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New Year, New Music

Leighton Baines, 6th January 2011 - 12:05

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Leighton Baines

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Welcome to my music blog!

I will be posting regular pieces on my biggest passion outside of football. But where I go with my entries is entirely up to you. There is one rule though - all football talk is banned! I would love to hear any recommendations people may have in terms of bands to listen to or tracks you like. I will give feedback on the recommendations – and will be offering my own insights into what I’m listening to every week and what I like. I’ll keep it light-hearted – and I hope it is something you enjoy.


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First of all I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and say thank you to everyone who posted replies to my first blog! I was really chuffed with the response - and thanks for all the recommendations.

I checked out various bits from the posts - some of the suggestions that I wasn’t aware of, and even a lot of the stuff I had heard of before, inspired me to go back and have another listen!

It had been a while since I’ve heard The Strokes’ 'This Is It' album and that got a little rebirth! Also, Kasabian got a few listens too and that somehow led me back to The Pretty Things’ 'SF Sorrow' - and before I knew it it had spiraled into all sorts!

It makes you appreciate how much good music there is out there and I’m grateful to the people who make it for us. I must say I was a little surprised that nobody gave Bowie a mention! I picked up his ‘Station to Station’ reissue and went back through a few of his other albums and got a new appreciation for some of his work.

Not sure how many of you are aware of a band called Stornoway - they have been knocking around for a little while now and our physiotherapist Dom put me onto them - they would probably fall into an indie/folk category and could be worth checking out. Click here for a listen.

Also, someone mentioned The Wedding Present in a reply to the last blog and our assistant manager Steve Round had been telling me about them too - so I may pick up one of their records with my HMV Gift card!

A few people mentioned Aloe Blacc. I don’t know too much about his music but after a listen I suppose the obvious comparison would be John Legend. If he’s an artist you’re normally in to then this guy is worth checking out.

There was also a mention for a band called Dogs. I checked out their Myspace and thought they were pretty good. I think they are unsigned at the moment – you can listen to them here.

There were plenty of good mentions from you guys last time around. Please keep posting anything that you think I might enjoy so I can check them out. Even if I don’t like it much, somebody else might (one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure!) and there’s nothing better than coming across new music that you can get into - so share!

I randomly picked up an album by Mando Diao called ‘Give Me Fire’ the other day, I have given it a couple of listens and it seems alright so far.

I also came across Betty Davis’ self titled album. I picked that up just before Christmas and am glad I did. If you are into Funk/Soul/R'n'B then this would be a good purchase!

I grabbed a record by Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan after reading that they were the modern day Nancy & Lee (Sinatra & Hazlewood), but although it had some good moments it didn’t quite measure up for me!

The Vaccines have been give quite a bit of hype and their album is released this month so it will be interesting to hear that one.

Obviously it's pretty hard to escape end of year lists over the festive period and as much as I enjoy settling down and scrawling through lots of them I am starting to get excited about what’s coming up this year!

More than anything I am probably looking forward to a new record from the Arctic Monkeys. They changed direction a little with the last one and some fans were a little disappointed but I loved it! It will be interesting to see what they produce this time around and I couldn’t imagine being disappointed by anything they do!

It’s been a few years since The Strokes put out their last album – ‘First Impressions Of Earth’ - but their fourth album is due in a few months and that’s another one to look out for.

Paul Weller recently said that Noel Gallagher had been helping him out on his new material by playing drums! Although he also stated that Noel’s contribution may not make the final cut of the album its good to hear that there’s new stuff in the pipeline from Weller – ‘Wake Up The Nation’ was one of my favorite records of 2010.

I’m hoping to hear new material from Kasabian this year too. They have revealed that some of the songs are already written and work is underway. After ‘West Ryder’ they have big boots to fill!

I was a big fan of 'The Seldom Seen Kid' by Elbow and their new album 'Build A Rocket Boys' is due for release soon and they are playing Liverpool’s Echo Arena in March. Their new single 'lippy kids' can be viewed online here.

Beady Eye’s record is due out at the end of February. I’m intrigued to see what they come with. I enjoyed the first single and their latest one 'Four Letter Word' is growing on me after a couple of listens. Check it out and let me know what you think?

R.E.M. are due to release their 15th album in March too! With all that and more to come I am hoping we are going to get some great music this year.

What else are you guys looking forward to?

There were a couple of gigs towards the end of the year in town that I couldn’t get to and I was gutted. First on was Weller at The Echo Arena and of course Paul McCartney played the o2 Academy on the back of the Band On The Run re-release.

Weller did a couple of John Lennon covers too. Did anyone get to either of those gigs?

Did anyone get any good CDs for Christmas they’d like to recommend – or warn people against?

