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Loving Your Recommendations

Leighton Baines, 7th February 2011 - 12:42

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Welcome to my music blog!

I will be posting regular pieces on my biggest passion outside of football. But where I go with my entries is entirely up to you. There is one rule though - all football talk is banned! I would love to hear any recommendations people may have in terms of bands to listen to or tracks you like. I will give feedback on the recommendations – and will be offering my own insights into what I’m listening to every week and what I like. I’ll keep it light-hearted – and I hope it is something you enjoy.


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Thanks again for the response to my last blog! Again some great recommendations with Gorillaz and The Coral amongst them - they were two of my favourite records of last year.

In my first two posts plenty of you guys recommended listening to The Tallest Man On Earth - I wasn't familiar with him so I grabbed his EP ‘Sometimes The Blues Is Just A Passing Bird'. The comparisons to Bob Dylan are obvious and it even sounds too much like Bob! It's early days so I will see if this one grows on me.

I'm undecided on whether to grab the latest Kanye West album. I wasn't a fan of his last one but this one has been getting rave reviews, has anyone got into it?

Tom McCurrie posted a comment which gave an upcoming band, Shamona, a mention. They are a young local band and are worth checking out and showing some support.

They have a cover of John Lennon's ‘Come Together' on their Myspace along with their own tunes. I will be keeping an ear out for them! Check them out here .

A mention from Daniel Evans for Exit Calm is also worth a look.

And it's also worth checking out THIS/BROADCAST here .

There were also few mentions for Broken Bells. That was one of my faves from last year too so I'm glad to hear you guys are liking that. If you haven't heard them before, their self-titled album is worth checking out.

Tony Kibble gave a few good mentions, among them The The. I grabbed their album ‘Soul Mining' and I'm happy I did! Cheers mate!

A couple of people mentioned having a word with the DJ over pre-match and half-time music! Give me some recommendations and I will see what can be done!

Dave Powell was spot on with a Captain Beefheart shout - I love his ‘Safe As Milk' record! Check out this amusing clip of Beefheart and His Magic Band!

Dave also mentioned The Fall. I have never really given them much time and with so much material its hard to know where to start! Any recommendations?

Also check out Phil Murphy's band - Secret Pilot. Cheers for the post!

Beady Eye are going to be supported by Miles Kane on part of their upcoming tour. I was planning to try and see both so this is good news for me! Two birds with one stone and all that! Any one get out to any gigs over the last month or so?

In this month's issue of BIDO LITO! (Liverpool music magazine) amongst other good stuff there is an interesting article about independent music label Payper Tiger Records that I thought was worth a mention. You can pick up the free mag at various places around the city, I normally grab mine at Probe or Bold Street Coffee!

Over the past month one of the albums I picked up that I enjoyed was Anna Calvi's self titled effort. It's probably more of a grower than an instant favourite due to its fairly intense and slightly dark and dramatic nature but its one I'm getting into.

It takes me around 30 minutes to get to Finch Farm of a morning so here is a little insight into some of the tunes I have been listening to over the past few weeks. In no particular order:

Anna Calvi - First We Kiss
The Black Angels - Bad Vibrations
Jacques Dutronc - Les Cactus
Miles Kane - Come Closer
Beady Eye - The Roller
Tame Impala - Desire Be, Desire Go
The Rolling Stones - She's A Rainbow
The The - This Is The Day
The Velvet Underground - I'll Be Your Mirror
The Walker Brothers - Sun Aint Gonna Shine Anymore
Captain Beefheart - Zig Zag Wanderer
The Doors - You're A Lost Little Girl

What's making the recently played playlist on your iPod? Feel free to post your own playlists at the bottom of this blog and I'll check them out when I can!


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brian wilkinson30 mins to finch farm, well you could do a lot worse than load these lot up on your ipod to cover the journey. Layla derek and the dominoes, dont fear the reaper blue oyster cult, pinball wizard the who, i feel free cream, house of the rising sun the animals, far far away slade, whiskey in the jar thin lizzy, lily rosemary and the jack of hearts bob dylan, love will tear us apart joy division, duchess the stranglers.

Saturday 26th February 02:34 Report Comment

Craig ClarkeTalk Talk - Lifes What You Make It.

Saturday 26th February 00:24 Report Comment

Rich Thompsonsomeone has probably mentioned him already, but any fan of Dylan should try Tom Waits, very different type of americana, but equally as good. His career has shifted styles as much as Bowies, yet I cant call any of his 20 odd albums bad. Try the album "Raindogs" as a starting point, or "Downtown Train" as a track.

Friday 25th February 15:44 Report Comment

Jonathan HindGive Skylights a try and Young Believers.

Friday 25th February 13:57 Report Comment

Jonathan HindWhat do the other players listen to? I can imagine Phil Neville dancing to Steps, Heitinga to Anthrax and Felli being one of the Jackson 5. PS What have you done to your hair?

Friday 25th February 13:55 Report Comment

Joe McGrathMy son Thomas recommends Little Dragon, after he saw them support the Gorillaz

Friday 25th February 13:17 Report Comment

Joe McGrathShould check out Robert Plant's Band of Joy, the man is legend in my book. Moby, Radiohead have new albuns coming out, and PJ Harvey is always good

Friday 25th February 11:08 Report Comment

David HufBainsey, a great Australian band well worth checking out is You Am i.

