turnstyle at the last minute to get in.

Thursday 23rd October 14:56 Report Comment

scott burkepromotin gamblin?

Thursday 23rd October 14:48 Report Comment

scott burkeif its not lack of tranfers, its moveing to a little town outside the city. if its not ticket sales, its the fans not getting behind the team. most everton fans were on a downer before the season started with whats been happening behind the seens, thers nothing to play for this season so ticket sales are more likely to go further down than up.

Thursday 23rd October 14:32 Report Comment

Maybe people would rather spend £34 on Pro Evo or FIFA so they can at least see everton try to win a game and actually pass the ball about instead of hoofing it up from the back.

Thursday 23rd October 13:57 Report Comment

Lindsey McGrathI think something as simple as improved internal communication will improve things, ie, I was unable to alter my details via phone as the person who deals with that was not available! When I attended Goodison was sent to another dept than originally told! Doesn,t inspire confidence in the club re bigger issues. I also think the retailors do not promote our range at all. I,ve voiced my opinions when trying to buy the kit, it,s generally in the back of the store obscured by countless other kits etc! I think on match day regular competitions could be offered, ie scratch cards, lucky dips, guest fans for posh functions, kits, stadium experiences, get fans to pit their knowledge in quizz nights in local clubs etc. Moneys tight so reductions per say won,t just fix it. A whole array of activities to bring Everton in the public eye more often through whatever medium could help.

Thursday 23rd October 13:51 Report Comment

Richard Evanskicking off at 3pm would be a start

Thursday 23rd October 13:47 Report Comment

James WatsonForget about Kirkby

Thursday 23rd October 13:47 Report Comment

Peter CorcoranSee how empty the ground will be if we end up in Kirkby. We used to be a great and loyally supported club but now fans are full of apathy because of how contemptibly the fans have been treated by EFC in not moving quickly in the transfer market in the close season.

Thursday 23rd October 13:46 Report Comment

Dean MasseyI think we have been lied to once too many times. Alot of blues i know are staying away while EFC continue to try to move us to Kirkby. Kirkby is not good enough for Everton Football Club, we deserve better than to be put in Kirkby in the Tesco car park. Nil Satis Nisi Optimum - does our moto mean anything to our current board?

Thursday 23rd October 13:16 Report Comment

Glyn Jelleyfor a start, obstructed views should be a good £5 to £10 cheaper than the rest. who in their right mind would pay 1 or 2 pound less to sit behind a post? Also we finished last season in 5th, far and away the 5th best side in the league, and 4th best up until feb. This was a big summer for the club to push us forward, a season ahead to look forward to. Now we have a club that has moved backwards, is considering selling its soul and location for a poxy 3rd rate stadium you would associate with wigan or bolton, and basically drained all our excitement and hope for the season in the space of a month. Its not a good feeling being an evertonian at the moment.

Thursday 23rd October 13:14 Report Comment

Colin HughesYou have to attract more local fans as if you look at the kits the kids wear in liverpool its nearly always LFC and the are not going to convert to us once the have been long term reds. We need to offer much cheaper kids prices than Liverpool as we can,t compete with them on the pitch.maybe give a free Everton shirt if they collect a certain amount of home match stubbs.

Thursday 23rd October 13:09 Report Comment

I would suggest it is because the majority of the fans feel we were let down immensely in the summer by the club. We all felt it was a perfect opportunity to at least stamp our authority as a good top6 club. But the club failed in the transfer market, for what reason we do not know, and probably never will. But as a club you cannot keep letting the fans down and then asking why we do not keep packing out Goodson. The answer is there, because you let us all down. (I am a season ticket holder and do give my money in advance, but even I am starting to wonder why I do this when I do not get anything back)

Thursday 23rd October 13:04 Report Comment

Lee RushtonIve been made redundant and jobs are very hard to come by.Ive now had to accept a £7 an hour job so its even harder for me to afford to attend games especially coming from Stoke.Over the last 6 years ive been attending more home games each year,last year i went to 4 away games.So i wanted to keep that going and attend more this season but ive only been to 2 home games and just cant afford it.Its not helping that our form has gone down the pan, from our great 6th position last year.I know our club doesnt have mega money behind it, but weve done well over the past few years.There has to be a limit on wages players can earn but its way too late now!!!Man City arent helping matters offering £200k a week to a player.Its not going to be long before there are ONLY 2 divisions with alot of smaller teams being that much in debt!!!I think offering tickets way in advance at cheaper rate is good way of increasing attendance, as its been said its not fair on season ticket holders then.Just cant win.Unless Season ticket holders get a free home/away shirt is an idea.

