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My First Music Blog

Leighton Baines, 21st December 2010 - 10:39

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Leighton Baines

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Welcome to my music blog!

I will be posting regular pieces on my biggest passion outside of football. But where I go with my entries is entirely up to you. There is one rule though - all football talk is banned! I would love to hear any recommendations people may have in terms of bands to listen to or tracks you like. I will give feedback on the recommendations – and will be offering my own insights into what I’m listening to every week and what I like. I’ll keep it light-hearted – and I hope it is something you enjoy.


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Welcome to my first music blog. To get started I have given some answers to some general questions about my music habits and what I like and don’t like.

What I like

My musical tastes are just generally whatever my ear likes! I would say it is predominantly guitar based, and I’m still trying to broaden my horizons by listening to different stuff when I can. So whatever stuff you like that you think I may be interested in, please let me know. And I will give it a listen. Although, whilst I am willing to give most things a try, I tend to avoid things like the modern versions of r'n'b - its just not my cup of tea!

My top five artists

Bob Dylan: People label him a poet or storyteller but basically he is the greatest lyricist ever.

Pink Floyd: Possibly the most innovative band of all time – they pushed boundaries with their music, lyrics and live shows.

The Beatles: The most influential band that has existed. They produced an amazing range of music. Their music always seemed to be developing - and throughout their collection there is something for just about everyone to enjoy....a national treasure!

Arctic Monkeys: An amazing band that I feel like I have grown up with - because they are a similar age it seems that as they have developed their sound and that it has always been in keeping with how my tastes have developed....lucky me!

Paul Weller: A fantastic musician who also is an idol to many and has influenced a lot of British bands over the years.

A gig I would love to go to

I would have loved to go to a Pink Floyd show - Roger Waters is doing Pink Floyd’s 'The Wall' Tour and that is on in Manchester next year. That could be a mind blowing experience and one I would like to get to.

What I listen to in the car

In the car I almost never have the radio on and just have the ipod plugged in. Maybe I should do a playlist of stuff that I am listening to and update it accordingly for future blogs?

My recent purchases

The latest album I bought was The Black Angels – ‘Phosphene Dream’ and latest single was Miles Kane – ‘Inhaler’. They are both very good! I would recommend the ‘Tame Impala’ album too!!

What the other lads listen to

I’m not sure about the other lads in terms of their taste in music - like at most clubs they listen to a lot of hip-hop and r'n'b. I think Ossie and Hibbo are alright. They are into their bands a bit – the likes of the Arctics, Kasabian etc and a bit of old school too - Talking Heads, Fleetwood Mac etc. When JP (Kissock) was at the club he was massively into his tunes and we would talk about different stuff we were listening to and he would put me onto all kinds of stuff – he’s a great lad!

Interests outside of football

Music is probably my main hobby really. Growing up my parents would have tapes on in the car like Phil Collins, REM, Deacon Blue and that sort of stuff. As an early teenager I remember I started to get into Oasis, Travis, Cast, Space etc. But a few years later I got into all sorts! I remember I even used to go into my sister’s room and listen to her Spice Girls album!! Then I got into hip-hop - 50 Cent and all that!

I was into Dizzy Rascal’s first album, so started to listen to stuff along that UK garage vibe. But the stuff he puts out now seems so far detached from that! Like I said, I think I just follow whatever my ear likes!

Obviously, as I have grown up I look back at some of the stuff I used to like and cringe but that’s all part of the process! Over the past couple of years, as well as trying to keep up with new stuff that’s coming out, I have enjoyed going back listening to older records which is great fun and when you come across something that you love it’s very rewarding. My wife says getting into my car is like stepping into a time machine and going back years!

Getting to gigs

I have found it difficult to get to gigs a lot of the time because obviously my main priority has to be football and when we have a game I tend to do very little in the 48 hours before. That means that on a typical week when we play on a Saturday, Thursday and Friday for me are generally about training and starting to prepare for the game which means getting the right amount of rest. So, as you can imagine, when we play a midweek game too it pretty much writes off the whole week!

So that is an insight into where I stand musically – not loads of detail but just a glimpse. What stuff do you like? And what are you listening to right now? All recommendations are welcome.


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wanwiss nooyongyour great Baines, In My life is my fave song!

Friday 27th September 09:23 Report Comment

Adam Janvieralex turners submarine album is really good but best band in summers going to be Brother

Saturday 14th May 21:26 Report Comment

Jay AppletonYou should give Lissie a listen, she is an amazing singer, try her cover of Kid Cudi's Pursuit Of Happyness, its really good :)

Wednesday 9th February 01:42 Report Comment

Daniel MillerI've seen The Floyd live twice - once at Maine Road (I think the only time I ever enjoyed being there LOL) and once at Earls Court - well worth seeing..

Thursday 6th January 18:52 Report Comment

chris matthewsYou need to listen to The Doors Bainsey, some good choices though.