What was your favourite track/album of 2010? Amongst my favourites for 2010 were probably…

Tame Impala - Innerspeaker
The Black Angels - Phosphene Dream
Paul Weller - Wake Up The Nation
Neil Young - Love And War

Although I have probably enjoyed listening to some older stuff as much if not more!

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Matthew GarnerLeighton, Enjoy some new music here. Terrific work from Baines.

Thursday 20th January 15:04 Report Comment

Matthew Dixsome good stuff there, especially the wedding present. 'flying saucer' is their best song. its top played on the jukebox in my pub. one new band i've been obsessed with is a band called Yuck. their album is out some time mid february, and its looking to be a real classic. check out a song called 'rubber' on youtube (which mogwai did a remix of). along with that, the arcade fire are terrific, and still relatively new to the global scene.

Thursday 20th January 13:12 Report Comment

David AtkinsonLeighton you've picked some fine stuff. On the back of your mention of Stornaway could I recommend the Decemberists. The Hazards of Love album is stand out, and their latest release features the guitarist from REM who you also mention.

Wednesday 19th January 13:25 Report Comment

J THi Leighton, you should check out the following albums if you can: Why? - Alopecia Sleater Kinney - The Hot Rock Q and not U - No Kill No Beep Beep Forest Swords - Dagger Paths Venetian Snares - Rossz csillag alatt született Not all new, but all excellent.

Thursday 13th January 19:06 Report Comment

Leighton BondMy namesake should indeed give Meantime a listen. If their manager is offering you a free CD then take it! The band sound like The Doors with a female vocalist. The guitarist is of the Clapton/Hendrix/Van Halen moulds but is also very original. Try the album Union Street. You can buy it in the shops or download it.

Thursday 13th January 12:09 Report Comment

Stephen JonesI agree with Simon Connor - Meantime are an excellent new band - the album Union Street is best I`ve heard for a long time.

Thursday 13th January 11:33 Report Comment

Ian GroobyIf you're looking to buy a wedding present album, i'd recommend the album 'George Best'.

Tuesday 11th January 16:58 Report Comment

Dom DunningGlasvegas!

Tuesday 11th January 14:32 Report Comment

Simon ConnorYou should listen to `Union Street` by `Meantime` - the album is right up your alley! Guitar based rock from the Isle of Wight - 60s/70s feel - female vocalist - I manage them - the album is out this week - I`ll send you a copy to Goodison if you like.

Tuesday 11th January 14:01 Report Comment

Ian GroobyGreat recommendations Leighton, glad to hear you like Bowie and Dylan. Have you heard Dylans Nashville Skyline album? One half of it is a collaboration with Johnny Cash and the other half is Dylan at his best. My top 3 Bowie albums: 1. Hunky Dory, 2. Aladin Sane 3. Station to station. What are yours?

Tuesday 11th January 11:48 Report Comment


Tuesday 11th January 11:09 Report Comment

Philip BlackburnHi Leighton. You've certainly got the best taste in music of an Everton player since the days of Pat Nevin! My favourite albums of 2010 are:- 1. Arcade Fire - The Suburbs (obvious choice) 2. John Grant - Queen of Denmark 3. The National - High Violet 4. Midlake - The Courage of Others 5. The Black Keys - Brothers As far as singer/songwriters go the best out there today are Ryan Adams (start with his album 'Heartbreaker') and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy aka Will Oldham (start with this album 'Sings Greatest Palace Music') Loving the blog. Keep it up

Monday 10th January 23:48 Report Comment

Phil HancockGood taste Bainsey - if you like Elbow check out "I am Kloot", if you like clever lyrics try Frank turner or Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip, I'm loving King Porter Stomp at the mo - saw them this summer, ska/dub with a horn section, and if you like a bit of bluesey rock try Grinderman (nick Cave side project). Can't beat a bit of collection surfing - getting back into Babyshambles & Libertines. Keep up the blog mate and keep up the very very impressive form!

Monday 10th January 20:27 Report Comment

David Dwyerhave you tried Sugar Queen by Brian Houston yet

Monday 10th January 20:24 Report Comment

brennan finneganYes the tallest man on earth Felli. Looks like a 60s bandsman

Monday 10th January 20:08 Report Comment

James DeanRaymond Scott is spot on Bainsey check ot some Tallest Man on Earth I saw him in Leeds at the end of november and he smashed it. Everey song is perfectly confstucted and an utter joy from start to finish. Theres a Rapper I think everyone should check out, Matisyahu, Jerusalum is unbelievable. And an of artist from Southport Czechandsend who has a few songs on youtube and I think some left somewhere on myspace. Smashing blog Bainsey lad and another quality goal keep up the good work!