Friday 25th February 11:06 Report Comment

Andy BushHey Leighton - its ace that you are doing this on your blog. I present a radio show on Heart down in Bristol would you be up for a quick interview about your blog? We do the breakfast show and I'm a big Evertonian, I'd love to speak to you about what music recommendations you've been getting from the fans. If you're up for it drop me a line - All the best, (great freekick against Chelsea) Bush P.S. My recommendation is Shellac - best band in the world, try a song called Ghosts.

Friday 25th February 09:33 Report Comment

Rbert FoxOh and on The Fall, Live at the Witch Trials is a great starting point, Extricate is a classic mid period album as well. The The-fantastic band, their debut (originally recorded as a Matt Johnson solo) Burning Blue Soul is a classic, as are Soul Mining and Infected.

Friday 25th February 00:04 Report Comment

Rbert FoxNot been through every post, but not seen a couple of local legends mentioned, Shack should've been massive, fantastic songwriting by brothers Michael and John Head. Waterpistol or HMS Fable would be good starting points, also The Magical World of The Strands which was recorded by them as Michael Head and the Strands. The Realies were a massive influence on Oasis and to this day are much the better band, they have a long awaited new album out called Think Positive. Great to see you namecheck Tame Impala, amazing band live and on record. Check out Crystal Antlers, more straight ahead psych rock than Tame Impala but excellent all the same. Nice one for the blog Leighton, been a long time since we had Pat Nevin and his love of the Cocteaus.

Friday 25th February 00:02 Report Comment

Tony KibbleNew Mogwai album just out this week. Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will Another fantastic album by them. Not a weak track in there at all.

Thursday 24th February 11:54 Report Comment

Craig ClarkeJoy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart.

Thursday 24th February 00:20 Report Comment

Matthew GARDNERHi Leighton. Try getting hold of an album by The Wolf People, their latest is called Steeple, and is heavily enfluenced by bands such as Free, led Zepplin, Canned Heat, and Allman Brothers band guitar solos. Also if you like Bob Dylan, have you heard about The Band? They were his backing band when he suddenly went electric ( His album Live at the Albert Hall is worth checking out). The Bands first two albums are great, Music From Big Pink, and The Band.

Wednesday 23rd February 22:04 Report Comment

nick sheppardHi Leighton, I went to see the White Lies last month live and I thought they were awesome, if you get the chance I would seriously recommend going to see them. Deffo best of New British talent at the moment

Wednesday 23rd February 19:02 Report Comment

chris owenHi Leighton, I've not heard much of The Fall but Blindness is amazing! Really nasty bass sound and off the album Heads Roll. My fave album at the moment is The Suburbs by Arcade Fire. The Black Keys latest sounds impressive. Have you heard Radiohead's new album? I'm intrigued to see what it's like. Elbow have their new album out soon too. I know this is probably frowned upon but if you get chance check out my band EXILE PARADE. Our debut album is being mixed by Dave Bascombe (Lady Antebellum, Doves, The Coral), produced by Owen Morris (Oasis, Verve, New Order, The View) and Marco Migliari (Sigur Ros, Stereophonics, Travis) at Real World Studios and Monnow Valley. Looking at what sort of music you are into I'm confident you'll like what you hear and so will others on here :o) some of our tracks are on the usual places like youtube and myspace.

Wednesday 23rd February 11:30 Report Comment

Nik GloverBest Fall album to begin with is Grotesque (After the Gramme), although This Nation's Saving Grace is also genius. Check out The Unicorns, a really great band from a few years ago who went on to form Islands as well.

Wednesday 23rd February 08:05 Report Comment

alan smartCheck this out Leigton - a Carly Simon classic, updated

Tuesday 22nd February 18:20 Report Comment

Michael LeeHey Leighton if you like Dylan you should try 'The Wild Hunt' by 'The Tallest Man On Earth' - Also Try 'American Slang' by 'The Gaslight Anthem' !

Tuesday 22nd February 17:31 Report Comment

Vincenzo DesantisYou should give John Cooper Clarke - Snap, Crackle & Bop a listen..His lyrics are incredible! Great to see The The get a mention too..This is the day & Uncertain Smile in particular are such underrated tracks!! Loving the blogs, keep 'em coming!

Tuesday 22nd February 17:13 Report Comment

Craig ClarkeHi i`m new to your music blog and i was going to recommend you give The The a listen but i see someone has already recommended them. Like yourself i`m into into a lot of guitar based music but i also listen to a lot of electronic music. So i`d like to recommended a couple of tracks by electronic music producers. I don`t know where you listen to peoples recommendations but both tracks are on Youtube. They might not be your thing but then again you seem to have an eclectic taste so you might like them. Derrick May - Icon Digital Justice - Theme From It`s All Gone Pear Shaped

Tuesday 22nd February 16:53 Report Comment

ben jenningsHi Leighton, always great to see a footballer with decent taste in music, that's not just Rn'B n Hip-Hop. So would suggest a guy called Matisyahu for a bit of a reggae act with a difference. Some Gil Scott Heron for a bit of a jazz flavour. Sure there are more, but going to spend a while checking out yours and other peoples recommendations

Tuesday 22nd February 13:12 Report Comment

Phil HancockAnother set of solid picks Leighton, and it's great to get some recommendations myself, from you and other bloggers - you can spot people with similar taste and pick up some new tips from them. Loving Fanfarlo and Tame Impala from earlier blogs.Great blog. This month I be mostly listening to Little Comets - I n search of little comets, top album - if you liked Mystery Jets you will like this, Delta Spirit - Ode to Sunshine, and The Villagers (as they are supporting Elbow - bit Cherry Ghost/I am Kloot) and revisiting Frank Turner - The first three years and Bluetones - Expecting to Fly ( a classic) Slightly disappointed with the new Streets - but will give it a chance.