Thursday 6th January 16:12 Report Comment

Ronny TourLeighton you need to buy RONNY TOUR'S does every true EVERTONIAN.....................'the gwladys street was singing!'

Thursday 6th January 15:10 Report Comment

CRAIG WEILDINGBoth Cheryl Cole albums are good. I get stick for saying that at home.

Thursday 30th December 10:36 Report Comment

CRAIG WEILDINGI am a massive Goldfrapp fan. The best in music.

Thursday 23rd December 21:33 Report Comment

Good afternoon Leighton! Have you heard the band Yeah Yeah Yeahs?

Thursday 23rd December 14:12 Report Comment

keith birminghamLed Zepplin should be a priority listen. I agree with your assessment of Pink Floyd. I listened to the Pulse album in the Arabian desert during a glorious sunset. Both nature and Floyd came together perfectly. An often forgotten fast-paced sound is from Nine Below Zero, great harmonica from Mark Feltham. Finally, Bad Company.

Thursday 23rd December 13:02 Report Comment

roddie gilliardhas anyone suggested Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa and the Bonzo Dog Band?

Thursday 23rd December 10:07 Report Comment

Chris DonnellyLeighton, as toffee's we are always having highs and lows, Music is a drug, listen to EVANESCENCE, The FALLEN album, The music speaks for itself, great vocals, great lyrics and passion. Happy Xmas Bainsey

Thursday 23rd December 09:29 Report Comment

Steve LandyOf course everything you're into comes from the blues mate. Try giving the late great Luther Allison a listen, you'll never go back!

Thursday 23rd December 02:17 Report Comment

The Clash and Thin Lizzy Bainesy

Thursday 23rd December 01:38 Report Comment

Ian PenningtonGreat shout on the Tame Impala 'Inner Speaker' album! Did not expect that at all! I reviewed their gig at the Ruby Lounge in Manc here: If you like Tame Impala then you should check out the likes of Black Mountain, the Amorphous Androgynous compilations (entitled A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble, Parts One, Two and Three), Espers and Dungen. Denis Jones is well worth seeing live. He's located in Manchester and has local renown for incredible performances; I attend lots of gigs and don't dish out praise like that without just cause. For albums of the year, check out Four Tet, Mount Kimbie, Caribou, Bonobo, Prins Thomas, Walls, Matthew Herbert, Denis Jones.

Wednesday 22nd December 23:50 Report Comment

tristan hackettgreat taste bainsey! i love pink floyd...beatles and bob dylan stuff too. some new talented bands you might want to check out are tallest man on earth..citizen cope.. the black keys..bon iver.. and old kings of leon stuff too. keep up being the best left back in the league.

Wednesday 22nd December 23:19 Report Comment

Lee ThomasBainsey your a legend in the making along with timmy cahill. you should try listening to Gavin DeGraw, especally I dont wanna be, Chariot, im in love with a girl, belief, we belong together, follow through and crush. fantastic tunes. Love you bainsey. Keep it up on the pitch.

Wednesday 22nd December 22:09 Report Comment

Del PhillipsFirst of all, THANKS for taking your time in doing this blog for your fans, much appreciated. I like you choice in music. Try listening to an American band called HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD - i dont no the genre, its kind of like rock and rap. My Music Taste......i am into everything. Listen to alot of radio in work and at home i listen to music from the like of The Eagles, to Arctic Monkeys, maybe chillout acoustic like Jose Gonzalez. My main Genre is Hip-Hop (Wu-Tang Clan, Bone Thugs n Harmony, Biggie, Pac, Eminem etc etc)

Wednesday 22nd December 21:32 Report Comment

Paul CarrollIt's got to be LCD Soundsystem for me - James Murphy is a genius! There's also a Swedish guy called Tallest Man On Earth. Him and his guitar, great tunes and his voice has a tinge of Dylan in there I suppose I assume you've listened to The Pixies before....

Wednesday 22nd December 21:16 Report Comment

lewis richardsongood songs bainsey your my idol i want 2 be like you wen am older

Wednesday 22nd December 20:42 Report Comment

Mike WiddowsThe Strokes are an amazing band. Listen to their first album 'Is This It'. Arctic Monkeys are a great band as well, they're pretty heavily influenced by The Strokes. The Libertines are another one of my favourite bands, listen to 'What Katie Did', 'Don't Look Back Into The Sun', 'Can't Stand Me Now' and 'Time For Heroes'. A band weren't too massive but everytime I pass them on they seem to be well liked are Milburn. For them listen to 'Cheshire Cat Smile', 'What You Could've Won' and '17'. And finally Radiohead are unbelievable. Completely different to the bands above and most of their albums are different from each other, listen to 'The Bends', 'Karma Police', 'Paranoid Android' and 'Fake Plastic Trees'.

Wednesday 22nd December 20:31 Report Comment

John Burns'I Want You' by the Kings of LEon of the album Only by the Night, An awesome tune you need to hear if you havent already. the best band in the world right now so unique!! Caleb Followhills Voice is fantasticly raspy! Wild Wood by Paul Weller is another tune people must hear its a fantastic tune which im sure you know Leighton.