Monday 10th January 17:37 Report Comment

Paul McEwanCracking blog Bainsey. Good cheap gig coming up at the shipping forecast in town in Feb, Naked and Famous and Wolf Gang. Can't get them of the ipod atm.

Sunday 9th January 19:02 Report Comment

Robert SeeryLoving Your Taste In Music!!! Im Really In To The Likes Of The Arctics And Weller!!! Have A Listen To Some Of The Old Green Day Albums Like Nimrod And Warning!! p.s Great Goal Against Scunthorpe!!! xD

Sunday 9th January 15:35 Report Comment

Rasmus Ottossonhave a listen to The tallest man on earth. The gardener is a real pleasure.

Sunday 9th January 02:44 Report Comment

Paul HowellsQuality blog Bainesy. As for reccomendations if you are into the Arctic Monkeys and guitar bands in general then you've got to listen to The Courteeners. Absolute quality band, I've seen them three times live, most recently in December at the MEN, and am going to see them again in Delamere Forest in July. Hey if you like them you could even go to a July gig as no match to prepare for on the weekend! Their first album St Jude is nothing short of genius and the second album Falcon lives up to it too. Great songwriters and also fantastic live. Check for a great live vid (You may recognise the music as being of MOTD 2 last season)

Saturday 8th January 21:10 Report Comment

Matthew WilliamsCheck out Tangerine Dream new album Uundercover Vol 1. Been going for over 40 years now and are pioneers of electronic music. the new album is cover versions of famous songs and all in all they are pretty good. here are some links..

Saturday 8th January 20:50 Report Comment

Elaine BarronYou should check out Grizzly Bear-"Two Weeks" (see the video, really weird). Ted Leo and the Pharmacists-"Mighty Sparrow" White Denim-"i start to run" The thermals are good too-"pillar of salt". "Swim"-by Surfer Blood. Wye Oak- "i hope you die" and "take it in" (female singer, she deserves more credit than she's given in my opinion.) Ryan Adams (definitely check out the letterman performances). "My drive thru" features Santogold and Julian Casablancas(strokes singer). Hope you enjoy them :)

Saturday 8th January 18:22 Report Comment

Simon AndrewsA band I think that is worth a listen to is a band that are not known nationally, but have played the Cavern Club, Freak Circus.

Saturday 8th January 18:15 Report Comment

Michael StreffordYou should listen to a band called 'Sharks'... They are probably my favourite English band, they remind me a lot of a modern day version of The Clash. Have a listen!

Saturday 8th January 18:00 Report Comment

John GoodersonBeady Eye I'm intrigued about, but I struggle to not draw comparisons to Oasis, who are my favourite band. Taking a look through the 2010 stuff, I've actually not been that impressed other than more chart based stuff. Rihanna has impressed me with her releases, and also Katy Perry seems to have had a large amount of success with some catchy songs. Best album for me for 2010 has to be Recovery by Eminem.

Saturday 8th January 17:49 Report Comment

John GoodersonBeady Eye I'm intrigued about, but I struggle to not draw comparisons to Oasis, who are my favourite band. Taking a look through the 2010 stuff, I've actually not been that impressed other than more chart based stuff. Rihanna has impressed me with her releases, and also Katy Perry seems to have had a large amount of success with some catchy songs. Best album for me for 2010 has to be Recovery by Eminem.

Saturday 8th January 17:49 Report Comment

Adam BellYou'll of probably heard them before already but definetly give Travis a listen, "Tied to the 90's" has got to be one of there best songs, but most will of heard of "Why Does It Always Rain On Me"

Saturday 8th January 13:15 Report Comment

Dan DowlingGreat column again, Bainesy. One of my favourite albums of the year was Lynyrd Skynyrd's God & Guns. Keep up the good work (on and off the pitch!)

Saturday 8th January 11:28 Report Comment

Dan DowlingGreat column again, Bainesy. One of my favourite albums of the year was Lynyrd Skynyrd's God & Guns. Keep up the good work (on and off the pitch!)

Saturday 8th January 11:26 Report Comment

Phil ThomasBeady Eye are great Bainesy, downloaded their single. I think you should listen to The Coral, I recommend Dreaming of You. My favourite record of 2010 was Come Around Sundown by the Kings of Leon - its a cracking album. Listen to Green Day, they are so good, I recommend 21 Guns or Fashion Victim. You got great taste in music!

Saturday 8th January 11:09 Report Comment

Tom McLuckieBainsey, check out "Surprise Hotel" - By Fool's Gold ... My song of the summer, an absolute delight.

