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Our Objectives

Robert Elstone, 27th January 2009 - 17:47

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Robert Elstone

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My Appointment, Our Objectives

I’m delighted that the Chairman and the Board of Directors have put their faith in me and I'm proud to represent the Everton at the highest level and to help shape our great Club’s future. 

No one could fail to be aware of the significance of the past and the role our history plays in setting expectations for the future. It’s a big responsibility but one that doesn’t daunt me or our team. David said after Sunday’s game that there’s a style and dignity about Everton Football Club and that’s true.  I’ve been here three and a half years and I know there’s an Everton Way to do things – that’s a way which embraces quality, pride and integrity.  I have a team who believes that too, a team who really believes nil satis nisi optimum.

At a time when the reputation of certain clubs is taking a battering; at a time when the Game’s critics are sharpening their knives, our Club’s status continues to grow. There’s the greatest respect for our achievements on the field and my job is to earn similar respect off the field. In short, I guess, we can claim success when the world of football rates our efforts away from the field as highly as it rates David’s on-field efforts.

Much of that on-field reputation is centred on team spirit and resilience but I suspect this probably ‘wears a bit thin’ with our players. We have some great footballers, players with real talent, but talent that seems to me to be sometimes overlooked.  We’re fortunate that our players underpin this talent with spirit and pride – not always the case when we look around the Premier League. Again, I’m keen we replicate the same blend – those attributes and that commitment, off the field.

We have a simple outlook – to make Evertonians proud to be blue; to grow the Everton family; and, to develop the loyalty of our fans. If we are successful, then we have a great platform from which to enhance our ability to challenge at the top of the most demanding league in the world.

Supporters’ Club Visits

How do we do this? There are many ways to achieve this reputation and these objectives including listening and responding to your feedback, rolling our sleeves up and being active in our community, rewarding our loyal fans, learning from others doing it better, and above all, by not standing still and making a real commitment to progress. 
As far as rolling our sleeves up goes, only last week we began a series of supporters’ club visits in Southport. The visits are about getting closer to our fans and listening to views about the Club and how we do things.  They’re also about exploring how Supporters’ Clubs can help us with our task of growing the Evertonian family.    Over the course of 2009, our intention is to visit a number of our Supporters’ Clubs and if you’d like a visit, contact Darren Griffiths at

Growing our Club

Of course, everything we do is about generating money to invest in the playing squad. All our focus is on providing the resources to ensure the Manager, the first team, the Academy can maximise Premier League points and Cup success. And, as I’ve said on many occasions, the key is to fill Goodison every week.  I was reviewing some financial information last week and for the five years to 2006/07, Newcastle United generated almost £450m of income – in very simple terms, this represents their spending power – Newcastle’s ability to invest in transfers and pay players.  Over the same period, Everton generated £260m. For every £1 we earn, Newcastle earns over £1.70 and would they change places with us? Of course they would. The credit for that has to go to the Chairman, the Board, the Manager and our players. 

How do we catch up?  As has been discussed widely before, the stadium is, of course, a key factor and what the new stadium will do is make up some of that gap.  If then, at the same time we retain the stability and good management, on and off the field, our Club will continue to prosper. A negative decision on Kirkby will make that task harder.  However, if that’s the decision, it’s not a task we’re afraid of and it’s one, in true Everton style, we’ll embrace.
FA Cup

A subject that will provide much debate over the next week and a half is FA Cup replay tickets – probably the most sought after tickets in football.  Information on how to get them is here but please book them early and if you can, buy online – it’s secure and easy.  Our Fan Centre is an area we’ve invested heavily in over the past two years and we’re proud of the team and confident in our systems and procedures but please be patient with us.  Selling 40,000 tickets in 10 days is a big challenge but one I know they’re up to.

Transfer Window

By the time that game comes around, the transfer window will have closed, hopefully following some inward transfer activity.

Clearly David’s squad is depleted and results over the past eight weeks have won praise from all quarters of the game.  Nice as these plaudits are, the Manager, the Chairman and the Board are acutely aware that we need to strengthen the squad and David’s team has been scouring the domestic and international leagues in an attempt to find players who can improve the team and help secure again, European football for the Blues.

Unfortunately, it isn’t easy.  As with almost all Premier League club’s, funds are limited and, in addition available talent is scarce. It’s probably stating the obvious, but it’s very difficult to persuade a club to release a player who can make a difference at the top of the toughest league in the world – that is, make a significant contribution for the Blues.   But we will work tirelessly ahead of next Monday’s deadline, and remain optimistic and hopeful by the time of my next update that I can be discussing our latest arrival at the Club. 

Latest Blogs by Robert Elstone

leslie olsonSurprise surprise, we now read today that there will be no new signings before the window closes.More false promises from Everton.Just make a tape of Moyes saying that we need new players but if we dont get them he will be happy with what we have at the club, because thats what we hear every summer and every January.We were never going to sign anybody because the hierarchy at the club have no ambition to move the club need to realise that finishing in the top six is NOT an achievement.We need strikers to even maintain that position this season but as usual we have to struggle on wth what we have.......same old Everton.

Thursday 29th January 09:31 Report Comment

Matthew Keenani heard the lescott rumour at the end of last season from a very reliable source. as good as from the man himself, though it wasnt him that said it. is this happening?

Wednesday 28th January 17:07 Report Comment

steve hurleyall i can say is if we loose joleon lescot i for one will not trust a word that come out of mr Elstone mouth !!!!

Wednesday 28th January 16:39 Report Comment

leslie olsonStrong rumours circulating about the impending departure of Joleon Lescott, so can you quash these rumours Mr Elstone?If he is sold it will go against everything you said about the clubs future.

Wednesday 28th January 15:45 Report Comment

Dean MasseyOur future seems bleak as were about to sell one of our best players for 12 million pound, word is hes being forced out and he doesnt want to go as well, one Joleon Lescott. Things are bleak, very bleak, this will turn out to be one of Evertons worst years if Kirkby goes ahead as well. We need you Lescott, dont let those money grabbing mercenaries force you out. KEIOC.

Wednesday 28th January 15:04 Report Comment

Gavin HarrisI think it’s very important we start concentrating on making money off the field. Excluding Kirby what are the club doing to make extra cash? I know Liverpool has a couple of stores in the city, which is obviously making them money and increasing the marketing of the club to new fans, but we seem to be lagging behind on this terribly. We have just one store in the city and this is miles away from the main shopping area. There is also no marketing in the city centre so Liverpool is winning that battle quite easy. Another idea could be a hotel in the city, run by the club and decorated as such, that offers quick transport to the ground and back again. I am sure you guys could spare some cash for that idea and make a package from it. Thinking outside the box is required if Everton are to catch the ‘sky’ four up off the field as well as on it.

Tuesday 27th January 22:54 Report Comment

graeme o flahertygreat work mr elstone. everton f.c. is heading in right direction.keep up the good work.

Tuesday 27th January 19:32 Report Comment


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