Wednesday 22nd December 19:42 Report Comment

Matthew DixA good recommendation i have is the album 'come on feel the illinoise' by sufjan stevens. some great tunes on there. hope you give it a listen, cheers

Wednesday 22nd December 18:34 Report Comment

Gavin PettiforAlrite Baines mate, hows it goin? i went to edge hill uni with your mate darren, he was on my course and i met you at a party you came to once mate, i dunno if you remember me? i was the one doin the rappin for ya lol. anyway since then i have made quite a few albums and im recently workin on some serious stuff at the moment. i was jus wonderin if you would fancy givin that a listen to for me plz. Would apprecieate it. i could send ya d CD's, cheers

Wednesday 22nd December 17:14 Report Comment

clare lawLeighton, Its a bit old school but one of my favourite ever albums is The Street's - Original Pirate Material (The song stay positive is amazing) defo worth a listen and a more up to date is the Deadmau5 album - 4x4. Enjoy Clare

Wednesday 22nd December 16:25 Report Comment

manon jonesnice taste! Coldplay and Elton John are the ones! haha oh and James Blunt! Well played! Come on Everton! xx

Wednesday 22nd December 16:20 Report Comment

CRAIG WEILDINGLeighton Baines. You are brill.

Wednesday 22nd December 15:43 Report Comment

Rob VeraLeighton, check out The National and a band called Spoon. If you haven't heard them, they'll change your life. I swear. Keep up the writing, brother!

Wednesday 22nd December 15:20 Report Comment

J HoHey Bainsey have a listen to my lad Danny in the Live Lounge at the Cavern. Give me your honest opinion. A Liverpool lad and as blue as they come. Best wishes John

Wednesday 22nd December 14:12 Report Comment

Jordan GillenBainsey great taste you have, one upcoming indie band which are reminiscent of the Arctic Monkeys and The Ramones is The Vaccines. They are being pumped everywhere at the minute, Radio 1, Jools Holland etc. Check them out fantastic band, "The Vaccines" listen to their track "If You Wanna"

Wednesday 22nd December 13:49 Report Comment

Liam YoungA good recommendation for a great modern guitarist is Joe Bonamassa, he is one of the best in the business. A combination of Rock / Blues, well worth a listen. And if you appreciate that, I would look back to the past at artists such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, he does a version of Voodoo Chile by Hendrix, absolutely fantastic talent.

Wednesday 22nd December 13:18 Report Comment

Phil ThomasGood choice on the Arctic Monkeys and The Beatles - they are quite good. Bands like the Kaiser Chiefs, Pigeon Detectives, Kasabian and Green Day are the kinds I like. Don't rule out Kings of Leon, their new album is just chilling out, beachy. The All American Rejects are similar too. My favourite band are The Coral from Hoylake, they have released 6 albums, and one acoustic version and a singles collection. They are a guitar group. I have been to three gigs - Kaiser Chiefs at the Echo Arena in March 2009, Kasabian at the Echo Arena in November 2009, and The Coral at the Mountford Hall last month. Can't wait for your next blog, you got good music taste!

Wednesday 22nd December 12:41 Report Comment

Adam HatwellGood to see a footballer into some decent music for once! You should check out (if you haven't already) The Walkmen, frontman has slight Dylan-esque vocals. Bows & Arrows and You & Me are pick of the albums for me.

Wednesday 22nd December 12:35 Report Comment

Terry MurphyAwesome display on Monday and all season, Leighton. Good to see you have comparable skills in your music choices too! As you're a Dylan fan I'd definitely recommend Bright Eyes - try 'Lifted Or The Story Is In The Soil, Keep Your Ear To The Ground' for a challenging but rewarding way in. Another incredible songwriter - and probably my favourite - is Sufjan Stevens. Check out 'Come On Feel The Illinoise' for some heartfelt, wistful banjo plucking, laden with brilliant orchestrations. And for some fist clenching nautical anthems, why not give 'Drown Your Heart Again' by The Strange Death of Liberal England a spin? I'm a bit biased on that one, as I wrote and played the string parts on it, but they're an incredible band, and one to watch. Look forward to the next instalment!

Wednesday 22nd December 12:00 Report Comment

David DwyerOops, double post

Wednesday 22nd December 11:38 Report Comment


Wednesday 22nd December 11:37 Report Comment


Wednesday 22nd December 11:35 Report Comment

colin cheersHia Leighton, Have you ever listerned to The Shins? There a band from New England that sound like a Lpool band ie they have odd lyrics plus jangly guitars. I would recomend their Wincing The Night Away, Fleet Foxes are another top American band I would recomend. Of local artists I would say that David Tyrrell is well worth a listern, he sings songs from ther heart, his band are The Soviet. Any LIPA bands are also well worth seeing my favs are Art Nouveau and At Any Time.