Saturday 8th January 03:28 Report Comment

jordan bowersI think 2010 was a brilliant year for soundtracks and my pick from the scott pilgrim soundtrack was the song "black sheep" by metric. So awsome when you can listen to a great female lead with a great voice.

Saturday 8th January 00:50 Report Comment

M ByrneRadiohead - Kid A, has some awesome tracks on it, 2+2+5 is a great track. Try it i'm sure you'll love it.

Friday 7th January 22:44 Report Comment

eric farrellhappy new year all. a few great guitar bands from a few years ago worth checking out are janes addiction, sonic youth, the pixies and galaxie 500 and the shoegaze stuff like my bloody valentine, medicine and ride...also a little heard of masterpiece is an album called horsedrawn wishes by rollerskate skinny. from more recent times serena maneesh, autolux, electrelane, the kills, a place to bury strangers and eagles of death metal are all brilliant. going way back you cant beat the stooges, the velvet underground and marquee moon by television is a classic. for more expermental/prog stuff krautrock bands can and neu!(a big influence on bowies berlin trilogy apparently) are definitely worth a listen. Enjoy.

Friday 7th January 22:08 Report Comment

Robert BowkerAs an amateur play at home guitarist i would have to recommend Joe Satriani (the satch!) to you....He overlaps a few eras-80s, 90s and 00s (bit like you on the left wing!) but give these 3 tracks a listen-surfing with the alien, summer song and always with me, always with you... The song he is probably best known for generally though is the Top gun theme from the 80s...He uses a great distortion sound combined with a nice wah wah...

Friday 7th January 21:55 Report Comment

Jerry EdeyAlright Bainsy. You have a lot of good recommendations to pick from but I would seriously recommend Frank Turner he plays folky punk. He performs some of the most powerful music I have ever heard. Great if you want to see live music too, saw him at a sold out Liverpool O2 academy last month. Download any of his tracks and I think you would like it.

Friday 7th January 21:13 Report Comment

Bertrand LeclouxPerhaps you should try "Puggy". A belgian band formed by 3 musicians (one is French, one is Sweddish and the last one is English) They've already played in a few festivals in England but for the moment they play in France or in Belgium. And don't worry, they sing in English (I know most of English people prefer listening to english songs^^). A Belgian Fan ;)

Friday 7th January 18:30 Report Comment

tom mcmurriegreat blog as always bainsey loving the songs and albums youve picked up and listened to i think you should give gavin degraw a listen and an upcoming band called shamona you might only find them on youtube though :)

Friday 7th January 18:02 Report Comment

Simon Allenbainsey u legend.....Have a listen to a group called 30 seconds to mars. Thier album 'War' is fantastic. Closer to the edge and hurricane are absolutely class.

Friday 7th January 17:38 Report Comment

Megan SforziniSince you like Stornoway, I think you'll really like Fanfarlo. They are very similar, but Fanfarlo has a little bit of Devotchka thrown in. I saw them at SXSW a few years ago and they were my favorite band of the festival. One of my favorites of last year was Ryan Bingham's Junky Star. Ryan won an Oscar for the music in Crazy Heart.

Friday 7th January 17:05 Report Comment

Tony KibbleRide, I miss them so much sometimes. Think it is one of the reasons why I like God is an Astronaut so much, as they are very similar instrumentaly.

Friday 7th January 16:03 Report Comment

Daniel EvansBainsey...with music taste as good as your left foot we are in safe hands! 'Sunshine Underground' great band that don't get much of a mention. Worth checkin out both albums 'raise the alarm' & 'nobodys coming to save you'... indie guitar music with dance influence drum beats, really catchy. 2011 - 'Exit Calm' currently unsigned from Yorkshire, sound like the verve, big sounds with groovin bass lines. Album is on spotify. Unsigned - my band 'THIS/BROADCAST', classic influence from Shed Seven/Oasis/Doves with a modern twist.

Friday 7th January 14:34 Report Comment

Joe ScottCrackin' Ride shout that Tony Kibble. Nowhere is a brilliant album. Re Leighton's comments - the noises coming out about the REM album sound very, very promising. Good stuff all the way through thanks! My ramblings about music 00-10

Friday 7th January 14:11 Report Comment

Tony KibbleHave a listen to the following God is an Astronaut - Zodiac is a stunning track. Beirut Album Leaf Tristeza Midlake Six Parts Seven Mogwai Always find Ride and The The are always good to go back and listen to.

Friday 7th January 13:03 Report Comment

harry wellsBeen getting back into to loads of bowie myself as well as lou reeds transformer. Never heard of tame impala will have to check it out. Without a doubt two of the Best albums of 2010 were Guru Sales : you cant look back forever ;D and Interpol.