Saturday 19th February 10:24 Report Comment

Darrell HaywardHi Leighton - great to see a footballer into something other than R'n'B and Hip Hop! So recommendations... well I would echo Joseph McCormick and recommend Bon Iver. If you like him, you'll probably love Fleet Foxes (their song White Winter Hymnal is a classic). Josh Rouse is great - his album "Nashville" is perfect Sunday morning material. The New Pornographers album "Challengers" is superb as is “Let me introduce you to my friends” by I’m From Barcelona. Finally, if you like Dylan, check out anything by Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes / Monsters of Folk are just 2 of his bands) or Bruce Springsteen – there is far more to him than Born in The USA (I don’t believe there is a better song than “Thunder Road” whilst the Ghost of Tom Joad is classic American folk at its best).

Friday 18th February 14:43 Report Comment

Kevin BanksHi Leighton. Mogwai have a new album out this week but I'd check out there live album Special Moves. The tracks Yes I Am a Long Way From Home, Like Herod and Mogwai fear Satan are epic. The Delgados album The Great Eastern is fantastic. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion have been off the boil over the last few years but check out the albums Orange, Now I've Got Worry or Acme. A band who never really got the recognition they deserve are Deus. There album The Ideal Crash is definately worth a listen. I could go on for hours here so I'll keep it at these few so I don't bombard your head to much. He he! Lastly though I will recomend a good local band, The Swinging Bricks. Zombie Girl is my favourite tune. Take care.

Thursday 17th February 11:55 Report Comment

Joseph McCormickGood blog mate, something different hearing a footballers perspective as a music fan! Have you ever listened to Bon Iver? Their music is slow and atmospheric, and it's both instantly accessable and a grower. The best thing is though, with the music being so good, it opens all the doors leading through to the acts associated with them and there are many, many great roads to take from there. Their album is self-titled, with an EP called Blood Bank followed, and I'd recommend the entire thing but mostly a song called RE: Stacks. Also, as a Dylan fan I also suggest a man called Rodriguez, and specifically his album Cold Fact. A great lyricist! Keep it up mate!

Thursday 17th February 10:32 Report Comment

Mr. Baines, Might I recommend Klak Tik? They utilise a mesmerising melange of instruments to create a uniquely elegant sound as expertly showcased in this live video of one of their rehearsals: Matthew

Thursday 17th February 02:34 Report Comment

Pat FineganI can pretty much guarantee you that you'd like Anberlin... I just started listening to this band called Sleigh Bells. I'm not really sure what to compare them to. I guess if I had to label them, noise pop/indie. I highly recommend them... I've also been listening to a lot of Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, The National, Jack Johnson, and Flogging Molly... Not sure if you're into punk/hardcore (doesn't look like it) but Every Time I Die is pretty awesome, too.

Wednesday 16th February 03:17 Report Comment

Neil RobertsBainesy, I reckon you should delve into a bit of Krautrock. Can's Tago Mago and Faust IV would be good places to start.

Tuesday 15th February 21:37 Report Comment

sarah brighttry these out: enter shikari - juggernauts. the kills - getting down. the libertines - what a waster. nirvana - you know your right. queens of the stone age - river in the road. weezer - my name is jonas. :)

Monday 14th February 12:28 Report Comment

Milin Chandrafire with fire by scissor sisters ac of hz by ladytron hold my hand by michael j sun in my pocket hear these and bainesy will be fresh throughout the day

Sunday 13th February 15:52 Report Comment

Darren FrostFirstly, Tame Impala "InnerSpeaker" was one of my faves of last year, along with This is happening - LCD Soundsystem The Fool - Warpaint Brothers - Black Keys Avi Buffalo Total Life Forever - Foals All well worth checking out. So far this year I'm enjoying the new albums from British Sea Power, Joy Formidable and Chapel Club. Old stuff: Everybody Knows This is Nowhere - Neil Young & Crazy Horse Blonde on Blonde - Bob Dylan Exile on Main Street - Stones Goo - Sonic Youth Oh, also, if anyone's interested, a bit of shameless self-promotion...

Sunday 13th February 14:52 Report Comment

Gary CharlesLeighton, check out the Beak> album. It is the chap from Portishead doing a sort of 70's Krautrock thing with a few of his mates. The album did not get much press or attention but it's probably my album of the last year or so. Also check out my band - The Gwladys End: Nothing wrong with a bit of harmless self-promotion - Hopefully you like it.