Wednesday 22nd December 10:59 Report Comment

matthew brooksBeing predominantly a rugby player I won't give you any psych up tunes as they'll probably lead to a red card. My favourite band is The Clash. As you like The Arctic Monkeys you should like The Last Shadow Puppet, this is Alex Turner and Miles Kane along with James Ford the composer. You might also like Silversun Pickups - Lazy Eye (really good guitar riff).

Wednesday 22nd December 10:53 Report Comment

Dave RobinsonPretty much the same bands im in to mate. Listening to Citizen Copes albums at the moment. Id say his second "The Clarence Greenwood Recordings" is his best but all are good. Also have you tried Reverand and the makers or the Courteeners ? My other most listened on ipod lately are Shed 7, Squeeze,Led zeppelin and the Enemy. All worth a listen.

Wednesday 22nd December 10:25 Report Comment

Lindsey McGrathso pleased to see you enjoy good music too. I,ve seen muse a few times and they are fantastic, but I also enjoyed jules holland at glasto, quite varied tastes but all music can be good.Best set I saw was faith no more at pheonix festival, and accoustic robert plant some years ago. Recently been buying movie soundtracks, elizabeth town quite good mixture of stuff. There,s a cd comin out soon that has loads of john peel stuff etc went to probe yesterday you can get it there when it comes out. My m.s. means can,t get to see much live anymore but loads of stuff on cds if you know where to get it. P.s great goal Monday!!!!

Wednesday 22nd December 10:18 Report Comment

wiliam williamsvery similair tastes.leighton,you should give the wedding present/cinerama(david gedge) a of our greatest songwriters.mull historical soceity are worth a listen .

Wednesday 22nd December 09:57 Report Comment

Harry ShepherdI like your taste in music, real stuff with skilled musicians. I am a huge fan of REM as they produce so many good songs and have many different styles

Wednesday 22nd December 09:48 Report Comment

Kate CollinsAfter reading both the Blog and the Comments, I feel to young to be reading this or suggesting things. Have you ever listened to Jamiroquai or (as everyone has) Bon Jovi? Love them both, but if you want something more modern, ever tried Paramore? Because I'm not sure I know anyone who doesn't like them. Nick Hudson has suggested Spotify and I would suggest it as well! :)

Wednesday 22nd December 09:43 Report Comment

Mats KarlstrømSince I'm from Norway, I want to reccomend for you an excellent norwegian band. They're called Soup and play a bit like Pink Floyd, so you should check out their album "Children of E.L.B", especially the song "Utopia". I also reccomend Madrugada, a very popular band in Norway. Outstanding vocal, great guitar. "Live At Tralfamadore" may be their best album.

Wednesday 22nd December 07:36 Report Comment

Bruce FennessyI would definately check out a band called "The Springbok nude girls" if you are a fan of guitar based rock. They are a South African band that will be touring with U2 early next year. Ask Peanuts about them. Brilliant! Also have a look at 'Dave Beretta Owens' online on his website. Very good vocalist with awesome hooks that will keep you entertained for ages.

Wednesday 22nd December 06:47 Report Comment

Gary WrightTry our band out Bainsey la,

Wednesday 22nd December 05:13 Report Comment

NIck HudsonFinally, Mars Volta: “Inertia Esp” now, this band tend to take the musical rule book and toss it about like a child on blue smarties, but they can produce some of the most invigorating hard-rock out there. If you like your music heavy, this track is four minutes of pure adrenalin. Under it’s influence you’ll feel ready to break Vinny’s record, wrestle John Carew, meg Messi and beat an angry Mr. Moyes in a staring contest. Crank it up.

Wednesday 22nd December 03:35 Report Comment

NIck HudsonJeff Buckley: “Grace” from the album of the same name, Buckley’s vocal, lyrical and guitar playing ability is encapsulated by this track, a good jumping off point if your unfamiliar with his stuff. “Lover you should’ve come over” is one of my favourites songs of all time, but more of a track you listen to if your tired on the bus after an away trip and miss the wife. Stevie Ray Vaughan: “Pride and Joy” One of the greatest guitarists of all time. If you haven’t listened to his stuff, do so immediately! A bit more country orientated, the soundtrack to many of my post-shower bedroom struts. Also if you’re a fan of some ostentatious guitaring nonsense try “Rude Mood” if there’s a mirror in your peripheries, and your quick, you might just catch a glimpse of your jaw dropping.

Wednesday 22nd December 03:35 Report Comment

NIck HudsonLeighton, great idea/blog thanks for taking the time to write it. Since your far busier than I am I think it's only fair that I take some time to write some suggestions. Not sure on the web-sites policy when it comes to mentioning products but it's music related so; before my recommendations I suggest, if you haven't already, that you take a look at Spotify, it can literally revolutionise the way you listen to music, great way to find and browse through new/old artist's back-catalogues. (It'll make finding and listening to people's suggestions a lot easier too). incase this is deleted I'll do the tracks on another comment.