Friday 7th January 12:19 Report Comment

Terry MurphyThanks for the tips, Bainesy! A few of my favourites of 2010: Sufjan Stevens - The Age Of Adz; also his All Delighted People EP; Arcade Fire - The Suburbs; Olafur Arnalds - ...And They Have Escaped The Weight of Darkness; The Strange Death Of Liberal England - Drown Your Heart Again. And Allo Darlin's eponymous debut was a delight of ukulele tweeness. Gig-wise, the highlight was probably finally getting to see Godspeed You! Black Emperor just before Christmas - an unbelievably intense evening of post-rock! As for things to look forward to, look no further than British Sea Power's new album, Valhalla Dancehall - bound to be a classic - and a sophomore long player from The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - fuzzy, shoegaze pop is alive and well!

Friday 7th January 10:34 Report Comment

Pat FineganLeighton, you have to check out this band called The National if you haven't already heard of them. It's some really chill indie stuff and I'm almost positive, based on the other bands in this blog, that you'd enjoy them. If you like The National, also check out: Minus the Bear, Eisley, Mat Kearney, The Honorary Title, Anchor and Braille, and Seabird.

Friday 7th January 06:27 Report Comment

Lou PBainsey, I think you should set up an account at Spotify and create a play list of songs that you like and share it with us in your next blog.

Friday 7th January 02:34 Report Comment

Ian Pennington@Sam Huxley: TSOOL! Haven't listened to them for years, but they're a solid shout, particularly for Bainesy's guitar band vibe. Hearing that TSOOL tune again has reminded me of another bunch of early-century Scando-rock hopefuls, Cato Salsa Experience (, whom I saw supporting The Black Keys in 2004. Raucous live show, and one of those bands who don't take themselves too seriously. Fancy having a word with the pre-match & half-time DJ, Bainesy lad?! I'm sick of listening to that autotuned guff. Stick with 'Blue' by Eiffel 65 for the novelty value, sure, but there's nothing to be gained from playing Lady Gaga, etc.

Friday 7th January 01:05 Report Comment

jim paynterShare quite a lot of your tastes.Got into NY a while back.Massive back catalogue so taking awhile to know what i prefer.Love his latest Le Noise.I'm a BIG Dylan fan,are you.Can recommend some albums.Last year loved Black Keys"Brothers" album.Bluesy rock.With plenty of SOUL.Also loved Micah P Hinsons latestHe's an .american kid with amazing voice. Dont get to gigs much any more.Due to 2 young kids(wear me out)and the venue's in Pompey(where i live )rarely get decent bands anymore(90,s were great though).Last 2 gigs i saw were The Hold Steady and Conor Oberst at the Wedgewood Rooms. And one more thing,getting into early Springsteen.Can get first 7 albums for £13!!! And if yer like him deffo get the Bluray live at Hyde Park 09.Amazing. Bye

Friday 7th January 00:46 Report Comment

Matthew KeaneGreat shout for Bowie's Station To Station album as it's a bit of a masterpiece and relatively unknown in this age of greatest hits. Check out the live version of Stay performed at the BBC in 2000 via Youtube. Original STS album guitarist Earl Slick is just unbelievable. My top tune for 2010.

Friday 7th January 00:21 Report Comment

Paul WilliamsNice one Leighton - I can see my Spotify list gaining some new tracks. For me, Andrew Belle - a New Zealander is worth a listen, especially if you're feeling in the mood to relax. I've enjoyed listening to the new stuff in the Sound of 2011 poll this week, and James Blake seems like one to watch. Also I heard The Streets first track from their final record this morning (called OMG) and that could be up your street. Finally on The Strokes, their next album is out soon, as you mentioned, and from what I heard it sounds like it's the album which could have preceeded the one you mentioned Leighton, so we'll see how that goes down. Loving the blog, great idea

Thursday 6th January 23:38 Report Comment

Mark EnglishThe Janelle Monae album is fantastic and Tightrope is my single of 2010 (and I've managed to get tickets to see her at the start of March). Apart from that, listening to old Bunnymen albums (in spite of McCulloch's tendencies). And Terry Callier, Fela Kuti, Gilberto Gil. Try a compilation album called Afrocubism. And definitely give Amadou and Mariam a go; their album Dimanche a Bamako is brilliant.

Thursday 6th January 22:20 Report Comment

Dave PowellHappy New Year, Since seeing Sonic Youth play on 30th Dec I have re-discovered my passion for indie music & I have taken a step back in time, currently listening too Spiritualized (Ladies & Gentlemen we are floating in Space), The Fall (Perverted by Language) and Butthole Surfers (all their albums). Happy to hear you found 'Love & War' a good track (though I prefer Rumblin - played very loud). I've not heard much from Paul Wellar for a long time, so I'll check out 'Wake up the nation'. Bainsey, for 2011, may I recommend Sigur Ros (start off with Ágætis Byrjun) & just because he died the other week, Captain Beefheart (Don't attempt Trout Mask Replica until you've heard a few of his other albums!!)