Friday 11th February 12:10 Report Comment

Ed ShackleeRickie Lee Jones, "Chuck E's In Love" on Rickie Lee Jones Tinariwen, "Cler Achel" on Aman Iman: Water Is Life Cheb Mami, "Parisien Du Nord (remix)" on Meli Meli Marizia, "Malmequer" on Transparente

Thursday 10th February 23:11 Report Comment

Andrew JonesLove - The red telephone Jaques Brel - La chanson de jacky Lloyd Cole and the Commotions – You will never be no G good The National - Karen Paul Simon - Duncan Orange Juice - Louise Louise Rodriguez - Can't get away Manic Street Preachers - Faster Tennessee Ernie Ford - Sixteen tons Most songs are fairly obvious but I couldn't recommend Lloyd Cole & Rodriguez so good you can't believe they aren't more revered by the general public. Andrew.

Thursday 10th February 21:09 Report Comment

Sam Wattretmilburn, reverend and the makers, chase and status new album, the bravery- an honest mistake, manic street preachers

Wednesday 9th February 22:27 Report Comment

brent evansBainsey, check out Chapel Club, i reckon you will like them

Wednesday 9th February 18:26 Report Comment

Daniel EvansCheers for the shout out on my band This/Broadcast in the latest blog Leighton, much appreciated. The Sunshine Underground are class.. had a few mentioned from ppl over the last few blogs... defo worth a listen.

Wednesday 9th February 10:49 Report Comment

Nick FlynnSorry Leighton, got confused. You're right The Fall have released a lot of stuff. 'My New House' is on This Nation's Saving Grace (just re-released), not Bend Sinister. Anyway, enjoy!

Wednesday 9th February 07:28 Report Comment

Paul KingsburyLeighton: listen to Animal Collective's "Merriweather Post Pavilion" see: they are like Aphex Twin meets the Beach Boys! and Panda Bear's "Person Pitch" see: he is a key member of Animal Collective. The former is arguably the most important album since U2's Achtung Baby!

Wednesday 9th February 05:20 Report Comment

Mathew StockSorry about the 2nd post, but try out Little Wing (Local Southport Act) if you're also into monumental classic rock epics like Comfortably Numb, Sultans of Swing and Hotel Calofornia (Pink Floyd, Dire Straits and Eagles obviously! ;D) They do EVERYTHING that's good from the 60s straights through to now! Anything that has a good rocky feel to it anyways :) Cream, CSN/Y (Crosby, Stills, Nash and sometimes Young) the Beatles, Buffalo Springfield, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Neil Diamond, Eric Clapton, Led Zep, The Allman Brothers, just try them out! Inbox them about a free CD, say Mathew Stock sent You! :D They do their own material as well, search them on YouTube under Little Wing Southport! :)

Tuesday 8th February 23:55 Report Comment

Robert SawyerHi - great blog Leighton. Here are my current suggestions: Air – especially Premiers Symptomes (a CD of early work) and the first 5 tracks on Moon Safari (La Femme d’Argent etc) - fantastic gallic chill-out. Maybe add a dash of Bonnie and Clyde by Serge Gainsbourg to continue the French vibe.... Babe Rainbow by the House of Love – is a beautiful album of guitar msuic and well worth rediscovering as is Morrissey’s "Vauxhall and I" from the same era. A bit of Ska? Liquidator by Harry J All-Stars (even though they play it at Chelsea )and Double Barrel by Dave and Ansel Collins get my vote Then some early funk: the original 9-minute Funky Drummer by James Brown and For the Love of Money by the O’Jays (one of the best intros ever). Finish off with Ten Storey Love Song segueing into Daybreak by the Stone Roses. Rob

Tuesday 8th February 23:07 Report Comment

try cold war kids album 'robbers and cowards' also either of jamie t's albums!

Tuesday 8th February 22:41 Report Comment

T MYou should take a listen to a new,upcoming band around Liverpool -

Tuesday 8th February 21:34 Report Comment

Chris HalliganBainsey. Have no doubts - the new Kanye West album is fantastic! It's a fascinating new direction for him, and has produced some genuinely great tunes! Make sure you listen to "Gorgeous" and "Blame Game" at the very least

Tuesday 8th February 21:31 Report Comment

Pearl kelly KellyWhat i would also recommend Baines is Katy Melua - closest thing to crazy and nine million bicycles :) they are calming songs which is what you need after a good day of training

Tuesday 8th February 20:57 Report Comment

Mathew StockBainsey, please read this! If I was to EVER recommend any 2 Artists to anybody, and their respective albums, it would be: Nick Drake - Pink Moon Marillion - Script For A Jesters Tear Nick Drake is possibly one of the most unsought-after gems in English, possibly world, music. He died at an early age (26) so just missed out on the '27 Club'. He has influenced so many Artists, most notably Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Pink Moon was also voted in the Top 100 Albums of all time by NME! It's only Him and his acoustic guitar, recorded over 2 Midnight Sessions which took 3 horus overall. The only thing that isn't his Guitar was some self-written Piano He dubbed over on Pink Moon (The title track) Please Bainsey, is anything, please check out Pink Moon :)

Tuesday 8th February 20:57 Report Comment

Rob JonesCheck out 'The Burns Unit' - Scottish/Canadian Indie Folk (King Creosote, Emma Pollock - ex Delgados) - my current fave!