Wednesday 22nd December 03:34 Report Comment

Mathew StockBainsey! So glad about this Blog! I just wrote a previous post, but it turns out it was too long :( I'll just name 4 Artists to check out, I'm only 16, but I love all kinds of Music, preferably 60s-80s rock :) Marillion from 82-88 (Script For A Jesters Tear) Nick Drake (Number one Album of all time with Pink Moon) Local young hard rock band - If You have facebook, I'd thoroughly recommend searching for 'Little Wing Southport' and going to see them! Music is my whole life, I'd love it if You could check out My blog :) I'd love it if You could somehow give Me some feedback, it would make my day! :)

Wednesday 22nd December 01:33 Report Comment

Steven BerryBainsey check out the new albums from The Bee's (Winter Rose is a beautiful song), Steve Mason (Am I Just A Man best song all year) and The Phantom Band. Great blog. Like what I hear from Tame Impaler on your recommendation. Keep the faith!

Wednesday 22nd December 00:58 Report Comment

Jean BreezeWell Leighton, I have two people I suggest you listen to: Thea Gilmore. Try Rules For Jokers, Songs from the Gutter. or her excellent album of covers, Loft Music. Guy Maile, a superb guitar player with a bluesy voice

Wednesday 22nd December 00:28 Report Comment

Lee ThomasBainsey you should listen to a guy called Gavin DeGraw. Hes good. Good quality tunes in his collection.

Tuesday 21st December 23:15 Report Comment

Johnny RebBainesy la, have a listen to Johnny Reb.. They're just back from recording in Portugal with Morrissey's guitarist Boz Boorer... Moreover they're Evertonians!

Tuesday 21st December 23:07 Report Comment

Tony Ouseynow then bainsey,check out fifteen stories they have a track called saving grace on myspace .hope you the best.

Tuesday 21st December 22:53 Report Comment

Mikel ArreguiGood musical taste you have Leighton! Liked the blog, it's quality just like your performances on the royal blue shirt. Just wondered if there are any 90s bands you like apart form Oasis and Travis. It's the decade I started listening to music seriosly so many of my favourite bands are from that decade, especially grunge, rock and alternative ones. Keep up the great work on and off the pitch, you're a wizard!

Tuesday 21st December 22:49 Report Comment

brennan finneganHi Bainsey looking at your lists you have a wide taste in music. Talking Heads and Rem, whom iv all their cds are two of my favourites. You should concentrate on the 80s, the best decade in my opinion. Try Journey, Ultravox, Scorpions, New Order (Joy Division) Interpol, and even country singer Kenny Rogers. Theyre the best like yourself

Tuesday 21st December 21:49 Report Comment

CATHERINE WARDYou seem to like decent music Leighton so give 'The Real People' a try. They are a local band and if you don't already know them they are great musicians and songwriters who have been going since the late 80's.They are widely regarded as 'The' pioneers of britpop and even helped Oasis record their first album (and are credited with writing some of their songs). Their new album is out now called 'Think Positive' and is well worth a listen. Some of their older stuff such as 'The people in the telly' and 'Rayners Lane' is cracking too. Oh and you have the bonus that their bass player Tony is a good bluenose to boot :-). Check them out- they have a website and are on the usual music outlets online if you google them. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Tuesday 21st December 21:47 Report Comment

Emma LewisGreat goal last night, goal of the month I think. If you haven't already try Muse, the albums differ in style from their first to their last album but all bring something for all music lovers. One of the greatest live bands ever.

Tuesday 21st December 21:41 Report Comment

Barry GilchristGlad to hear you like The Black Angels Leighton - their first album 'Directions To See A Ghost' is pretty mesmeric and worth a listen. If you like them you might also like groups like The Warlocks, Six Organs Of Admittance, Liars and Deerhunter too - my recent new favourite band is Avi Buffalo,try and give it a listen if you want a break away from all the commercial stuff you hear on the radio.

Tuesday 21st December 21:21 Report Comment

Joseph KellyIt's all about Arcade Fire, LCD Soundsystem and Drodp Kick Murphy's for me.

Tuesday 21st December 21:00 Report Comment

Alan McCartyI thought it was mandatory for footballers to have dreadful taste in music, you're obviously an exception! Some artists and albums I'd recommend, Neil Young, many great albums to choose from (and also a few duds in his catalogue) but I'd go for Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, Zuma or Ragged Glory as good starter points. Super Furry Animals still release consistently good albums, Dark Days/Light Years being the latest. Best release this year for me was Boys Outside by Steve Mason (formerly of The Beta Band).

Tuesday 21st December 20:38 Report Comment

mike tuckerHiya bainsey, first of all great goal last night well deserved! You have got to check out a band called 'the boxer rebellion' ( they will be massive this year when their new album comes out, their previous albums 'exits' & 'union' are class! Regarding weller you have to listen to a band called 'dogs' ( weller has played live with them in the past and they sound alot like the jam, check out a song called 'london bridge'.