Thursday 6th January 22:09 Report Comment

Andreas LyckenThis is not what I expected to write when I entered this evening! I've never seen your blog before but this sure was a pleasant surprise. As I'm Swedish I will give you some amazing music from Sweden where I would state that the Radio Dept's album "Clinging to a scheme" is the album of the year 2010. As you have listened to Mando Diao you're not entirely unfamiliar with the Swedish music. But the band you should listen to is Shout Out Louds, their first album "Howl howl gaff gaff" is one of my alltime favourites their second "Our ill wills" is not far behind. If you haven't heard of them before now I'm truly yealous because you have two great albums ahead of you! Sweden has a great indie scene so it's well worth checking out. Outside our borders I'm looking forward to new spring albums from Bright Eyes, Death Cab For Cutie and The Kooks.

Thursday 6th January 22:04 Report Comment

Hayden JillionsAlbum of the year has to be Alter Bridge - AB III its class and song(s) of the year Alter Bridge - Wonderful life, Alter Bridge - Ghosts of days gone by

Thursday 6th January 21:48 Report Comment

Adam Nelsonone of my favorite albums of 2010 is definitely the hold steady - heaven is whenever. amazing lyricist in that band. my favorite christmas present was the band of heathens album one foot in the ether. both of these american bands come highly recommended.

Thursday 6th January 21:37 Report Comment

Vincent Weighttry MUSE :) they are truly the best rock band out there n they won the best live band 2009 :D not sure about 2010 tho :P

Thursday 6th January 20:27 Report Comment

Phil MurphyThe Coral's latest album 'Butterfly House' is quality, and Miles Kane's new solo stuff is sounding good. Have a listen to my band as well if you get a chance at:

Thursday 6th January 20:01 Report Comment

Jordan GillenBiffy Clyro - Only Revolutions. I know it was released in late 09 but i started getting into it early 2010. Honourable Mentions - Brandon Flowers - Flamengo , Kings Of Leon - Come Around Sundown, Best new talent for 2011: The Vaccines.

Thursday 6th January 19:40 Report Comment

Andrew ForsythLeighton, do yourself a favour and get on Arcade Fire. I started getting into them only recently, having got 'The Suburbs' for Christmas. I recommend that you give it a listen.

Thursday 6th January 19:30 Report Comment

ash jonestake a listen to esOterica mate they are one of my best bands. do you have twitter?

Thursday 6th January 19:24 Report Comment

Chris KiddGorillaz- Plastic Beach Laura Marling- I speak because I can Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Interpol - Interpol. The Coral – Butterfly House Weezer- Hurley Just got into Mines - Menomena the other day, great little album from 2010.

Thursday 6th January 18:52 Report Comment

Joe HoldenFriendly Fires Bainesy!! Check them out mate!

Thursday 6th January 17:59 Report Comment

Dominic FitzpatrickHello Bainesy. I'd like to recommend my favourite band (who have yet to receive a mention on your blogs so far!) They are called Incubus and have been going since the early 90's and are currently writing their seventh album. The beauty of this band, in my opinion, is their diversity. If you are into funk Chili Peppers type rock check out some of their earlier stuff. Since then they have progressed through nu-metal, into a more alternative rock sound.I suggest checking out their albums, 'Enjoy Incubus' (which is a bit funk influenced), S.C.I.E.N.C.E. (which has a nu-metal/rock sound) then checking out A Crow Left Of The Murder (which has some cracking alternative rock tunes) I look forward to seeing what you make of them! :)

Thursday 6th January 17:53 Report Comment

Robert JepsonHappy New Year everyone. My favourite albums of 2010 are similar to Sam Huxley below me. Beach House - Teen Dream, Joanna Newsom - Have One on Me, Portugal. The Man - American Ghetto, Janelle Monae - The ArchAndroid and Band of Horses - Infinite Arms. For christmas i got the Talking Heads live dvd Stop Making Sense and its pretty special, check out this performance

Thursday 6th January 17:39 Report Comment

Adam HatwellLooking forward to Gruff Rhys' new one 'Hotel Shampoo' out in Feb!