Tuesday 8th February 20:32 Report Comment

Emma BHelloo Bainsey :) Ever heard of a band called The Wanted? They're a boyband that came out last year with the No.1 All Time Low and since then they've brought out Heart Vacancy and Lose my Mind, I'm a massive fan. Also, Hi ho silver lining is a great song, great memories from the semi final at Wembley!! :D

Tuesday 8th February 20:19 Report Comment

Alex WhitneySome bands for you to check out from my recently played, Piglet, Bad Veins, Clean Equations, Spose, Cage the Elephant, and The Good The Bad

Tuesday 8th February 19:51 Report Comment


Tuesday 8th February 19:38 Report Comment

Bainesy, I'd reccomend the American band, 'Angels & Airwaves'. If you're into U2 and some other stadium rock like that, you might enjoy them. I can honestly say their first album is my favourite album, ever. Check out their song, 'The Adventure'.

Tuesday 8th February 19:22 Report Comment

Philip KinneyGood mix of music there. Here's some I'd recommend, all have excellent albums mainly released last year or this year - Funeral Party, Ariel Pinks Haunted Graffiti, Harper Simon, Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Surfer Blood, Chapel Club, Harlem, Everything Everything, Crystal Fighters, Burial and Avi Buffalo. That should get you through the drive to Finch Farm! My last comment looked a bit mixed up so thought I'd clarify!

Tuesday 8th February 19:10 Report Comment

Lee MyddletonMay I suggest a band called The Sunshine Underground? Likened to The Killers by some but a different class in my opinion. Check out tracks 'Nobody's Coming To Save You', 'We've Always Been Your Friends', 'Commercial Breakdown' and 'Borders'. Another little band I'd like to recommend is an unsigned act called Bromheads. They have an album you can download digitally from their website for a fiver called 'The Lamp Sessions'. I'm sure you can spare a fiver even if you hate it (which I'm sure you won't) mate.

Tuesday 8th February 18:37 Report Comment

Tom EvansQuick playlist of people i've recently discovered: Nick Drake - From the Morning Portishead - Strangers Screaming Trees - Nearly Lost You Eels - Fresh Feeling Blind Melon - No Rain John Martyn - Over the Hill Deftones - Passenger Eels definitely seem up your street from what you've said about your music tastes.

Tuesday 8th February 18:01 Report Comment

Nick FlynnLeighton, The Fall, start easy with 'Container Drivers' on Grotesque, 'My New House' on Bend Sinister, and 'A Lot of Wind' on Shift-Work. Then explore, but take provisions...

Tuesday 8th February 18:00 Report Comment

Graham NolanIt is both surprising and refreshing to see a footballer who is into proper music as opposed to the dross that is in the charts. Judging from the bands you have previously mentioned I can only assume that you have heard of the likes of The Black Lips, The Cooper Temple Clause, Deerhunter and Darker My Love....all of these are worth checking out if you haven't previously done so. However, might I strongly recommend Dublin band TwinKranes and their album SpektrumTheatreSnakes. The album is influenced by the whole Krautrock buzz but is still poppy and very is one of the tracks off the album.....hope u enjoy it.....

Tuesday 8th February 17:59 Report Comment

Pearl kelly KellyBainesy you might also like Katy Melua - closest thing to crazy, nine million bicycles. Its calming what you will need after a good day of training

Tuesday 8th February 17:57 Report Comment

Viktor MaakestadDylan Leblanc with the album Paupers Field The XX with their self titled album XX also i'm hung up on Mountain Man's album Made the harbor at the moment. If you feel more up for some rap/reagge Distant Relatives by Damien Marley and Nas would be my pick

Tuesday 8th February 17:40 Report Comment

Sen-C ConquerorI'd also like to recommend... some good funk... Roy Ayers - Running Lonnie Liston Smith - Expansions..... Bob James - Nautilus Soho - Hot Music.................... Dancing get up & move stuff!!

Tuesday 8th February 17:24 Report Comment

Sen-C ConquerorYo!! Mr. Baines... i dont see any hip hop in ur list - i'm guessing it's not your thing. However... I'm a massive Everton fan who Produces, Writes, Records & Performs my own brand of Hip Hop down in Reading (Berkshire). Myself & co member are called Red City - NOTHING to do with merseyside but a little mickey take of Reading trying or wanting to become a city!! look for us on facebook or google ''Red City - Cypher 6'' I'd love for you to have a listen & of course other Evertonians. More Love More Power.... Nil Satis Nisi Optimum

Tuesday 8th February 17:19 Report Comment

Dominic FitzpatrickHello Bainesy. Hope you still find time to give my favourite band Incubus a whirl. They've got a new song on YouTube at the moment called 'Surface to Air', it's pretty good. Check out some of their older albums, Morning View, A Crow Left Of The Murder, and Make Yourself to name a few.

Tuesday 8th February 17:10 Report Comment

Chris RyanHey Baines. Some good music there, gonna download some of them. My recommendation would be Fenech Soler, they are quite new but are starting to become more famous now. some songs you might want to listen to from them are: Stop and Stare, Lies and Demons.