Tuesday 21st December 20:34 Report Comment

Adam Nelsoni think you would love the scottish indie band frightened rabbit. they are amazing, maybe dm and seamus know them. their two latest albums, winter of mixed drinks and the midnight organ fight, are amazing. nice to see a player who shares my love of the game as well as music. good luck against bham, keep supplying timmy superb services.

Tuesday 21st December 20:23 Report Comment

Rebecca MartinA footballer with decent taste in music - you are a rarity indeed Leighton! Like you, I tend to just follow my ear and listen to what sounds good. My more advanced years means that the bands that tended to have the biggest impact on me were along the lines of Pearl Jam, RHCP, Nirvana, Soundgarden etc and I still listen to a lot of that stuff. Perhaps Leighton you can get the tannoy to play one of your selections pre-match at each home game?

Tuesday 21st December 20:05 Report Comment

William SchoefmannMaybe during the brief summer break you could get to some festivals as well, great opportunity to get a day or two worth of live music and see multiple bands you're interested in and see some stuff you've never heard also. Cheers

Tuesday 21st December 20:00 Report Comment

Dom DunningGood shout Tom Mumford and sons!

Tuesday 21st December 19:40 Report Comment

Robert Jepsontop idea for a blog, you should listen to 'Tom Waits- Rain dogs'. Its quite progressive and stands out from everything else in the 80's. He's such a poet so if you like bob dylan i think you could get into him. Everybody should have a bowie album in there collection aswell, my favourites are hunky dory and heroes. Also, what a sweet goal against city last night!

Tuesday 21st December 18:53 Report Comment

tom mcmurrienice blog bainsey your one of my favourite players i love you i think you should have a listen to mumford & sons they are a great band :)

Tuesday 21st December 18:41 Report Comment

Hank BrambletGreat stuff. I like the idea of the blog and hope the club does more stuff like this. Music wise, I favor American roots music that rocks, bands like Uncle Tupelo (and its children Son Volt & Wilco), Alejandro Escovedo, Bottle Rockets, and Whiskeytown. For a change of pace, I also enjoy Sun Kil Moon/Mark Kozelek.

Tuesday 21st December 18:11 Report Comment

Vincenzo DesantisGood stuff!! Nice to see Cast get a mention, saw them at the o2 academy last month for the All Change anniversary tour..brilliant gig. One band i would reccomend (if you aren't into them already) is The Pogues..most people only know their christmas one but they have so many better tunes than that & his lyrics are very much overlooked. They are without a doubt the best live band ive seen too.

Tuesday 21st December 18:04 Report Comment

Chris WilliamsonGlad to see Pink Floyd and Dylan up there. Here's a suggestion that will be a bit different, and would fall under the category of folk, but not finger in the ear woolly sweater folk, more along the lines of Bob Dylan folk. Try the band 'A show of hands' and look out for the tracks, 'the galway farmer' and 'AIG' from their recent album of the same name. Great musicians. Seen them live dozens of times.

Tuesday 21st December 17:51 Report Comment

jeff mullardSome good tunes there, not to keen on dylan myself but the rest is quality! why not have a listen to my brothers band, a local merseyside group called the fallows, they have been played on the radio and have had good reviews and also at anfield (sorry to swear) they have a single on itunes at the moment called the caine, only 79p so worth a go, he'd be made up if he seen a review from you on itunes being a big blue like myself! anyway an interesting read, all the best!

Tuesday 21st December 17:45 Report Comment

Aubrey ElliottHuge Dylan fan myself, if you're into that old school rock vibe check out the Black Keys. They're finally getting big over here in the states and have an awesome Blues feel. Great guitar riffs throughout.

Tuesday 21st December 17:37 Report Comment

Patrick MainwaringHeya Leighton. Liking your music taste and liking the goal last night! Pure class well done mate.(Yeah I know I broke the rules) I know what you mean about the r'n'b trash and the likes, however there is some great hip-hop that I think tends to appeal more to people who like rock. "The Roots" and "Handsome Boy Modelling School" (just for the name you got to listen to them!) are awesome bands that use a mixture of rock, hip-hop and blues in their songs. Hope you get to listen to a few of their songs, see what you think of it! On a maybe slightly more conservative side (closer to your tastes) try School of Seven Bells. Finally one guy I always recommend is Federico Aubele, an Argentinian nu-jazz artist. Great young product of the Latin lounge scene. Anyway, I know I've swamped you with bands, but try to listen to at least to one of them. Hopefully you won't regret it!

Tuesday 21st December 17:27 Report Comment

Barry Robertsi like the fact that you like what you like, because my attitude to music is the same.just one question, is it true that we should all be grateful that phil neville isn't giving us his musical blog?

Tuesday 21st December 17:26 Report Comment

Tom Mc AndrewAnd another two that you HAVE to like, Deadmau5 and Pendulum.

Tuesday 21st December 17:24 Report Comment

Megan SforziniI have to second the recommendation for The National's High Violet. They are a truly amazing band. I would also recommend Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings' new album. It sounds just like a soul album straight out of the 60's.