Thursday 6th January 17:33 Report Comment

Matt WaringI'd have to agree with Toby Lee. Broken Bells' album last year was pretty incredible, I think High Violet by The National has to stand out by some way though. If you haven't listened to it, it's well worth checking out. I really wasn't too impressed by Beady Eye when I heard them, 'Bring the Light' didn't really sound too great, but no doubt I'll still check out the album, being a huge Oasis fan. Although I'm much more looking forward to Noel's album, whenever that comes out. I've heard of Stornoway but never got round to listening to them, I think I'll have to check them out now though.

Thursday 6th January 17:29 Report Comment

Mathew StockIf any 3 albums I'd recommend, I would recommend: Nick Drake - Pink Moon (Folk/Acoustic) Marillion - Script For A Jesters Tear (Progressive Rock) YouMeAtSix - Take Off Your Colours I'm really into the YouMeAtSix one at the moment, but Pink Moon and Script are my 2 favourite albums of all time! :) I'd definitely sing their praises to anybody!

Thursday 6th January 17:11 Report Comment

The mountain Goats great band not well heard off, also the cant go wrong with the Stone Roses

Thursday 6th January 16:53 Report Comment

Paula MurphyCodeine Velvet Club came out of the blocks early for me in 2010 (well it was released on 28 Dec 2009 so technically it was the year before last!) and stayed the pace the whole year as my best album (honourable one to Kloot's "Sky at Night" but the melancholy gets too much sometimes). Shame about the CVC split (just when...!) but we may get two for the price of one now as both Lawler and Hickey are both working on solo stuff with the latter's said to be imminent. Worth a watch. Anyway:

Thursday 6th January 16:49 Report Comment

So disappointedGreat blog Bainesy, some good recommendations on here. Massive Weller fan and the album was brilliant, he used to do Come together on the Stanley Road tour as an encore tune. I've also been listening to loads of friendly fires, Plan B (although most of his songs are about being banged up which gets a bit irritating), Band of Horses who Toby mentions are a top band too - some of the album tracks are a bit dull but there a lot of good songs on there albums, my favourite is 'the funeral'. Keep up the standard mate, you've been playing out of your skin this season.

Thursday 6th January 16:41 Report Comment

Dave LaneGreetings from Texas. I was fortunate enough to catch a match against Villa at Goodison in '08. I purchased a Yak jersey that day - had I known you had such good taste in music I would have gone for Baines. I too am looking forward to Beady Eye, Elbow and Arctic Monkeys. If you have a minute, check out the year-end list on my blog: The top 10 is also pasted below. COYB! 1. LCD Soundsystem – This Is Happening 2. Beach House – Teen Dream 3. Deerhunter – Halcyon Digest 4. Arcade Fire – The Suburbs 5. Caribou – Swim 6. Wild Nothing – Gemini 7. The Radio Dept. – Clinging To A Scheme 8. Crystal Castles – Crystal Castles II 9. Two Door Cinema Club – Tourist History 10. Jonsi – Go

Thursday 6th January 16:34 Report Comment

Daniel MillerTry some early Little Feat and Lowell George in particular. If you need a bit of aggression some Led Zep should do it!!! As for Harry Nilsson ..."in the Night" - too romantic I suspect

Thursday 6th January 16:24 Report Comment

Sam HuxleyInteresting blog. My favourites of 2010: Album - Beach House - Teen Dream Song: Joanna Newsom - 81 Lot of retro stuff on your blog: if you haven't heard i imagine you'll like Spoon, great band from Texas: and The Walkmen: Which Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan record did you get? Haven't heard the new one but their first, Ballad of the Broken Seas is great. As a bonus, have this song by The Soundtrack Of Our Lives.

Thursday 6th January 16:12 Report Comment

nick davisbroadening your horizons a bit leighton, here is some good hiphop to give a go. its nothing like the wak stuff on the radio these days, more old school from early nineties when it was good. all of the 'a tribe called quest' albums are worth a listen and 'people under the stairs' are really good. 'wu tang clans' 36 chambers is another i recommend listening to especially in the dressing room before games. some of the tracks on that are sure to get you pumped for kick off! i could go on but i wont!

Thursday 6th January 16:05 Report Comment

Geraint JonesHigh Violet by The National was probably my favourite album of 2010. I also liked The Suburbs by Arcade Fire. Sounds like you'd like them! Like you, I'm also looking forward to the new Elbow and Arctic Monkeys' albums - I'm in the camp that liked Humbug! Oh yeah, if you do check out The Bees like the guy below suggests, listen to Free The Bees, from a few years ago, you probably know some of the songs from football shows!

Thursday 6th January 15:35 Report Comment

Dennis DurkinMy favorite album in 2010 was from a new band, A Silent Film. Every song is fantastic and rich. I go anywhere from indie to very hard rock, but this calming gem is my best of 2010!