Tuesday 8th February 16:33 Report Comment

Brian LiHey Baines, well I'm into alternative music, so might not be what you normally listen to :P Always thought My Chemical Romance, Rise Against, and The Goo Goo Dolls were good

Tuesday 8th February 16:15 Report Comment

Pearl kelly KellyGreat taste in music Baines :) i would recommend Sum 41 they are a good band and i have a few of their songs on my ipod. If you are into rock i would really recommend My chemical romance few of their songs you might like is Na na na na na, bulletproof hear, black parade and teenagers. I also am a big fan of Tom Conchrane - life is a highway and my favorite song on my ipod has to be Bob Marley one love :) hope some of these have helped you. An p.s did you like your chocolate lollipop :)

Tuesday 8th February 15:48 Report Comment

Philip KinneyGood mix of music there. Here's some I'd recommend - Ariel Pinks Haunted Graffiti = Fright Night Harper Simon - Wishes & Stars Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Young Adut Friction Surfer Blood - Harmonix Chapel Club - O Maybe I Harlem - Faces Everything Everything - Photoshop Handsome Crystal Fighters - Plage Burial - Raver That should get you through the drive to Finch Farm!

Tuesday 8th February 14:35 Report Comment

Milin Chandramichael jackson--hold my hand

Tuesday 8th February 14:27 Report Comment

Simon Burgeps for great night out trailer park boys at liverpool academy on 2nd march. gonna be a good one. music and laughter

Tuesday 8th February 13:46 Report Comment

Colin DarracottBainsey, a MUST for all music lovers!!.... Check out Band Of Horses..... I saw them at the manchester Academy last week, they were absolutely brilliant, here's a little youtube link to one of there tunes... Also, here's a facebook link to a photo of you with my little boy.....!/photo.php?fbid=467667089576&set=t.625649576&theater Also, My good friend Thanos used to cut your hair... Check out his band "The Wigs"

Tuesday 8th February 13:44 Report Comment

Simon Burgethere really are some great young up and coming bands around at the min. one especially is a london group called exlovers. check out there single you forget so easily. for some real good music to pick you up and make you feel good try any album by hayseed dixie. love them. when you just wanna hear some good raw music look no further then spiritulized. i could list so many good songs by them but would just say listen to the album let it come down and enjoy.

Tuesday 8th February 13:44 Report Comment

Nicholas PorterSome good tunes and artist in there! Here's my suggestions: 1) Not everyones cup of tea but i cant get enough of Daft Punk's 'Alive' album. It's literally on repeat in my car! 2) Also try The Eagles of Death Metal - they're a cracking live band, and their album 'Death by sexy' is really easy listening and will put you in a good mood! I'd definately give them a go! 3) finally a band my parents got me in to! The Pogues! Some of their stuff is really good. Hope you like something out of that lot!

Tuesday 8th February 13:09 Report Comment

Alex ThomsonThe new album from White Lies named Ritual is definitely worth a listen. I loved their first album, but this one is even better

Tuesday 8th February 12:53 Report Comment

Matthew KeenanHi Leighton. there is a pretty good music scene in crosby that has been going on for years now. id like to consider myself as a main player on it but then thats just my big ego! they are running an original battle of the bands competition in Stamps Bar in crosby and Stamps too in Waterloo. It might be interesting to follow the progress of the competitors on stamps web cam as im sure the winners will be worth a listen.Also the organisers are all massive Blues. Other bands i think would be worth checking out are Familiar Looking Strangers - my fave song by them is the Circus and a young band from Wigan ive done some sound engineering for called Finding Emo. Away from local bands, ive been listening to lots of old queen and a white stripes song called Effect and Cause. Thick as thieves off the last kasabian album is also a great tune. if yuo want some chilled out acoustic you cant go wrong with a bit of james taylor. Also carole king's tapestry is an amazing album

Tuesday 8th February 12:42 Report Comment

Nick CallowI've also been massive on Miles Kane lately, Come closer is amazing. Also been listening to Out of Dreams EP by the rascals over and over. Was delighted to see he will be supporting Arctic Monkeys in sheffield in June. A new band about called Brother. Not much out there few tracks on youtube. Also been re listening to Same Jeans and Wasted little DJs by 'The View' and as per everyday Arctic Monkeys.

Tuesday 8th February 12:26 Report Comment

James Gravesi think you should listen to a guy from dublin called damien dempsey,especally the tracks seize the day ,and negative vibes,it is not as bad as it sounds,ask seamus coleman i am sure he has heard of him and his music

Tuesday 8th February 10:49 Report Comment

Matt WaringI know what you mean about trying to get into The Fall, there is so much material of theirs out there that it can be quite daunting! They've got a sort of best of called '50'000 Fall Fans Can't Be Wrong' that is probably the best way to get into them. I'm really looking forward to the Miles Kane album, his work with The Rascals and Last Shadow Puppets was ace. Don't know if you've seen, but him and Anna Calvi are supporting Arctic Monkeys when they play a really big show in Sheffield in June. Well worth trying to get a ticket!

Tuesday 8th February 10:48 Report Comment

Stuart GawthorneGrab the album Blood Sugar Sex Magik by Red hot chili peppers, you will not be left dissappointed.