Thursday 23rd October 12:50 Report Comment

Simon ConnorI have an Honours Degree in Business and Marketing and work for a yanky firm in Southern California - Everton are not organised when it comes to marketing which is very bad for the club - one minute I can`t buy a ticket the next minute the club are phoning me offering a ticket - I just won`t pay towards the mega-rich players wages anymore - the players that need `confidence` - it is pretty sick really. Some people live on minimum wage and you charge them about a days worth of work to watch money grabbing babies perform badly - you can`t seriously be asking why all tickets are not sold for home games - dropping the price by 20% will not work either - you need free tickets via a competition on a weekly basis for Goodison to be loud again - build on things from there and stop buying players that are injured and paying them loads just to go to the gym. Portsmouth and West Ham are starting to do the right thing. Sad times - Everton should be more than just a business that finances players that are foreign to these shores and know nothing about the club - madness. Look what Joe Royal achieved with no money at Everton.

Thursday 23rd October 12:49 Report Comment

Mark GordonLike all evertonians I understand our limitations at the moment, I am pleased we signed fellaini cos he looks like a good player but £15mil for a 20year old seemed like a panic buy. Evertonians now realise that if they spend £50-£100 on a match day they will be watching a team desperate for at least 3 more top class players who capitulate under pressure because they are upset the club failed to deliver more new faces in the summer. If we had 4 more points in the league, goodison would be full. I know the club is looking at every way of increasing revenues through ticket sales and i`m sorry to be fickle but if the team are performing then more fans will turn up, at the moment were not and thats why we cant sell tickets. We have to support the manager during the transfer window and get faces in early, big names to send out a message - this we have not done

Thursday 23rd October 12:45 Report Comment

Paul DolanMr Elstone, Just to add to my earlier comments, if you really want to learn what the issues are you should select a cross section of your supporters and talk to them. Kind regards Paul

Thursday 23rd October 12:43 Report Comment

Robert Buckley"Danny K – Thursday 23rd Oct 2008 – 10:51 Use unofficial websites as outlets! being one example - the odd competition pair of tickets an example as a reward for the website if they help spread the word on ticket availability etc" That is because you RUN that site Danny.....if you havent got anything to offer other than to line your own pockets for free then dont bother commenting. Cheers. As for the question in hand i agree with all that has been said above. Poor football, expensive tickets and the club hell bent on pushing Kirkby through against the fans wishes. Start listening to what the fans want and they will return. Ex season ticket holder.

Thursday 23rd October 12:41 Report Comment

mark collingwoodperhaps the people who are staying away are still "watching this space" we fans like mr moyes have been let down yet again by the board and our chairman. we deserve better,we have showed our backing through years of srtuggle, an now we get to a stage where we are ready to challenge the top four,they fail to back the manager once again. davey will pull us through this sticky patch although the lack of transfer activity will probably see us fail to reach a top 6 finish this season,hopefully im wrong. C.O.Y.B.

Thursday 23rd October 12:33 Report Comment

Brian FarrellStrange for a club desperate to sell tickets to refuse me purchasing more than one for the Boro game this morning!?!