Tuesday 21st December 17:20 Report Comment

Graeme TierneyGreat mention of I Am Kloot earlier. Saw them supporting Elbow (another excellent band) at Delamere forest in 2008. definitely worth a look

Tuesday 21st December 17:04 Report Comment

Graeme TierneyNice to see something different. As you like Bob Dylan, you're probably not averse to a bit of folk rock type of stuff. At that end of the musical spectrum, I would recommend Nick Drake, John Martyn, Crosby, Stills & Nash and Neil Young. I'm also a big fan of alternative rock, so things like Smashing Pumpkins (first 3 albums especially, but you can download their new songs free from their website), Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Skunk Anansie. If you want something more heavy blues rock, then Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are pretty good. Merry Christmas mate

Tuesday 21st December 17:01 Report Comment

David Edmondsnice blog Mr Baines, I'm also a big Dylan and Pink Floyd fan but I have to say I find the Beatles pretty dull. Currently listening to; Broken Social Scene (great Canadian collective), Grinderman (Nick Cave's latest band) and Cardiacs (greatest band ever to walk the ace of planet Earth). Also if you're a Floyd fan, have you heard Flaming Lips vs Stardeath and White Dwarves cover of The Dark Side of the Moon album? best record I bought this year. Keep up the good work, great goal on Monday night!! hope you can resist any big offers that will inevitably come your way this January ... we need you big time! Happy Christmas and all that ...

Tuesday 21st December 16:47 Report Comment

Neil McAdamAt the slightly heavier end of the spectrum. Try Nickelback? Black Stone Cherry? Velvet Revolver? Stone Sour? I've recently become a fan of Daughtry! Those bands seem more up your street than other bands i'm in to such as Metallica, Korn etc. ...i've also seen Jedward live at Lpool Uni.. sorry :(

Tuesday 21st December 16:37 Report Comment

Michael LynchGet yourelf into the New York Tourists Bainesy. There an up and coming Indie Band from Blackburn. They are class.

Tuesday 21st December 16:29 Report Comment

willie kellylike your tatse bainsey. okay i'm gonna do some shameless self promo here and suggest you check out my stuff. maybe we can be fans of each other haha!! my latest album was produced by johnny cash's son john carter cash and recorded at the cash cabin in nashville tennessee, this was johnny's personal studio. time of my life recording there!! check few tunes out at

Tuesday 21st December 16:28 Report Comment

Ale LaunechBAINSEY CHECK OUT SURFER BLOOD. also if you want u can check out my top twenty releases of the year at my blog if ur interested.

Tuesday 21st December 16:12 Report Comment

Pearl kelly KellyYou have same taste as me Baines i love the good old Beatles i have few of their songs on my ipod but im mainly into westlife and i like a few songs that my chemmical romance :) just wanted to know did you like your birthday card :) Xx

Tuesday 21st December 16:11 Report Comment

Chris JonesJohn Wilson has it spot on. You should also give Surfer Blood, Beach House and The Black Keys a listen. Some Aloe Blacc would also be a good listen.

Tuesday 21st December 16:10 Report Comment

anne-marie traceMaybe you should sign up for and then poeple can see what you're listening to. I love it because it will update with the stuff I've been listening to on the iPod too. Good, bad, indifferent my musical taste is there for all to see.

Tuesday 21st December 16:07 Report Comment

Michelle ParsonsGreat blog Leighton! Try Mumford and Sons, Biffy Clyro, The Gaslight Anthem, The Courteeners, The Twang and Alter Bridge, some of my favourite bands at the moment! Love this idea for a blog, hope it's something that takes off :)

Tuesday 21st December 16:03 Report Comment

John WilsonGreat Stuff Bainesy!! Two really good albums of the past 12 months: Deerhunter - Halcyon Digest The Walkmen - Lisbon Great goal on Monday btw - Pure class!!!

Tuesday 21st December 15:52 Report Comment

Andrew FaircloughCheckout The Union debut album Im sure you will like it Great goal last night

Tuesday 21st December 15:49 Report Comment

Matt WaringExcellent blog Leighton! I really look forward to seeing your posts and finding out more about what sort of music you like. If you have't already listened to it, check out High Violet by The National. Easily one of the best albums of this year. Also well worth checking out are Frightened Rabbit. Midnight Organ Fight and Winter of Mixed Drinks by them are incredible. I can't stop listening to them at the moment. Have you got a account too? They're really cool for finding new music and that so it's worth checking out if you haven't already!