Tuesday 8th February 10:09 Report Comment

Milin Chandrai like fire with fire of scissor sisters and sun in my pocket by locknville i also like ace of hz by ladytron

Tuesday 8th February 09:58 Report Comment

Adam BellRecently been listening to a bit of Sum 41 again, have to say some sings are brilliant like 'Walking Disaster' It's been years since I've listened to them, got me back onto some Blink 182 aswell

Tuesday 8th February 09:56 Report Comment

Matt JolleyBainsy, you should check out Muse, more specifically their second and third albums 'Origin of Symmetry' and 'Absolution' 'Origin of Symmetry' is by far my favourite album of all time and seems in line with you current music taste. 'Absolution' is pretty brilliant too

Tuesday 8th February 01:28 Report Comment

ste owensthese are nice tunes arcade fire - wake up my mornng jacket - One big holiday The Band - The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down The Band- The Weight or for a change of pace the mgmt album is quality

Tuesday 8th February 01:21 Report Comment

Phil MurphyThanks for the Secret Pilot comment Leighton, glad you enjoyed our stuff! Some great music you've mentioned in the blog again. I've seen in a couple of his interviews that you're good mates with Miles Kane as well, can't wait to hear his album..'Come Closer' is a quality tune. I think you might like the 'Forever Changes' album by a 60s band called 'Love' if you haven't already heard it, and anything by The La's and Shack is boss. Good luck on Wednesday mate!

Tuesday 8th February 01:20 Report Comment

Kristian HamiltonGive Feeder a listen. Buck Rogers, Feeling a Moment, Just a Day and Lost and Lost and Found are my personal favourites. Just seen them in Liverpool, amazing!

Tuesday 8th February 01:05 Report Comment

Paul HowellsA few people have mentioned The Subways, they are a decent band, I particularly like 'I Want To Hear What You Have Got To Say' You've got to listen to The Courteeners though, quality band. Their first album St Jude is fantastic. Miles Kane supported them on their last tour and they are one of, if not the, best Indie bands around.

Tuesday 8th February 00:17 Report Comment

Declan RyanThese are the kind of songs id have on, on my drive 2 work... Tinie Tempah - Wonderman B.o.B - I'll be in the sky Kid Cudi - Cudderisback, Erase me, Pursuit of happiness (all great, very catchy Kid Cudi songs) Madcon - Freaky like me Timbaland's album - Shock value 1 (all of it is fantastic) N-Dubz album - Uncle B Dr. Dre - Kush Professor Green - Jungle

Tuesday 8th February 00:15 Report Comment

Nick Magnussongive the black keys a listen, pretty bluesy stuff and their album brothers won an award or two.

Monday 7th February 23:49 Report Comment

susan pittBeing from this area you'll love the humour of The Lancashire Hotpots.....funny catchy tunes. Check out 'Beer Olympics', 'Chippy Tea' 'I Fear Ikea' and 'Oh No He's Turned Emo' - Brilliant!!! Hopefully gonna catch Beady Eye at Isle of Wight festival in June with Foo Fighters, Kasabian & Kings of Leon - all highly recommended!!!

Monday 7th February 23:24 Report Comment

Michael QuarryI'm enjoying the new Cold War Kids album along with the new Iron and Wine one. I'll also be dusting off some Hold Steady and Ben Folds as I'm going to see them both this month, in Leeds and Manchester respectively. A sample playlist would be: Cold War Kids - Broken Open Ben Folds Five - Evaporated Iron and Wine - Godless Brother In Love Warren Zevon - Keep Me In Your Heart (he was a friend of Dylan's and someone you should definitely check out) The Gaslight Anthem - Boxer Chamberlain - Stars In The Streetlight Reuben - Freddy Krueger Million Dead - To Whom It May Concern Counting Crows - Angels Of The Silences Stereophonics - Plastic California The Hold Steady - Constructive Summer

Monday 7th February 23:12 Report Comment

Tom ShearerOne artist I'm really feeling at the moment is JAMIE WOON, check out his tracks SPIRITS, MISSING PERSON, and ROBOTS. Also, another guy who's performed in my town of St. Peter Port, Guernsey a few times, and well worth checking out, JOE DRISCOLL..... Enjoy! ; ) If any of the lads like to listen to house music in the dressing room before games I'd be more than happy to provide a mix, been a DJ for ten years, let me know! : )

Monday 7th February 23:08 Report Comment

Conor WilsonMake sure you check out the new Chase & Status album, it's a big one! And make sure to check out Maverick Sabre, Clare Maguire, Yasmin, James Blake and Jamie Woon all massive young talents with big futures.. just a few suggestions there!

Monday 7th February 23:04 Report Comment

Maxwell SalvatoreAbsolute superb album - Congratulations - by MGMT. I would definitely give it a good listen.

Monday 7th February 22:56 Report Comment

John WhitleyHere are a few artists that have been on my playlist lately: Titus Andronicus, The Dirty Projectors, Givers, Neutral Milk Hotel, Bright Eyes, Caribou, and Sleigh Bells. Check 'em out.

Monday 7th February 22:47 Report Comment

Jack McKennaI could name 101 bands you might like, but i'll limit myself to a few. The Maccabees, The Joy Formidable, Chapel Club, The Subways and Dananananaykroyd.

Monday 7th February 22:46 Report Comment

Maxwell SalvatoreI absolutely love your music blog. It really is solid. I some of these might be a little different from the stuff you and the other guys have been talking about but I think they carry similar flavors and would be worth takin' a look at. The album 'I and Love and You' by the Avett Brothers (particularly the song 'Kick Drum Heart). The song 'Baptized by Fire' by Spinerette. The song 'Generator (First Floor)' by Freelance Whales. The album "Congratulations' by MGMT. Solid stuff there, definitely goin' back to some more traditional psychedelic stuff. And I just wanna throw out some sidenotes. I've given Kanye's album a brief run through but his songs 'Power' and 'Runaway' are probably the best off the album. Not a huge fan of his stuff though. Also, I saw someone mention the strokes. They have a single coming out tomorrow, February 8th, in the states for their new album that comes out March 22nd. Cheers!