Thursday 23rd October 12:25 Report Comment

Kieran MillerWe need to be more constructive than just team performance. We are a loyal group but I concede that a team that is playing good football will attract better audiences. A point you should consider based on current form before you do anything rash with ticket prices/incentives. I would like to point out that not all Evertonians live in Liverpool. I live in London due to work. Consider the following... Ticket Price £30, Train £40 min, Food £10 min, Drink etc... by the end of its an expensive day. The point I am making is reductions could be across the board... Are there schemes for buses from London like other clubs do... I know there is a supporters bus for the reds that goes from Charlton... Could Everton not put on a similar service. In affect away travel arrangements for home games. Do more to help the fan to the ground... On pricing, other clubs have price bands, we have something similar but not to same affect. Other clubs also do packages for games e.g. buy one full price ticket get the next one halve price... i suspect you would get a full ground quickly with that option. I suspect very few people would only buy tickets for 1 game if they earn the half price for second game. You could do this strategically. e.g. You have the option available for those buying Manu tickets when Fulham is the next game at home... Getting kids to the ground is great but be careful… don’t give them away for free as then everyone else feels hard done by. Plus why should Everton fans only in Liverpool get the privilege? I think bring your kids for a fiver would be better. If season ticket holders lose out... ensure they get a rebate...

Thursday 23rd October 12:21 Report Comment

Steven GriffithWhy move to a 50,000 seater stadium when we cant even sell 36,00 home tickets against the league champions?

Thursday 23rd October 12:14 Report Comment

Lorraine Caserang my sales contact as im a lounge member twice this week still awaiting a return call, tried to buy 4 tickets for the United game online I had to wait for General Sale it would only let me buy 1!! match ticket our for friends that are coming up in the area. I also want to add to my Fulham tickets but again I have put 2 calls into the club so why should I bother putting in a 3 rd call??

Thursday 23rd October 12:10 Report Comment

Stewart LoweI think the answer can be drawn from a myriad of reasons but i think the most likely reason is that in previous years, fans have had a realistic chance of seeing us break into that top four. Then came along our inability to sign players. Couple this with the fact that Aston Villa and Man City are spending big and will continue to do so. I personally am not very keen on watching a team that can now only aim for 7th or 6th at best.

Thursday 23rd October 12:09 Report Comment

david nessI think you would get more fans through the turnstiles if , like everyone expected, we had built on last season. Its the same every time we try to push on the fans are let down and disappointed. The club should have brought in more quality in the summer and in doing so the match day revenue would increase!!!!!

Thursday 23rd October 11:57 Report Comment

Chris Priceif we cant fill out 40,000 seats at the moment, then im not quite sure i follow the "we need to move to a 55,000 seater or the club will die" argument

Thursday 23rd October 11:45 Report Comment

Niall McGuinnessSimple: When the manager and players make an effort then the fans will make an effort.

Thursday 23rd October 11:40 Report Comment

John BennettIf people are thinking twice what to do with their hard earned money, at the moment going to watch the Blues is not high on the list. That is because the football is not very good. Give the fans better football, when they come to Goodison and you will get bigger gates. From Season Tiket holder.

Thursday 23rd October 11:38 Report Comment

leslie olsonMaybe its just that people have got wise to the false promises.You know, the ones that said how we were going to kick on from the 5th place finish and strengthen the squad with some big name players to challenge the top 4? Maybe fans are fed up with 2nd rate freee transfers and 30 odd year old journeymen signing on transfer deadline day while other clubs are buying top class new players.Or maybe its that the football we play is boring and negative, such as one up front chasing long useless balls from the back.Maybe its that people are looking at their hard earned cash and realising its time that we stopped filling the pockets of these already mega rich under achievers.You ask people who earn 6 or 7 pounds an hour to pay 30 something pound to watch mediocre football from people who get (not earn), more in a week then they earn in 2 or 3 years.Hardly rocket science why tickets arent selling is it?

Thursday 23rd October 11:14 Report Comment

tony macthe reason you cant sell tickets is simple- why should any self-respecting evertonian waste money watching a team who cant keep a clean sheet, cant win at home, and cant play anything apart from aimless long balls that amount to nothing except losong possesion.....i was planning on goin every home game this season, but £34 to watch man utd steam-roll over us just isnt worth it anymore, as soon as we conceed a goal, (like e did at arsenal) our heads drop and its not if we get beat, but its how many we get beat by....thats why no-one wants to watch everton, theres nothing worth watching for at the moment, prove there is and i will gladly contribute to our annual revenue

Thursday 23rd October 11:00 Report Comment

Danny KUse unofficial websites as outlets! being one example - the odd competition pair of tickets an example as a reward for the website if they help spread the word on ticket availability etc

Thursday 23rd October 10:51 Report Comment


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