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New Look! , 1st March 2010 - 11:23

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The new look is here!

For the last few months our website team have been working hard on refreshing the look of the official website, as well as introducing some exciting new features.

The site has been in beta for the last few days, gaining plenty of positive comments. Now it's available to everyone and we'd appreciate your views on all aspects of it so we can continue to make improvements.

We believe the new offers an improved user experience, with more straightforward navigation and a host of new elements, including:

The Everton Fan Map is new to the site and offers our supportes the opportunity to place their very own Everton pin on a Google-powered map of the globe. You can view the details of fellow YourEverton users and watch as the Everton family grows.

The History Timeline is a great new way to re-live the finest moments from the Club's rich history. A visual journey through the highlights of the last 132 years - it allows you to delve into the wealth of historical content across the site in a quick and intuitive way.

There are a whole host of new wallpapers and screensavers designed and produced to mark the launch of the new site and all are free to download and use.

It is now easier than ever to access to results and league tables from previous seasons, via new drop-downs in the Match area of the site.

We have also introduced a Season Ticket Holder only area. It allows you to gain access to exclusive content, including wallpapers and screensavers that no other fans can download, special blogs and great promotional offers from the Club's official partners.

Add to this an exciting new-look Player Profile area, the return of the hugely popular BlueRoom, an improved video player and an eye-catching re-design and there is no doubt there are plenty of new elements to keep you occupied.

We hope you enjoy the new Please leave your comments below.

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Mark LynchOMG when did this Happen BIIIIG THUMBS UP FOR THE NEW HOME PAGE...

Saturday 6th March 10:19 Report Comment

Tom Mc AndrewNew Site is class!

Saturday 6th March 09:48 Report Comment

Jake JonesIs Everton TV going to look the same as the main site?

Friday 5th March 19:15 Report Comment

Raymond CoeI like the new look and have not encountered any problems (but then I am on a PC not a mac). I really wish you would get some wallpapers at decent resolutions though, how about some widescreen ones at 1680x1050 or 1920x1200, monitor manufacturers have practically abandoned the traditional 4:3 format and most PC users have 16:10 or 16:9 displays so please get some wallpapers up people can actually use.

Friday 5th March 16:52 Report Comment

Rex H LawrenceWhen oh when are you going to standardise the player profile stats.Sometimes you show height and weight in metres and kilos,sometimes in feet and pounds,sometimes not at all.Older fans cannot visualise metric ststs.but 6ft. 2"is instantly recognisable.My comments apply equally to senior,reserve and academy players.The fact that younger players grow makes their stats even more interisting.I have been requesting this for months.How about some action now please?

Friday 5th March 15:36 Report Comment

Alec WalkerI have only one complaint. There are too many areas where black type on blue isn't clear especially on fixtures.

Friday 5th March 13:34 Report Comment

basiru kambiits so wonderful ever ton for life

Friday 5th March 10:44 Report Comment

clinton davidslooks extremely good.Huge difference from previous site.Love it

Friday 5th March 07:53 Report Comment

Paul Jacksoni use my windows mobile (htc hd2) mainly to view the site and find this new version is far too cluttered and not mobile friendly. Are you going to produce an app for phones other than the iphone?

Friday 5th March 03:37 Report Comment

Allan Mason-WhelanI love the new site. Better functionality. Great move!

Friday 5th March 00:52 Report Comment

Jake JonesOh, I forgot, it's messed up in Firefox Mac too. The navigation bar is not joined properly. You should of tested this in all browsers and made it XML compliant before taking this to even better. This isn't matching the high standards we should expect from EFC.

Thursday 4th March 22:54 Report Comment

Jake JonesThe new site is REALLY poor. There is far too much going on, it's also really clunky and slow. Have you ever heard the term, if it isn't broke don't fix it. Well, that's what you've ignored because the old site was fine. Also the blueroom is a disaster waiting to happen with I assume the same people running it as last time. It's only a matter of time before all the racists return.

Thursday 4th March 22:52 Report Comment

g manoh but you still hold comments to be approved for about 8 hours

Thursday 4th March 22:38 Report Comment

g mangood to see the Blueroom back

Thursday 4th March 22:37 Report Comment

Paul IddonThe text is terrible. Needs to be in Helvetica to give it a crisp clean vision.

Thursday 4th March 22:23 Report Comment

Ryan ScailsThe Squad Profiles are ace though, still a few kinks in the whole "Players" section, but the vids and pics are pretty cool.

Thursday 4th March 21:40 Report Comment

Ryan ScailsToo much going on. The frustrating part for me is the section to the right of the home page, the match ticker has all sorts of overlaping non-related text floating about. It just makes things hard to see.

Thursday 4th March 21:16 Report Comment

stuart evanslike it looks really smart.not on the right subject to say this but good luck for the rest of season lads do us proud im away nxt week to afghanistan.coybs

Thursday 4th March 21:00 Report Comment

Andy ConnellAs a web designer myself I think the new look everton site is quite poor. It takes longer to load, longer to refresh and it seems a bit like a version of Microsoft's operating system. In that I mean it isn't quite finished and tested, but lets get it out there anyway. the backgrounds don't match up, there are lots of CSS styling issues, including the upcoming matches, links that are the same colour as the background and many more. POOR!