Tuesday 21st December 15:34 Report Comment

When i score we riotAs far as a smooth, sprawling, guitar-based sound (like the black angels, good album!), i'd recommend Band of Horses, Bowerbirds and Surfer Blood, all previously mentioned here. I'm still not decided on the album of the year, but least year's greats for me wereThe Dodos. American, folky, heavily acoustic, energetic and thoroughly skilled. Give the albums "visiter" (2008) and last year's "time to die" a spin in the iPod on the way to work. Judging from the first impressions of this entry, i'm suspecting the upcoming write-ups might be concerning these aforementioned genres. Looking forward to the future entries, this is a right great christmas gift indeed. I am enjoying the prospect of hearing about hiphop, this year's best albums, best singer-songwriters, best driving songs and so on. Any opinions on nihilistic scandinavian death metal, Bainesy? Love to hear'em! Meanwhile, happy holidays!

Tuesday 21st December 15:33 Report Comment

M. definitelyBainsey! Please to find that you have such good taste in music - your favourite artists look remarkably similar to mine. Can never have too much Bob Dylan. Heres a few that I would recommend Villagers - Becoming a Jackal Comes recommended for Bob Dylan fans due to its contemporary take on a folky style and clever lyrics Pixels - Call It Devotion This is from a Liverpool group who create some diverse but really accessible stuff. This particular song is a kind of urban poetry / electro-indie piece with a touch of trip-hop. Radiohead - Go To Sleep Probably the most ground-breaking band in modern music. The most diverse and ever-changing since the Beatles. Would love to hear what you recon Leighton!

Tuesday 21st December 15:29 Report Comment

gavin mckindleymake sure you get to the Roger Waters concert Bainsey i went to see him in the echo arena and it was one of the best nights of my life! Dont forget hes getting on now and these tours may be his last lol

Tuesday 21st December 15:26 Report Comment

Richard PlaceGreat idea and some great choices. I would suggest you check out Shack if you like Cast and The Las. Vastly underated band who should have been massive. Another really good yet underated band is I Am Kloot.

Tuesday 21st December 15:17 Report Comment

William SchoefmannGreat Blog Leighton look forward to reading more. Dylan, Floyd and The Beatles are in my top five as well. I like a lot of instrumentally driven stuff too. Recently I've been listening to Fang Island from the US, also And So I Watch You From Afar out of N. Ireland and Portugal the Man another US based band. Have a listen to the Errors if you are in for something that's a bit out of the ordinary. We all have our skeletons in our music closet...I once owned a C and C Music Factory tape when I was around 11 or 12 (look that up and then commence cringing). Cheers.

Tuesday 21st December 15:01 Report Comment

Leighton. Firstly I have to congratulate you on a wonder goal against Man City last night. Truly superb. The lads were tremendous. Now for music. Get yourself into the "The Dead Weather" if not already so. A proper good super rock band.

Tuesday 21st December 14:49 Report Comment

Fuzzy Dunlop2 bands I've seen lately: MGMT- earlier songs like Indie Rokkers and new ones like Brian Eno are worth a listen And Band of Horses - great show in London, try The Funeral, The End's Not Near and Neighbor

Tuesday 21st December 14:32 Report Comment

denis danielsalright leighton,try listening to some mumford and son,great band

Tuesday 21st December 14:24 Report Comment

Duncan McDineI'm a big Dylan fan too, but also love Johnny Cash (especially the albums he recorded in the 90's before he passed away). Being in my early 30's the band for me was and is The Stone Roses, and love Ian Brown's solo stuff too. Just went to a Ryan Bingham gig, and think you'd like him if you're a fan of Dylan (he's quite heavily influenced by the fella)... he wrote and sang the Oscar winning soundtrack to the 'Crazy Heart' film, and has 3 excellent albums. Check him out on Youtube - especially the songs 'Halleluja', 'Weary Kind' and 'Dylans Hard Rain'. Cheers, Dunc.

Tuesday 21st December 14:21 Report Comment

Chris ButlandGreat stuff Leighton! If you're a Dylan fan, check out The Tallest Man On Earth. He's a Swedish singer/songwriter and his acoustic album is very Dylan-esque. Really distinctive voice that takes a bit of getting used to, but superb stuff. Currently rediscovering Paul Simon's 'Graceland' album (massive influence on Vampire Weekend) and enjoying Surfer Blood, Beach House and Bowerbirds albums in 2010.

Tuesday 21st December 14:16 Report Comment

Hayden JillionsAlter Bridge - Fantastic band live!.. The Killers... Snow Patrol

Tuesday 21st December 14:12 Report Comment

Sammy OwenTry Gogol Bordello if you're up for something decidedly different and bonkers!

Tuesday 21st December 14:06 Report Comment

Tom Mc AndrewFlogging Molly and Music for dead birds are what I'm trying out now. The second one is a local band from west Ireland but they've made it big, on Youtube and stuff! I also like alot that Hibbo and Ossie are into, and U2 too.

Tuesday 21st December 14:02 Report Comment

Michael QuarryI think this is a great idea. Some of my recommednations are The Gaslight Anthem, Jesse malin & The St Marks Social, My Jerusalem and the new Springsteen box set The Promise. Nice to see Deacon Blue get a mention - wonder if Everton were the blues Fergus was singing about !

Tuesday 21st December 13:50 Report Comment


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