Monday 7th February 22:44 Report Comment

Colin DorricttNice blog again Leighton. Here's a few local bit to check out if you can. Delta Maid - beautiful roots blues with an amazing voice Fly With Vampires - up beat tues with amazing harmonies Sound of Guns - mega anthems rock n roll The Rialto Burns - deep haunting vocals with music you cant help tap your toes to Keep up the good work x

Monday 7th February 22:40 Report Comment

Jonathan CollThe Duke Spirit are the best British rock'n'roll band doing the rounds right now. Bit like BRMC. No strings attached. The Craig Charles Funk & Soul show every Sat night is excellent, as are most BBC 6Music shows. Also, Gruff Rhys (Super Furry Animals) is back with a new album. The new material is what you'd expect from him - original, laid back, a bit mad, but bloody brilliant.

Monday 7th February 22:39 Report Comment

Chris CavanaghJohn Mayer if you haven't listened to him. Only started listening to him recently and I know he's massive in the states. Guitar playing has a great blues feel on some of his stuff.

Monday 7th February 22:31 Report Comment

Robert SmithI'd definitely recommend Chase & Status' new album, 'Blind Faith' is a fantastic song. That and Plan B have been my main choices recently. The Pendulum remix of 'Stay Too Long' on Plan B's album is immense. On a completely different music note, theres an acoustic band called Boyce Avenue who are definitely worth a listen to! Off to give your recommendation a listen now, keep up the good work!

Monday 7th February 22:29 Report Comment

Dave LaneCheers to The The. Definitely check out Mind Bomb - features the great Johnny Marr on guitar. A couple of UK bands are about to break here in the states, Yuck from London and The Joy Formidable from Wales. Check them out on my blog if you'd like at

Monday 7th February 22:25 Report Comment

andrew mcneilsurprised to see you have boss taste in music, get on Best Coast, The Black Keys, Foals - Total Life Forever, Grizzly Bear, Kid Cudi, Run DMC & The Soft Pack. There's a few there like but they're all decent bands good luck on wednesday leighton lad x

Monday 7th February 22:24 Report Comment

edie have to listen to GOMEZ ,lads are from southprt, check out any of their albums, you wont be disapointed, also massive attack, for some cool dub sounds, ...

Monday 7th February 22:19 Report Comment

Chris KiddSome bands I've been listening to: Beady Eye, Sparklehorse (quite dark moody music). Bon Iver( His album "forever for emma ago" is brilliant.) For your finch farm playlist try: Scooby snacks by the fun lovin criminals, The Modern Age by The strokes.

Monday 7th February 22:05 Report Comment

Mikel ArreguiGood taste in music Leighton!I'd reccomend you a local band from where I live, thery're called Infinner, they have some songs on MySpace, been to concerts and they're great! Keep up the ggod work on the pitch and with this blog too. And best of luck with England!

Monday 7th February 21:50 Report Comment

Paul WilliamsAnother great blog Leighton, I was wondering when the next installment would be - I'll be sure to check out your playlist asap. As for my new favourites - White Lies' new album is in my car, Strangers at track 2 is probably my favourite at the moment. Otherwise, I'm checking out Funeral Party, The Decemberists and have just got hold of The Streets new album to have a listen to - so i'm keen to ee how that sounds

Monday 7th February 21:20 Report Comment

Dom DunningIm not sure Kanye's new album is out yet ive looked everywhere and its supposed to be his best one yet.

Monday 7th February 20:19 Report Comment

jack cunliffeLeighton, and everyone else on here, this guy is my old flat mate, his voice is incredible and unique, a world away from most of the generic stuff available! Have a listen and please do drop some feedback if anyone likes it, he is wondering wether to continue with his solo career at the moment! Great performance on the weekend by the way!

Monday 7th February 19:34 Report Comment

Rebecca WattsIf you haven't already give Detroit Social Club a listen. The album Existence is incredible. They are also playing the Shipping Forecast on Slater street on 19th March (straight after the fulham game)

Monday 7th February 18:38 Report Comment

CRAIG WEILDINGSome good ones in that list.

Monday 7th February 16:57 Report Comment

Chris LeeOnly just got into Sound of Guns lately, probably already heard their album 'What Came From Fire', but if not it's definitely worth a listen. Also a Danish band called Northern Portrait, similar sound to The Smiths. Loving the blog.

Monday 7th February 16:45 Report Comment

Tony KibbleLeighton, you on

Monday 7th February 16:04 Report Comment

Tony KibbleGlad you are enjoying The The! in relation to the Safe As Milk reference above - here is another album with milk in the title that is well worth listening to - Spilt Milk by Jellyfish. psychadelic pop rock with fantastic harmonies and melodies, and not a little humour. From there you can go to Os Mutantes - a psychadelic band from Brazil - no really! Well worth checking out.

Monday 7th February 15:56 Report Comment


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