Thursday 4th March 20:43 Report Comment

Paul HollisLooks good, great improvement, but still too cluttered.

Thursday 4th March 14:10 Report Comment

Fergal McGuireSite is good but there is a bit too much going on, too many windows, tabs, banners etc. I think a more minimalist look makes it easier to find your way around.

Thursday 4th March 12:59 Report Comment

Stephen MarshI like it a lot, less cluttered than it was and easy to navigate.

Thursday 4th March 12:23 Report Comment

Peter Mcpartlandwhen does it go live

Wednesday 3rd March 22:15 Report Comment

Frank Jonny Johanseni like it

Wednesday 3rd March 21:05 Report Comment

Debbie FinchA good, well laid out site that seems very user friendly. Well done and its good to be back.

Wednesday 3rd March 20:56 Report Comment

Steve McClellandThe new history timeline feature is good, but simply takes you to a page on the old site when you click "click here". I would much prefer it if a seperate pane opened to read the write up, rather than a web page surrounded with links and ads not related to the story. Hope this will be addressed.

Wednesday 3rd March 03:29 Report Comment

Steve McClellandThe new look is very easy on the eye, the menus and sections clear and easy to find. Just an observation, on the registration page I can edit any part of it - except my nickname! Can this be sorted out as I hate my current one (don't know what I was thinking at the time!)

Wednesday 3rd March 03:18 Report Comment

Helen Siegallooks good so far altho i havent had chance to look at everything! It deffo needed updating so well done EFC! And cant wait to have the blueroom back! COYB

Tuesday 2nd March 21:07 Report Comment

Ian Reay2 more things I have found so far. I clicked on the match preview button for the Hull game and it took me to Everton TV. After selecting the new timeline section, I clicked on the "all players" option on the side menu and ended up on the old (current) website.

Tuesday 2nd March 12:47 Report Comment

Hayden JillionsNot bad at all... It needed a good update. COYB!!

Tuesday 2nd March 11:42 Report Comment

Petter TogstadA very good first impression! One of the best club sites (if not the best) even getting better.

Tuesday 2nd March 10:12 Report Comment

Ian ReayApologies, the thread was called "Good to be back"

Tuesday 2nd March 08:35 Report Comment

Ian ReayThere are some issues with the forum at present (see thread "welcome back") which will have to be resolved before launch!

Tuesday 2nd March 08:30 Report Comment

Mark Reid10/10. Some tweaks that need to be made, on "NIL SATIS NISI OPTIMUM - BETA" (very witty). Such as how it looks during loading, have seen form-data in the right hand column during loading, which could be covered up with various/shifting Everton images perhaps, until loadings are complete. But had a flick through. Love the player profiles section, and all the high quality video, and links to merchandise (EvertonDirect) etc. Love the renovation of the History Section, with the new easier access images. Look forward to seeing the fan map and season ticket holder area content! With all the video and image-rich player profile section, it puts many TV companies to shame. Now fans could keep tabs perhaps on their favourite players almost directly - almost - social media style? Some of the potential features are great that we've wanted for ages. Slick. Look forward to commenting on "NIL SATIS NISI OPTIMUM - BETA2.0"

Monday 1st March 23:46 Report Comment

David ClarkThe new site looks good so far, let's hope they're plenty of good news to read over the rest of the season. I look forward to exploring a bit more.

Monday 1st March 23:31 Report Comment

Mick EganAfter a quick browse I do like the look and feel of the site, however I would prefer the background photo of Goodison be visible and not hidden by adverts for facebook etc!! I have used this design on some of my own websites, but only slightly obscured by the business's name. Personally, the ads spoil the nice touch you have added, which would look so much better on it's own, after all Goodison at least for now, is our home!! Well done and thanks for the preview!!

Monday 1st March 20:24 Report Comment

Frank WilsonThe site looks very sharp. It should enable fans to access the site more easily.

Monday 1st March 19:21 Report Comment

Sheila WhiteI like it very much, looks good and its much easier to navigate. Like the the look of the new stuff although havent tried it all yet. Well done everyone.

Monday 1st March 18:56 Report Comment

Edward JonesGreat innovation, I am looking forward to continued use of this site. Edward

Monday 1st March 18:27 Report Comment

Frank CarrollLooks nice well laid out site....well done Everton IT

Monday 1st March 16:47 Report Comment

alan kanecant sign in to blue room wont let me post replys... any ideas

Monday 1st March 15:40 Report Comment

Carl Liljebergi like it, easy to navigate & to find things. a bit slow, but as a beta-version it is not that strange. Like the new stuff, as the fan map. So, after a quick look, i seens like a very positive upgrade in my eyes. Will comment more after a more "in depth" look.

Monday 1st March 14:32 Report Comment


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