Thursday 6th January 15:29 Report Comment

The Mountain Goats not well heard off but well worth a listen

Thursday 6th January 15:24 Report Comment

Alex HightonHarry Nilsson - Nilsson Schilmson that's my favourite album at the moment. You've got great taste in music, i thought all footballers were into Celine Dion? Cheers Al. Also if you get a second

Thursday 6th January 15:14 Report Comment

Kiel deValeraLeighton, do you use Spotify? You should set up a playlist to go along with this blog that people can subscribe to. I'd listen!

Thursday 6th January 15:11 Report Comment

Richard LockAll time favourite of mine are Men Without Hats - they've done a lot more than the Safety Dance for which they are known as a one hit wonder! A new version of the band are planning to tour (North America) this year. With my HMV card i bought Reverend & the Makers - State of Things, Interpol, Super Furry Animals - Songbook and the remastered Business As Usual by Men At Work....all recommended. One of my favourites from last year was Tomorrow Morning by the Eels, third of a trilogy of albums over 18 months. Also saw Pendulum in concert who were brilliant and supported by Hadouken whose album I also got.

Thursday 6th January 14:56 Report Comment

Saw Paul Weller at the Echo he was fantastic and it was a great tribute to Lennon, singing 'Love' and 'Come Together'. The support band the Bees were excellent, kinda folky sound but definately worth checkin out if you havent already sone so. Cast comeback tour at the O2 was a great gig aswell. Janelle Monae album Archandroid is brilliant, how music of that genre should sound! Sunshine Underground are a really good up and coming band, plus LCD Soundsystem are worth a listen to!

Thursday 6th January 14:50 Report Comment

Ryan EvansThe Vaccines - very jesus and mary chainy with distorted guitars. if you like this, try The Soft Pack and Surfer Blood. both very respectable Frightened Rabbit - very folky, modern leper is a personal favourite. Band of Horses - silent but deadly would best describe this band, well worth a listen. Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zero's - faily good, again worth a try. Aloe Blacc was a great suggestion too, first heard I need A Dollar last february so glad to see his album's finally taking off. if you like Dylan, you should try Nick Drake or John Martyn, also good song-writers however Bob is the probably the greatest ever. More to come from me, definitely missed alot out here.

Thursday 6th January 14:39 Report Comment

Toby LeeFavourite album last year was without a doubt Broken Bells - Broken Bells, a collabaration between Dangermouse and James Mercer of The Shins (Who are also an excellent band if you havn't heard of them already.) I also enjoyed High Violet by The National, Inifinate Arms by Band of Horses and Wolves and Theives by Goldheart Assembly.

Thursday 6th January 14:25 Report Comment

tom DoyleBest of and Loaded are 2 of the best albumns iv ever listened to by the velvet underground. Should give them a listen

Thursday 6th January 14:20 Report Comment

Vincenzo DesantisGood Stuff, i had a listen to Miles Kane after your last blog & was very impressed!! I think my favourite albums of 2010 were Arcade Fire - The Suurbs & The Coral - Butterfly House. Another album to check out if you haven't heard it already is Arcade Fires first album 'Funeral'...great band with a huge sound!

Thursday 6th January 14:06 Report Comment

Ian CollinsDefinitely get listening to the Courteeners if you haven't already, they get dismissed by a lot of people but have written some great tunes and are a great live band! The new songs by White Lies ("Bigger than us"), and "Hand covers bruise" by Trent Reznor is an amazing piece of music too! Also, Im guessing you've listened to Arcade Fire from your music tastes, but if not definitely give them a go - amazing band! Loving the music blog idea as well - its a great insight into the life outside football of one of our best players!

Thursday 6th January 13:53 Report Comment

Steffen BreinMy best 2010 album: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Up From Below. Put it on a low volume, close your eyes and relax!

Thursday 6th January 13:40 Report Comment

Rory WilsonTame Impala are pretty fantastic, I'm a Australian fan, and good to see some Aussie music in there. Leighton, if you haven't listened already, give Cloud Control a go. They're from Sydney, like me, and they're gaining in status. "Bliss Release" is their latest, and it's a great listen, really upbeat. If you like it give me a shout in the next edition! :) COYB!

Thursday 6th January 13:32 Report Comment

Graeme TierneyKeep it coming Leighton! I'm a mature student at the moment, so I can't afford to spend the money on cds that many of my younger course colleagues are shelling out! I've recently got quite into Mr Scruff. He's a DJ who mixes electronic music with hip hop, soul, jazz, and funk. Not normally my kind of thing, but this guy is great. He's been round for a while and some of his stuff like Spandex Man you might have heard in the background of a few TV shows. He also has his own line in organic tea!

Thursday 6th January 13:30 Report Comment


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